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Post by Julie,

2125559874 Same as everyone else has reported:  Multiple calls per day, heavy Indian accent telling me that my computer has been hacked -  The company name they give is Windows Best Health Consumer Security -  The woman who has called me is Mary (Mari?) -  She wants me to open my computer offline and check something -  I told her I don't trust her and want to verify that this is legitimate -   If I ask questions, she starts over on her spiel without answering my inquiry -  I asked her for a number where I can call the company and verify that this is legitimate, and she gives me a - number that is one digit short (only digits including the leading " -"  And she insisted that this is a valid number - -finally I ended the call by telling her that I don't trust her -  I promptly blacklisted the number on my phone so I won't be getting any more calls -

Post by Gannesh,


Post by Paul,

2125559874 Received two calls this morning offering services to fix my laptop's performance - They had "detected" poor performance from their monitoring systems - -

Post by Pat,

212-555-9874 Almost daily, from all kinds of different numbers, this time -always calling about my computer -   I tell them I don't have a computer-to stop calling and hang up on them -  YET-there will be another, maybe today or tomorrow, but I get them almost daily and sometimes more than once a day -

Post by Alice Curry,

2125559874 They say that they are from "Windows" and that I have a problem with my computer -

Post by Ctannoyed,

212-555-9874 I received repeat computer assistance call but last night they moved to harassment - At : am (should not have picked up) I picked up and he "condom" repeatedly - This is unbelievable - I'm calling the police

Post by Delaware,

2125559874 Says they are with Microsoft -  Claims my computer sending error messages to them -  Wants credit card number to repair -  I declined -  They proceeded to call me, "An A-hole", and "F- You" and many other colorful words -  Evidence of this scam is all over Google -  I'm on the Do Not Call registry -  Doesn't matter -  They've called dozens of times -  It is a Verizon based number in New York -  I just filed a complaint with them -  If you'd like to, their number is -- (fraud department)

Post by Guest,

212-555-9874 Within mins - time had calls from this # and -; hrs later, another call from - - Got names addresses for some - Last one was from Time Warner Cable Info Sys - (Yeah, right) - I AM on DNC list and am reporting it to them -

Post by RE Guy,

2125559874 I have gotten these calls, several in the last few days - Do not answer, wait for voice mail - No voice mails left -Scam time -

Post by Playalong,

212-555-9874 Play along with the losers and give them some bogus code when they ask to connect to your PC after about minutes of trying to school you on meaningless babble -  I wasted nearly minutes of some losers time -

Post by Guest,

2125559874 is a scam trying to get on my computer to fix it no way windows does not call

Post by Qgal,

212-555-9874 Please stop these people from calling They are very persistent and even keep trying when I have blocked their # - It is very rude and annoying - These people should be located and locked up

Post by They wont stop,

2125559874 They are calling from VOIP phones overseas and routing the calls through somewhere here in the US -  Simple solution, if it is not in your local area code, just don't answer -  That is why we invented Caller ID and voicemail in the first place -

Post by bob,

212-555-9874 same deal as everybody called at am wanting to fix my computer

Post by Guest,

2125559874 Several repeat calls with hang ups

Post by Eden,

212-555-9874 Same story - Guy told me there were several urgent issues with my computer - If I didn't enroll with Windows my computer would "shut down forever" - I said "my computer is fine" and hung up on him -

Post by Guest,

2125559874 tried to sell my comp's license to me after it was mysteryously infected just last week, barely spoke English called late but supposedly microsoft in new york - - - hours later (im in mountain time) andhung up when i was given a run around when i said i couldent afford the license right now - - -bs right back attem

Post by betty,

212-555-9874 Guy with foreign  accent  can't  understand  

Post by From New Mexico,

2125559874 I receive calls several times a day from this # - I don't answer and the caller doesn't leave a voice mail message - Thanks to everyone else's posts, I know what the caller wants -

Post by Guest,

212-555-9874 Caller insists my computer is creating problems with internet and need to remote access to correct the problem -

Post by sam,

2125559874 We usually have a couple calls every few weeks from various numbers all claiming to be Microsoft, but it's gotten so much worse since I asked to be put on a "no more calls" list - - times a day, usually in the morning or late at night, the phone will ring with either this number: -- or what appears to be a random string of numbers:   - Ignoring the calls means the phone is going to ring off the hook for hours on end, but answering the phone is asking to be verbally abused by these people -

Post by franno,

212-555-9874 Got a call today - told me they were Windows and my computer was sending out some kind of bad thing -   I told them I have a brand new computer - and if this was a sales call I wasn't interested , - I hung up and a second later my phone rang and went to answer phone - - they did not leave a message -   What a scam -  I am a year old widow and do not need this type of harassment -  Can't the phone company in NY stop this???????

Post by Guest,

2125559874 my elderly mother received call late at night from this number and it alarmed her - I tried calling and got a message from Verizon that the numberis disconnected or not longer in service - I hope that is true

Post by Todd,

212-555-9874  This caller should be locked up, after being punished for trying to steal from people -

Post by Janine,

2125559874 call once, this number came up -  just hung up -  they called again, only numbers came up on id -  Same story said my computer was sending message saying problems -  told her computer in shop and she said would call back -  I have found out the hard way that not answering just gets someone else on the phone later and threats dont work either they just change numbers and call again, and again, and again forever -

Post by Guest,

212-555-9874 This is a repeat caller - We ask to be taken off their calling list but the caller immediately hangs up - What can be done to intervene? We are on the Do Not Call registry -

Post by SD Feaster,

2125559874 Received a call from () - -  He said he had a message regarding our windows account, and was calling to help -  All I needed to do was give him my passwords -  I told him that was odd, all of our computers are Apples -  Click, BUZZZZ -

Post by Guest,

212-555-9874 I got calls three days in a row, one at : pm, one at : am and one at : pm - I did not answer and they did not leave a message - This is not the first time I have experienced these hang up calls - wish they would leave me alone -

Post by Colorado Gal,

2125559874 This number has called everyday this week, several times a day -  I never answer because I rather hear the phone ring hear what they have to say -  

Post by DixieLT7,

212-555-9874 I kept getting calls from various numbers stating they were from Microsoft or Windows and my computer was sending them error messages that needed to be corrected or my computer would shut down -  I asked one of these East Indian type people how the hell could Microsoft or Windows be getting anything from my computer since I didn't have a windows operating system -  They said they also got reports from HP, Panasonic, and Acer -  I almost fell out of my chair laughing -  I told them that to go ahead and tell me what I needed to do to fix it -  After about minutes of them telling me things to do (which I did not do) they asked of my computer was running and I told them it wasn't doing anything -  That is when they said I would need to pay them to get the tech dept to remove all of the viruses that were on my computer -  I really pissed the guy off when I asked him if he really thought I was dumb enough to do all the crap he told me to do?  He started calling my [***] and [***] and telling me what he was going to do -  I told he if he could swim from India to here to bring it on I had something waiting on his [***] when he got to my door -

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