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Post by Guest,

2126574972 Auto insurance, asked to be taken off listen yesterday & confronted them again today about it & they just hung up on me

Post by Bei,

212-657-4972 I get called by this number almost daily and they always ask for "Richard" - - I am not Richard, and whenever I tell them that or to remove me from their calling list, they just hang up on me - - the number does not allow call backs either - - annoying as hell -

Post by debo,

2126574972 this same # started calling my landline phone -  I don't recognize the # from "Citi" so I do not take the bait and answer - I have my answering machine turned off so no useless calls to delete - Above input from other victims called from this # shows I made the right choice - All those important  to me know that I will answer their calls and if I don't, they know my answering machine is turned off - They know I call them back - I can get as many as calls in a day - Do not call list is worthless - so I do not have to spend my precious time deleting worthless calls because as soon as the answering machine kicks in and they hang up - this would clog up my answering machine -

Post by Tom Gyles,

212-657-4972 Only calls my cell phone so I put Avira antivirus which has a call blocker - It works great - It's also free - These calls are annoying as my cell is my business phone - I think it is a bot trying to get ticks on active numbers then the information is passed to telemarketers that in turn annoy you -

Post by Christine,

2126574972 Keep calling me everyday, no one on the other line - Also you can't call the number back -

Post by Guest,

212-657-4972 Called me times for auto insurance - Can someone try and get the name? I'm trying to report them but I need the name of the company -

Post by Guest,

2126574972 Calling about some kind of insurance - Asked several time to put me on do not call list - Still calling -

Post by Guest,

212-657-4972 I get a call from this at least times a day - - -I ask that they not call my number - -he told me to shut up - - -first time they have said anything - -

Post by Guest,

2126574972 called hung up, but when I called back it is a non working number

Post by jo,

212-657-4972 These people in new York have been calling me every day several times for weeks now

Post by Guest,

2126574972 Calls everyday

Post by Guest,

212-657-4972 Insurance scam

Post by Guest,

2126574972 auto care offer

Post by Annoyed,

212-657-4972 Receive calls from this number almost daily now with no one on the other end of the line - I guess I can add them to the auto-reject list

Post by Guest,

2126574972 Calls - times a week and then some - No answer - Don't leave a message - Very annoying - Then other numbers calling, the same thing -

Post by Colleen,

212-657-4972 Receive calls daily around the same time of day -  If I answer the phone no one is there -  The don't leave a message and you can't call them back -  I tried several numbers around that number and they all say the same thing, this is a number of citi that doesn't receive calls -

Post by Guest,

2126574972 Indian guy named James - - - FRAUD

Post by Guest,

212-657-4972 Caller hung up immediately when I answered -

Post by Guest,

2126574972 Worst part of this the fact when I call back, a male voice repeats how I've reached a non working call in city and hangs up - Wtf?

Post by Bill,

212-657-4972 Have received many calls from this number -  Usually there is no one on the line -  On two occasions there was a person who asked for William - Both had a very pronounced  Indian accent -  Both times I requested that my name be removed from their list -

Post by Patricia Wilson,

2126574972 Receiving calls from this number and no message left -

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