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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 212-448-5501

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  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
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Post by hb,

2124485501 This number called me repeatedly on my cell phone - I had never before received a marketing call on my cell -I was able to activate the call blocking feature on my service plan and block it -

Post by Lyle D. Petersen,

212-448-5501 I get calls almost daily on my cell phone around dinnertime - They never leave a message, but continue to call -Very annoying -

Post by geno,

2124485501 Got a call from -- and no mesage and I do not know anyone with this number - People who mess with me usually gets burnt -

Post by Erik,

212-448-5501 I have recieved about two calls daily for the past couple of weeks, usually one in the morning and another later -  I have never answered any of the calls and was happy to see all these posts concerning this caller -  I am tired of getting these calls but figure there is no way to block them -  Guess I will keep denying the calls until they stop : (

Post by mike,

2124485501 tracked to srbi - Also known as srbb in Fla - Twice today

Post by Abc,

212-448-5501 Also, the do not call list only applies to companies who sell things -  It's actually spelled on out the national do not call registry's Q & A list, item , here's the website if you're interested: www -ftc -gov bcp edu pubs consumer alerts alt -shtm

Post by Darth,

2124485501 You are telemarketer scum - - Or worse - If you work for the company and are checking this site, it just affirms it -  Nobody signed up for a study -  Everyone's should block this number if able; otherwise, absolutely ignore -  NEVER provide information as to how many adults, etc live in a household - - Very dangerous

Post by Kickingandscreaming,

212-448-5501 I received a call from , it was a young woman who identified herself as being from NY Dept of Health and wanted to ask me questions about my health - Most questions were standard; How is my current health, whan I saw a doctor last, if I had ever been told I had High BP, High Colesterol, Depression, Anxiety, Asthma, What kind of insurance I have, my employment, education, did I use prescription pain Killers, do I inject drugs -  At the end she really wanted me to give her my info to accept a - payout for particpating or be put into a pool for a - draw but I said no so I wouldn't have to give them any more personal info -and she also wanted my e-mail but I said no -

Post by NF,

2124485501 This number has called twice a day - Number is unknown and comes up as Unavailable on caller ID - I will not answer any call from a number that is not known

Post by Edelweiss,

212-448-5501 Saw it on my caller ID and tried to call back - just got a beep-beep-beep - not a ringing tone -

Post by Kathleen,

2124485501 Keep getting calls at night, usually after PM from -- - The calls come through on my cell phone and I never catch it in time -  When I call back the number, I am told it is a non working number -  If it is a non working number, why do I keep getting this calls -  I need them to stop calling -  I am on a do not call for house and cell phones, but that does not matter -  I know I saw a report that companies are supposed to go through the do not call lists every to days and if the same companies, etc - calling it can be reported to the FCC -

Post by nelson,

212-448-5501 GFY

Post by heh-heh-heh,

2124485501 It's actually not every number in an exchange, but random numbers in an exchange (see "Random Digit Dialing" in Wikipedia) -

Post by MCK,

212-448-5501 Everyone who is being harassed by these phone calls from -- should take the time to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at the following web site, the more complaints the FTC receives the better chance the FTC will take action -Here is the link to the FTC website complaint page: https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov FTC_Wizard -aspx?LangenHere is the link to ABT SRBI and the hitbag that run the company, complain to them also:www -srbi -com who_we_are -html

Post by Guest,

2124485501 survey

Post by jeff,

212-448-5501 this number called me today at pm and yesturday at pm wtf get a life stop calling me

Post by carol stockdale,

2124485501 I have received several calls from this number & have stopped answering - I am on the Do Not Call List -

Post by Obama Stinks,

212-448-5501 UNEMPLOYED FOR OVER THREE YEARS  Stop calling me you [***]-clowns

Post by IHateUnknownNumbers,

2124485501 Whoever this is has called my phone after pm both times they have called - Monday and Tuesday Nights - I do not answer numbers I do not know - I have a CA number but I reside in the South - Totally unappropriate -

Post by sassy,

212-448-5501 I wish they would stop calling me and texting me saying that I have called them I picked up the phone one time and asked who are you and they hung up - I never pick it up again but they keep calling all different time of the day and night is there anyway I can get them to stop without talking to them? How can they this be handled -

Post by sadie_blue,

2124485501 i recieved a call from them here at home and thru my work number which on base they all came in back to back - - and its was at going by caller id i have logded it in base log book and will notify pmo i would suggest you do the same

Post by not answering this  number again,

212-448-5501 Do not answer - They do not respect your request to decline skin survey nor take you off the list or Do not call list which tells me is not really about "just a question survey" - Not worth your time if they don't have phone etiquette or etiquette period -

Post by Tired!!!,

2124485501 So far I have received five phone calls from this number - - each call has been after at night

Post by NLS,

212-448-5501 This number calls my office - times a day and has been for the past month or so Said they're calling on behalf of Jackson-Evers Airport conducting a survey about businesses - Don't really know what the airport that is hours from where we are has to do with this business - I think it's time I report them

Post by Nina,

2124485501 I got a call from this number a couple of days ago -  A fast-talking man said he was conducting a research survey on behalf of Yale and Columbia Universities on issues pertaining to NYers, and that the compensation would be for partaking -  When asked, he said he couldn't provide more info about the research -  No thanks, I said -  If he couldn't tell me about the purpose of the study there is no reason to help him -

Post by Homer,

212-448-5501 Receive - calls @day - ID shows "UNAVAILABLE" - Needless to say, I don't pickup -

Post by Stu,

2124485501 Received two calls from this number, no messages left -  We are on the Do Not Call list -  What bugs me is that we get charged for incoming calls -

Post by Guest,

212-448-5501 These people said the were from NAMBLA (I Googled them, did not know such a disgusting thing existed) and asked if I had any young boys that would be interested in attending a camp this summer, and it would be at no cost to me - This call needs to die -

Post by Giphord,

2124485501 This is lame, i'm on the DO NOT CALL list and still get all sorts of calls -

Post by kape5,

212-448-5501 Came up as  Schulman Ronca Phone number -- -  Left no message -  Call came in at :pm -

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