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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 212-777-5242

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Post by Sunshine,

2127775242 Received a call from this parasite -  Am on the Do-Not-Call List but the morons continue to call

Post by x business owner,

212-777-5242 Got a call from this number and told him my business was no longer in business and to remove me from the calling list - Jerk hung up on me -

Post by KC,

2127775242 Oh and when you call the number back it's not in service -

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 trying to sell Google ads



Post by Guy,

212-777-5242 Insanely rude spammer -  He actually called me back on the real # to yell at me for hanging up ---

Post by KC,

2127775242 Oh and when you call the number back it's not in service -

Post by business owner,

212-777-5242 fuking spummers - get a job -

Post by kaileena,

2127775242 They called again asking for owner - When asked what this is reagarding i got the spiel about our website and not being able to find it - I told him because we do not have one - And are not interested in having one - He was soooo shocked and wanted to know why we did not want one - I said it was simple - -we don't want oneGave a co-worker a good laugh as my co-worker was standing right beside me during the call -

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 F-ing stupid camel jockies calling again - Go wipe your asses with your hands you sand mites -

Post by Guest,

2127775242 Spam

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 Calls everyday - - -I asked to be removed from their calling list - - -still calls everyday - - -annoying and a waste of my time -

Post by ColoradoKid,

2127775242 They called me - - an individual with a very heavy India accent answered saying he was calling about my ' Windows ' Told him I lived in a cave and didn't have any windows - The guy was utterly dumbfounded replying " You don't have any Windows ??? " I said of course I don't - - don't you know what the ____ a cave is ??? And then I hung up - Lesson learned ; If you accidentally pick up one of these Phone SpamCalls ( I wasn't near a caller ID phone - - btw I never answer a call when it comes up just a city state or town [ this comes up New York ] and a phone # I do not recognize  ) you may as well have a bit of fun with the jerks and waste some of  their time as they do so willingly with ours

Post by Tinter5280,

212-777-5242 Guy with thick accent called my business number and asked if he could speak to the owner -  I said "No" -  Awkward pause -  Then he said he would call back another time and hung up -

Post by annoyed,

2127775242 I just got a call from someone with an accent asking for the owner, I told him I made decisions here and he asked about our website and who handled it, when I said why do you need to know he said "i'm sure I know more about websites than you do"  Who says that to a business - -

Post by cheeseburger,

212-777-5242 Same old human statements - Need to talk to the owner - Phone research shows wire tapped through listening device for unusual traffic pattern for information value - Thank the phone companies - What we need is a spam cleaner -

Post by Guest,

2127775242 This number calls constantly & hangs up

Post by Chuck,

212-777-5242 I usually tell telemarketers that I'm in the middle of giving my dog an abortion or euthanizing him -

Post by Kev C,

2127775242 -- - Keeps calling our office - Requesting information on the owner of the business - Each time I ask which one "he she hangs up

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 Calls and hangs up

Post by kaileena,

2127775242 got a hang up this time

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 SPAM CRAP

Post by Guest,

2127775242 Called saying my business not on google - I replied yes we are - Then ask to send their business info - -hung up on me - Big time scam -

Post by alanonthego,

212-777-5242 Just received a call from -- no message left


2127775242 Interior Design Force Inc Business InformationName:     Interior Design Force IncAddress:      Broadway # City:     New YorkState:     New York, USZip Code:     Telephone:     () -Fax:     () -

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 google first page promises

Post by Kaitlyn,

2127775242 Received three calls from this number within minutes this morning to our business line -  First two times I answered, dead silence then the call went dead -  Third time I answered a man with a heavy India accent cam on the phone and asked to speak with the owner -  I asked him what it was regarding and he stated something about google placement -  I told him to lose my number and he hung up on me -  

Post by kaileena,

212-777-5242 Business Pro Designs cold call

Post by Guest,

2127775242 telemarketer, violated do not call list

Post by Guest,

212-777-5242 The caller does not answer, just hangs on phone for a while - I suspect it is a computer generated call that probably calls more than one number at a time and the first one who answers get to talk to the sales person - Am on do not call registry - Evidently that service is moot -

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