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Post by Rebecca Lawhon,

2108451680 I am getting calls from this number with no message left - Not sure what or who this is

Post by Kim,

210-845-1680 Caller ID read, San Antonio TX -  Rang three time -  Answered the  phone, just dead air -

Post by John Hyde,

2108451680 Picked this up, nobody on the other end -  Googled the number and got to this web site -  It is an unsolicited call to me -  How do I get the that the government says I should get for unwanted robo calls?

Post by Julie,

210-845-1680 Got two calls from this number, no message and found nothing on the internet - LEAVE ME ALONE or leave a message - Next time you will be BLOCKED

Post by Guest,

2108451680 I have received three calls from this number in the last two hours - I picked up this one and there was a man with a thick accent identifying himself as Solar something - -I stopped him mid sentence and asked to be removed from their call list, he said he would put not interested so we'll see how many more times they call

Post by Guest,

210-845-1680 sales call -Told him i wasn't interested and to take my name number off list-called back within minutes

Post by pissed,

2108451680 Getting calls from this - - no messages said from sean johnson - name i dont know -jerk face leave message if is u r not a saleman We no longer answer calls -ringer off

Post by Guest,

210-845-1680 Will not take 'NO' for an answer - Has called additional times TODAY after I told them to take my number off their list

Post by Brent,

2108451680 It's someone trying to sell solar panels for your house -  Got a call this morning -  Asked to be taken off calling list -

Post by Guest,

210-845-1680 I've been getting a call from this number several times a day for the last several days - When I just redialed it I got a recording saying that I have dialed a number that is no longer in service - This tells me they are spam calls and someone may have hacked Time Warner's phone service -

Post by Guest,

2108451680 They keep calling and calling and I keep telling them to take my name off call list and they won't - Lovely annoying

Post by Guest,

210-845-1680 I received a call from this number yesterday - Th e girl had all my info - I did not agree to receive anything free or for sale - I hung up - I then got a call from same number this morning - I told the gentleman that I did not want anything - H e hung up - I then received a call from another "Michael" a few minutes alter - I asked him to remove me from the calling list - He immediately disconnected - A few minutes later another call from this number - Silence, I said hello twice, then a recording said "goodbye" and disconnected -

Post by Guest,

2108451680 This the AT& T Wireless

Post by Guest,

210-845-1680 Caller ID says: Texas - Calling to sell Solar - Multiple robocalls over a period of a few hours - Very thick Indian accent, probably a scam -

Post by Linda,

2108451680 I am so angry at these solar companies and how the hell do they get the telephone numbers and continue to harass individuals at home - This has to stop now -

Post by Guest,

210-845-1680 Call multiple times a day

Post by Guest,

2108451680 They continuously call and hang up -

Post by Jerry,

210-845-1680 Received calls from this number on my cell and home phone within minutes of each call -  This is the fourth or fifth call -  Answered once and no one answered back -  The number shows up on my phones as Texas then the number -

Post by mb,

2108451680 Phone rang two times, then stopped -  Caller ID did not match entries in my phone address book, so I didn't answer, the norm for me in these situations -

Post by Guest,

210-845-1680 I do not have time warnet, so why are they calling?

Post by Lin,

2108451680 Caller ID said Sean Johnson - Asked to speak to the owner of the house - I said no and he hung up -

Post by Brent,

210-845-1680 It's someone trying to sell solar panels for your house -  Got a call this morning -  Asked to be taken off calling list -

Post by Guest,

2108451680 Some Solar company has had people from different phone numbers calling me in the last two days How on earth do I get them to stop

Post by I'm not Sean Johnson,

210-845-1680 Dear Sean-Stop call me -Thanks,Not Sean Johnson

Post by Tony,

2108451680 Called my mobile - Didn't answer - No message -Blocking -

Post by jj,

210-845-1680 called twice left no message -  probably fishing for live numbers to sell to scammers or a direct scam

Post by dcg,

2108451680 Answered, no one there - Another SCAM no doubt -

Post by Guest,

210-845-1680 Called me times in the past days and never left a message - I answered once and some foreign speaking person, could not under stand them I think they said Solar They also have been calling my cell stating that they were a security service company? Same number? SCAM??

Post by allison,

2108451680 this number has called me times in hours - -

Post by Guest,

210-845-1680 repeated calls, very annoying

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