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Post by rob,

2108073264 I keep getting calls from -- I answered the phone like I always do stating my name at the end which is Rob - Then they asked to speak with Oregon what the hell -

Post by Deb,

210-807-3264 Call is from San Antonio -  I get calls from this number and -- stating they are Windows Support or Microsoft, and that my computer has a virus, would I let them remove it remotely -  I tell them they are a scam and they hang up -  Sometimes they call and say nothing -  But the calls just won't stop -  I did have viruses after their first call earlier this year, and have had them removed -  It is always a man with an Indian accent who calls -  I'm sick of them -

Post by Tina,

2108073264 I received a phone call today at :pm I'm in Maine - The caller Id states that the call is coming from San Antonio, Texas - I wasn't home at the time when whomever called - They left a Message on my answering Machine with a woman Laughing and then hanging up - I get multiple phone calls from this number a day -

Post by Maw,

210-807-3264 Wife answered call she said she was from San Antonio TX wanted to talk to me - My wife hung up -

Post by Dianne Maynor Moore,

2108073264 I recieved a call from this number asking for my Mother by her name over years ago -(had married since using that last name) She has been dead over years - It sounded like a man with a heavy accent - I told him no it was not her - They hung up -

Post by Guest,

210-807-3264 They call daily at all times of the night


2108073264 Blank caller ID -   My answering machine got it before I could and they got my message telling anonymous callers to "STOP CALLING WE WILL NEVER ANSWER YOUR CALL"  a heavily accented middle eastern or Indian accent male left a message "F---k You"  Don't answer just hang up on it without saying hello -

Post by Amanda Schmidt,

210-807-3264 A foreign lady called me from this number saying my computer had errors and needed to be fixed - She told me to open my computer and she would help me solve the issue - I asked her what kind of computer I had and she said it was for the Windows program - I told her I don't have windows due to having a Mac and she hung up -

Post by Guest,

2108073264 A nuisance caller Idiots

Post by Guest,

210-807-3264 Caller says they are Windows and that there is a virus on my computer and for a fee they can remove the virus - Known scam

Post by Guest,

2108073264 call and hang up scam trying to sell car insurance rip off scamer

Post by Anita,

210-807-3264 Got a call from the above number about my computer having errors -  I had a hard time understanding her because of her accent -  I did not call back -

Post by me,

2108073264 here is what you do, if you have time and the inclination -Don't ever give out real info like your address, name, computer info or credit card (obviously) but string them along as if you really wanted their services - ask them to repeat what they said a lot (pretend that you are hard of hearing) - Also, my favorite, pretend that someone is at the door and ask them to hold on - make a cup of coffee, sit back down and then ask them to repeat what they said -they lose wasting time with you and it is kind of fun -

Post by Nor Cal,

210-807-3264 >> Why does our government let these phone forwarding entities rent numbers to these people for dishonest pursuits -  <

Post by Bj Blake,

2108073264 They hang up and don't leave  message, today I didn't answer - Other days it is in regards to my computer, not a virus but my Microsoft account has an issue - I told them I have my own Computer Guru and he has already solved my issues - There seemed to be others talking in the background -

Post by CA,

210-807-3264 -Texas prefix -  Called, no message -

Post by Lucky,

2108073264 Got a call from this number and a woman with a thick Indian accent said she was from Windows tech support and was calling to fix my computer - I just said "You're a big fat liar, so go away" and hung up on the cow -

Post by Putz,

210-807-3264 Stop calling mr u idiot

Post by F:ck India,

2108073264 Heavy Indian accented guy called again - How come there are so many scammers from India keep bothering us???

Post by Michelle,

210-807-3264 I answered, tiny female voice said hello, then hung up - - I think I heard a kid in the background -

Post by Guest,

2108073264 I think this is a telemarketer, calling to see when someone is at home and then just hanging up without saying anything - I am on a "no call" list and plan on turning this number in as an unwanted nuisance call -

Post by Ramona,

210-807-3264 Man with East Indian accent called to say I have a virus on my computer -  After I told him I'm in the IT Department he didn't want to talk any more -  Go figure -

Post by Nor Cal,

2108073264 >> Why does our government let these phone forwarding entities rent numbers to these people for dishonest pursuits -  <

Post by Joy,

210-807-3264 These people will drive you crazy, if you block them they just come up with another number i just keep blocking - -they will not quit talking when you answer the phone  So annoying

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

210-807-3264 This number has called my home number twice and hung up when I actually answered, When I attempt to call back, it rings once and hangs up on me -

Post by Keith,

2108073264 A person with an Indian accent says there is a virus on my computer and for a fee they can have it removed - I told them this was a scam and hung up, but they keep calling -

Post by mr bad example,

210-807-3264 indian woman calling about my windows computer, knowing what was coming, i asked "which one?", she seemed puzzled, i told her i had a bunch of them, then she hung up -

Post by Guest,

2108073264 They want to sell you prescription medications - They can themselves Canadian Online Pharmacy -

Post by Pat,

210-807-3264 Called regarding Windows -

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