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Post by Guest,

2123819463 Hung up when I answered -

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 IRS scam- followed up by a visit

Post by DJ,

2123819463 But, I cannot prove they are really human, and I know they violate the law, but be kind to your fine feathered friends and maybe they will not poo on you -

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 They call up and say, "Got a pen handy?"

Post by KG,

2123819463 Someone named Benjamin called from this number and asked for the owner of our company -  He said the owner was expecting his call and it was imperative that he spoke with him -  He said he had a post it note with the owner's cell number, but it had been thrown away by the cleaning lady -  He asked if I would give it to him -  I figured he was lying, so I told him if the matter was that urgent, I would take down his information and pass it along -  Of course once I spoke with the owner he had not been expecting a call from this guy -  Nice try -

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 assured financial scam financial services -

Post by Jake,

2123819463 They are trying to sell you capital for your business - Not sure how they got my information, but the gentleman was rude and did not listen, read from a script -

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 Leave a comment about the caller here

Post by debby,

2123819463 calling last days

Post by Kev,

212-381-9463 Called the store phone for the location I work for - Answered the first time and no words and was hung up on - They called back right away to speak to a name I had never heard before - They then asked to speak to our store owner (who's never in) - The woman then asked when the best time to call back was so she "didn't have to keep calling back -" I said tomorrow afternoon - Right away I looked up the phone number and this site was the first to come up - I am now looking forward to them calling back tomorrow so I can mess with them give them a piece of my mind - This will be fun :) -

Post by Anonymous,

2123819463 Scam -

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 Steal our hard earned money that we got from exploiting our employees

Post by debby egolf,

2123819463 nasty, calls and win't talk half the time

Post by Digit,

212-381-9463 Liars Lied  Scam  Do not speak to them  Purposely blundered company's name calling from and kept right on babbling, pretending like he was refferred -Scamming liar

Post by barbara layne  ,

2123819463 no information other then caller will not answer and then hangs up - Calls every day -

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 This number is being used to hack into a AAA Hr - Emergency Service line - When answered it is from a financial services "company" - Clearly hackers with heavy foreign accents - AAA has be notified of their activities - Calls come from New York, New Jersey and Washington, DC -

Post by Guest,

2123819463 Funny how yesterday I get my bank account hacked into and - take and today I start getting calls from this number - I have them blocked now -

Post by Orlando,

212-381-9463 Assure funding -your capital source - Is a scam  Call or teport them to the pertinent federal agency

Post by Robert,

2123819463 I spoke with him too, he helped and was pretty kind and even understood when I cursed him out in the beginning -

Post by Katie Champion,

212-381-9463 Keeps calling and will not leave a message - - - - Is very rude and will not ask any question in what it is in reference to - - Wants the calls to stop -

Post by Guest,

2123819463 Assure Funding - - "With a capital advance for your business - -"

Post by Joe,

212-381-9463 Incessant unsolicited calls from this number

Post by Bob,

2123819463 Just received a call on business line - left message saying he was Cameron with Assure Funding and said i was pre-approved and please call back - was polite in his voice message but his heavy New York accent was evident - - Assure first sounded like A Shorwa I may call and ask that he remove our number as well -

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 Called several times, never leaves a message -

Post by Guest,

2123819463 assured financial loan scam

Post by JR,

212-381-9463 Guy is a Dick

Post by Sara J,

2123819463 I've had this number blocked, but my log shows they continue calling -   This 'Banque National' is the latest thing that showed up on Caller ID for them -     Spammy, scammy -

Post by officemgr,

212-381-9463 same here - -Told me he was with Assure Firm, I asked what type of "firm" Assure was, and he mocked my southern accent, by telling me he said "firm", not "form" -  Never answered my question, and when I requested that we be removed from the call list, he said only the owner had the right to request that -  As an employee and manager I am representing the owner company -  He finally said OK and hung up abruptly -

Post by Guest,

2123819463 Provide credit

Post by Guest,

212-381-9463 Calls several times; rings & hangs up or hangs up after call is answered -

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