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Post by Guest,

2124364812 Caller left no MSG, , @:am -

Post by Guest,

212-436-4812 Called me at : am - Said he was from Microsoft - Yelled & cussed at me telling me that I had an illegal computer & to turn it on - He called back times - Then I got a voicemail that was obviously a room full of other people yelling at folks like me -

Post by MadMom,

2124364812 Called twice around : AM - NOT cool - And just hangs up after I answer without even saying a word - SOOOO annoying - Have called twice -

Post by bete,

212-436-4812 i got a call from this guy with an Indian accent, actually worse than mine - He said I got my computer infected and he was talking from windows - WTF THIS STUPID ASSh - - WANTs?

Post by Tom Dawson,

2124364812 times today in the past - Caller is always of middle east accent - Says he is from U -S - truesary department and that I been selected for a grant each time a different amount the smallest being , ends up asking for my S -S -  number to make sure I am who they think they are calling - SCAM -

Post by Guest,

212-436-4812 I already block the number but still keeps calling - -it's too anoying -

Post by Guest,

2124364812 they have called twice today but as soon as I answered, they hang up - -tried calling it back and got verizon saying it was a non-working number

Post by Guest,

212-436-4812 no message - Number is not active according to phone company -

Post by Triva,

2124364812 Got a call twice and no voicemail

Post by Barbara,

212-436-4812 Call from this number -,no message,

Post by Cathy adamo,

2124364812 Unwanted calls at all hours

Post by mike,

212-436-4812 Call from this number - - -saying they need to fix my computer - -that it was about to crash - -wouldn't leave a callback number or name -

Post by Guest,

2124364812 Answered phone, no answer back

Post by Just another SCAM,

212-436-4812 I don't answer any calls I don't recognize on my phone -  If they want me to answer,  send a voice message and maybe I'll get back to them -   Lots of junk calls out there

Post by Guest,

2124364812 Calls are regarding Downloading software to correct PC problems -

Post by Guest,

212-436-4812 Third time today, first two times was from "Deloitte", this time from as it's name - -no response on voice mail -

Post by Guest,

2124364812 Hung up on me after stating was from windows

Post by st,

212-436-4812 Told me he was calling in reference to my computer -  When I told him I wasn't going to fall for a scam he asked me if he could speak to "Martin" -  I told him there was no Martin at this number he asked me again to hand my phone Martin -  I reiterated that there was no one named Martin with this number and didn't know a Martin -  He said "so you are lying to me right now?"  I asked to speak to his manager several times, he said OK and then he promptly hung up the phone  

Post by Guest,

2124364812 Make the calls stop

Post by SMS,

212-436-4812 I have received several calls from this number, today at : am so I answered it -  He informed me that my computer keeps calling him and is infected with a virus -  He wanted to know if I could log onto my computer, I refused and said I would take it in -  He continued to tell me that I needed to long on -  I told him I was not logging on and to stop calling me -  I am reporting this number to the Better Business Bureau -

Post by Guest,

2124364812 Claims to be calling about Windows operating system, second time today - Suspect it's a scam to get information or hack computer -

Post by Guest,

212-436-4812 Second time today that "Deloitte" has called - this time let phone go to voice mail, but no message was left ---- like when we answered previously, no answer back -

Post by MadMom,

2124364812 Called twice around : AM - NOT cool - And just hangs up after I answer without even saying a word - SOOOO annoying - Have called twice -

Post by Guest,

212-436-4812 Telemarketer or scam, block calls from this number

Post by Guest,

2124364812 scam regarding windows operating system -

Post by Fran,

212-436-4812 Got several calls - No response or voice message - ID shows Deloitte -

Post by Mandy,

2124364812 Pretty much the same as "bete"  Only reason I answered was that the caller ID indicated Deloitte (a firm I know) from Manhattan  Told him I was too busy and to call back tomorrow - to give me time to check this site out -  Now the guy won't stop calling

Post by Guest,

212-436-4812 This is a boiler room operation - They claim to be from microsoft and ask the user to allow them to access the victim's computer remotely so they can "fix" it Imagine the harm this causes the victim

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