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Post by diego,

2123750323 vali mierdaaa maraka

Post by Fed up in VA!!,

212-375-0323 KRAPPITY,  it's probably a call for the FORMER owner of your phone # -NOT A T & T

Post by Jason,

2123750323 They keep calling me too -  I never get to talk to anyone and if I call back it says the number is disconnected -  However, if anyone of you is able to get an address for these people I would greatly appreciate it if you would post it here -  I'll pay them a vist and I promise you I will make the calls stop -

Post by Guest,

212-375-0323 Yelenarketer for tax debt relief

Post by our family home phone,

2123750323 been receiving once or twice weekly calls from this number since we recently got our home land line ( weeks ago) - - never answered so don't know who is on the other end -  I never answer calls from people I don't know -  the caller id shows New York City though -

Post by Bridgette Burgess,

212-375-0323 I want this call blocked from calling me

Post by Guest,

2123750323 Not sure what they wanted but didn't stick around to hear either

Post by Jaime Galindo,

212-375-0323 Have received several calls from this number today - I ignore the call and they refuse to leave a message - I called the number back from my cell phone and I keep getting a recording that the number has been disconnected - -

Post by MissyMaguire,

2123750323 Thanx for that -  I never EVER answer my cell phone unless I KNOW who you are when you're calling -  If it's that important, then you'll leave me a voicemail LOL -Thanx so much for telling me who that number belongs to -  I thought it sounded fishy, as I only know ONE person in New York and that wasn't even CLOSE to his number <

Post by Trish,

212-375-0323 Received a call from this number - I did not answer since it was an unknown, long distance caller - They did not leave a message -

Post by JD,

2123750323 I received several phone calls-voicemail messages from this number also before I bothered to call it back - There is a message que that you go through and in the end, they hang up on you and then call you back on another line (--, a Washington, DC area code, was the one they called me on) -  A woman was on the line and I told her to stop calling me on my work telephone (it's a government phone paid by the American tax payers) - She then told me that she needed by federal ID badge number (which I am forbidden to give to her) -  I again asked her to stop calling me and she insisted that my phone was not a government phone and that it was a private individual's phone -  I'm fairly certain that this telemarketer is running a scam designed to prey upon unsuspecting individuals owing back taxes - I don't owe any back taxes (and ALWAYS pay my income tax on time), so again I asked the woman to stop calling my number and she then accused me of being "a liar, a cheat, and probably a dead-beat dad -"  Anyone who would employ such an abusive individual must NOT be honest or working on the level, so I told her I was going to report her to Verizon, the phone service provider -Eventually, she hung up on me so I called Verizon and asked the customer representative to block both numbers, which Verizon did -   Is it just me or is does there seem to be an increase in this kind of phone traffic these days?

Post by Guest,

212-375-0323 Spa

Post by Bar Maid,

2123750323 AT&T like alcoholics just keep coming up with dumb ways to annoy us - A caller from this number is promoting G phones that can vibrate your wife to satisfaction - Yeah tell me another dumb one

Post by Danielle,

212-375-0323 Got a call a little while ago - Checked the number in Google and it came up as a Doctor in NYC - - -called it back and it said the number was disconnected -  Pretty fast disconnection since they only called me minutes ago -

Post by McFraud,

2123750323 They  use illegal spoofed numbers and illegal Robo Calls - Who knows what fraud they are pitching, they are all the same - Don't waste your time with the Do Not Call list, these Bozos don't care - And, if you do call any of these Bozos back, make sure you use * - If you don't block your number, they will add it to their last, in fact it goes to the top of the list as a good number -

Post by SMARIE,

212-375-0323 SPAM ALERT

Post by Guest,

2123750323 recording bout taxes

Post by Guest,

212-375-0323 No one on call

Post by Kelly,

2123750323 I think it is a phone number masking system -  Some of the dialers can block the real number and put a fake number -  Every time I block a number like this on my Verizon phone, more call me -  It's ridiculous -  I'm on the Do Not Call List - - which apparently is no help because I get calls like this all the time -

Post by JHM,

212-375-0323 Another day, another call from those pesky baboons in cubicles - also know as telemarketers, spammers and scammers -They put the baboons on auto dial today looks like -   Another faked caller ID to fool the uninitiated -

Post by San Diego Guy,

2123750323 I think this number is a debt relief company or State or Federal tax collections company -DO NOT ANSWER THIS NUMBER

Post by Sonja,

212-375-0323 They called me today and when I called back the number was disconnected -

Post by Hatter,

2123750323 Just got this number on my cell phone

Post by Guest,

212-375-0323 Spam

Post by dude,

2123750323 Called at  : (Ignored it as they called in the past and in my do not answer address card) and again at : - Picked up and nothing, they hand up -Returning the call says an invalid number -WTF, you want to sell something and don't bother to talk to me?

Post by Donovan,

212-375-0323 It's a telemarketing company stating they can help relieve you of tax fees and owed taxes - *SPAM ALERT* They called me twice today -

Post by Pamela,

2123750323 I keep getting phone calls from -- and they never leave a message -  It's on my cell phone and I only give my cell number to family and friends -  I have a land line at home I give to everyone else (gas company, bank, school, etc -) -  I know no one in New York -  If they want to keep calling I guess more power to them -  I will never answer -

Post by Guest,

212-375-0323 Survey

Post by Guest,

2123750323 Annoying telemarketer

Post by Guest,

212-375-0323 Don't now

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