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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 210-570-1370

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Post by Bev,

2105701370 do not need this caller to call every day -

Post by don,

210-570-1370 I have already called their customer service about it -  They were pretty nice by said that they weren't sure about it -The connected me with their Fraud Department -  The lady that I talked to was an absolute [***] -  Acted like she didn't have time to mess with me and the petty issue -  I call back customer service and complained about my legitimate request to find out if these calls were from Att or a scam -  They took my complaint but didn't act overly charged up about it -  I have repeatedly told the call to cease but after a few weeks,  the calls start again -   So if anyone can get any information out of them,  please post it so that others can know -

Post by Deb,


Post by Jt,

210-570-1370 Last days call everyday times a day , am start till pm - So annoying, pick up they hang up - Call back , you hear at t message forever on hold never have anyone pick up -

Post by Guest,

2105701370 Report the calls to the site set up by the do not call register

Post by sunshine,

210-570-1370 thank you - just logged my complaint - really easy to do

Post by b.e.,

2105701370 Received a call from the ATT SVC center wanting to bundle my internet, telephone with Direct TV -  Told them I wasn't interested, hung up, and call blocked their number -

Post by Annoyed,

210-570-1370 Multiple calls from this number with hangups - Requests to be put on their do not call list were not taken seriously -

Post by Guest,

2105701370 Had just looked up this number b c we had several missed class - was reading other comments when they called again - ha Caller asked for my husband by name - I asked for caller's info - he schmoozed, "oh mrs - **, is your husband not available? I can call back later if you'll give me a time -" I told him that my husband was "no longer w us" to which he replied, "oh my, is he deceased?" I told him I couldn't talk about it & he hung up -

Post by Guest,

210-570-1370 This is a do not call number - blocked

Post by ChuckCPA,

2105701370 Never, EVER, give out ANY information about yourself or your household over the phone or onlineJust don't answer calls from numbers you don't recognize - Your friends and relatives will leave messages accordingly -  Ignore calls emails from those you don't know -  And don’t waste your time on “do not call” lists and the like -  These lists have a bazillion loopholes, and the callers are scofflaws anyway; they couldn’t care less whether or not they’re breaking the law -Only when we take the profit out of these calls will they stop

Post by musicman,

210-570-1370 Says AT&T Service Center, it's not - Direct TV scam -

Post by Guest,

2105701370 ID says they are ATT SVC CTR, not

Post by Guest,

210-570-1370 The caller claimed to be ATT - A quick researcch of the number revealed that they are in fact not from ATT and I recommend requesting to be removed from their calling list -

Post by Guest,

2105701370 This number has been calling for several days and each time there is no answer - What are they trying to achieve???

Post by jt,

210-570-1370 Loud static occurred on the phonr then they hung up -

Post by Guest,

2105701370 I am constantly harassed by this computer calling my land line What the heck is it?

Post by Guest,

210-570-1370 Be careful of Phishing scams folks - Robo calling systems - When you answer the phone wait at least seconds for someone on the other end to say something - If no one says anything simply hang up - Don't you say ANYTHING - System should remove you from active calling list database - Either that let it go to your answering machine - If it's someone important they'll leave a message and if it's someone that you know you should recognize their voice -

Post by Guest,

2105701370 Called my number which is on the National No Call List

Post by Ken,

210-570-1370 Robo call with a foreigh sounding  lady answering after seconds and a click - Ask for me and began her sales pitch for an att package deal,  since I was such a good customer - :)     I stopped her and said I was not interested -   She began talking again,  and I stopped her again -  Told her sternly that I had said that I wasn't interested and will not change my current service -  I thanked her for calling and hung up -I have no reason to believe that she was not an att call center person,  beings that att is farming our  jobs to foreign call centers anymore,  but with all the caller ID spoofing, phishing,  and scamming going on today,  I don't give out any information or do any business over the phone unless I initiate the call and know beyone a shadow of a doubt with whom I am talking -

Post by ole,

2105701370 CallerID ATT Service Center and no message -  If ATT did in fact call they would be using a toll free number and would leave a message -   Just a typical telephone peddler -

Post by Debra Spicer,

210-570-1370 They wanted me to take Direct TV

Post by Guest,

2105701370 Calls everyday and either hangs up or ask for some other name or blows whistle - Very annoying -

Post by Guest,

210-570-1370 Receive daily phone calls from this number and they hang up or either they don't say anything Quite Annoying every day

Post by Ann,

2105701370 The do not call list is a joke I have gotten more junk calls since registering my number -

Post by Guest,

210-570-1370 Calls three times a day, no message - OBVIOUSLY not ATT - -

Post by CC,

2105701370 NUMBEREROUS unwanted calls - -numberous calls per day for weeks on end  On DO NOT CALL list for many years -  These are cold-call sales calls -  This offensive behavior has left my family highly desirous of an altogether DIFFERENT phone service provider -  Excessive sales calls is an understatement -  Counterproductive behavior by Sales Staff Executives -  STOP CALLING

Post by Guest,

210-570-1370 Calls to times each day - I am on the "do not call list" - How can these criminals be stopped?

Post by Guest,

2105701370 Do not call this number

Post by Dean,

210-570-1370 I do not want Direct TV packaged with my ATT phone service AND NOW I no longer want my phone service with ATT - Going to cancel my phone service and just use my cell number (with a different company) from now on - Thank you ATT, it's been years, your service has been good and I can't complain but it's time for me to move on simply to avoid the constant telemarketers -

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