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Post by CarolB,

2126607138 Received a call from these people at work  They left a recorded message about medical alert system -  Called ID showed the "El Museo de Ba" caller, so it is the same thing,I used to work at a school, and we used an auto-dialer which went from one number to the next, dialing and waiting for an answer -  The difference is that we had a data base of interested numbers, not cold calling -  They start with one exchange, and it keeps dialing the next number in rotation until it gets an answer -  Do Not Call List is no help, as they just keep running over all possible number combinations -  They are just annoying and rude

Post by Guest,

212-660-7138 Oh yeah this idiotic message of the emergency medical alert, care etc etc I have been getting for months - National do not call registry is just a bunch of - - - you know what They don't do anything - More calls the merrier they are - It is Job security - perhaps they are behind these calls - Who knows?

Post by Carol,

2126607138 : am   rec'd a call on land line -- name shown as El Mused Del Ba -       My recorder was not turned on so I do not know if they tried to leave a msg -

Post by Dave,

212-660-7138 It's strange how these nuisance calls for medial alert systems have flooded my home telephone line for the past year or so - Dozens of different telephone numbers calling for the same thing - - medical alert systems - If I block their number, I soon get a call from a different number for - - medical alert systems - Annoying -

Post by Guest,

2126607138 Keeps calling

Post by Guest,

212-660-7138 Idiot

Post by Guest,

2126607138 Medical Alert device sales call -

Post by Chrissy,

212-660-7138 Have received missed calls from this number today I thought I had messages but when it picked up there were no messages left - So annoying

Post by Guest,

2126607138 annoying spam call; didn't answer it -

Post by JC,

212-660-7138 I got a call on my land line for st time from this number this morning; I did not answer and no message was left -  The no call service is not worth a d--- -  I think people working there are selling numbers to phone solicitors and making a killing - Put some of them in jail and see if this helps -

Post by Irene,

2126607138 Same here - El Museo something-or-other

Post by Claire,

212-660-7138 These horrible people (I am being nice) are rolling through the -- numbers - I got a call on from -- for a medical alert scam - I remove a number from blocked calls and add the new ones - What fools are continuing to fall for these scams that keep them in business??

Post by ^Ernie^,

2126607138 Received a call from this number and I let the recorder take it - They were offerring the usual free Medical Alert services - However, the Caller ID identified this number as EL MUSEO DEL BAxxxx ( the rest was cut off) - This is in fact the legitimate number of "El Museo Del Barrio," a Latino museum in or near Harlem, NYC -

Post by Irene,

212-660-7138 Same here - El Museo something-or-other

Post by DJS,

2126607138 This number calls us frequently - We do not answer unidentified callers - No message left -

Post by Doug Hines,

212-660-7138 They are using caller id spoofing to hide the number they are really calling from - The sad thing is that they are defaming an museum in doing so -

Post by Guest,

2126607138 , :am no message left - Called them back response was thanks for calling

Post by Guest,

212-660-7138 Multiple Robo Calla

Post by Irene,

2126607138 Same here - El Museo something-or-other

Post by Irene,

212-660-7138 Called back, said: "Goodbye and thanks for calling" -

Post by Sally S,

2126607138 I got a call from - -  The caller identified on my caller ID as "El Museo del Ba" -  I didn't answer -  It looked like other spammer callers -

Post by Guest,

212-660-7138 Free medical alert AND in grocery savings - - Spam of the highest degree

Post by SteveK,

2126607138 The Caller ID showed EL MUSEO DEL BA - When I answered, I got a recorded message that said "Due to a change in federal regulations, you are now eligible for a free medical alert - -"  That's when I hung up in disgust -

Post by jim,

212-660-7138 El Mueso del BaNo one there -

Post by Guest,

2126607138 Calls no message - When call back, hangs up

Post by DoNotCall_IsWorthless,

212-660-7138 A few minutes ago I received a call from -- - Machine picked it up but they left no message -

Post by JB,

2126607138 Ken, I agree with you - These MAGGOT, BOTTOM FEEDERS, CRAP EATERS, need to be stopped - I never answer calls I don't know but they just change their number and call another day - I get at least of these calls a day -

Post by Magenta,

212-660-7138 Got call at : am on caller ID - Dont know anyone in NYC -

Post by Guest,

2126607138 Get calls from this number daily - I'm on the Do Not Call list - Hate these scammers - Make these calls stop

Post by DJS,

212-660-7138 Medical alert system call - Caller ID listed El Museo  del Ba I assume this is a legitimate number from NY

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