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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 210-274-2796

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210-274-2796 We just got a call from this number -

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2102742796 does not like to pay, song and dance

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210-274-2796 Vulgar language

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2102742796 I got couple calls and voice mail from this phone # today from a woman name Esther from the IRS department - I got same voice mail yesterday from another number -- from the same woman with an Indian accent name Esther also from the IRS dept - Both voice messages from yesterday and today said that there is an outstanding taxes and warrant under my name - She said it's important to call back to her department regarding this matter immediately - If there is no response or call back, this case will go to court and police will show up at my door and arrest me - I called the number back couple times, no one picked up and went to voice mail box - I called back today to this number, just rang and rang and disconnected - Then I got a call back from the --, a woman voice on the phone asking me my name and I said you called me and left me messages you already know my name and phone # - I asked what is her name and she said Esther - Then she said you have outstanding taxes, so how do you want to handle this, should I send your case to the local police department? Did you get a call from the police or sheriff department yesterday? I said NO, oh really she said - I could tell she got really irritated, even more irritated, and raised her voice after I said that I've done some research on phone #s that she has been calling from and spam activities are reported from these phone# s - She got mad yelling at me saying that it doesn't matter for others are saying and people like me should be behind bar - REALLY??? I should be the one who got mad at her, crazy I filled a complain at the FTC website as well - https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov Information?OrgCodeIRS#crnt&panel-

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210-274-2796 credit card reduction - I don't have one - - jack holes

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