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Post by Guest,

2129208660 Calls all hours of the night, no msgs when I call back, never an answer -

Post by first1,

212-920-8660 ignored the call - i didn't recognized the number -

Post by Guest,

2129208660 Don't know how they got my number -

Post by Patrick Sneed,

212-920-8660 i did not even know the person they were looking for yet they had called me repeatly

Post by Jon,

2129208660 Now I know what the 'C" stands for after hearing that 'holier than thou' remark - I guess your life is perfect and disaster proof and never lost a job due to: health reasons, economic reasons, discrimination of any kind, politics, outsourcing, obsoletion or technological advances, for filing for bankruptcy or for whatever other reason and for any real length of time, only to be stuck in a vicious circle that keeps you unemployed for it happening to you in the first place Well, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy - My family has been going through it for three years, now - and for thousands more Families as well - i even pray these ords of yours aren't your 'famous last words -''

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 Someone with Indian accent asking me to confirm my address (probably got it online) and would not give more info so I hung up - Said they were a company RCMB (something like that), but wouldn't state what they were or what they were calling for - Highly suspicious

Post by angela,

2129208660 I have gotten phone calls from these aholes for a month now, everyday at the same time - I am a hard working single mother of one and plus i rasie my niece and nephew, I am in nursing school and have good credit - I do not owe anyone and I do all my business locally, so why are these people calling me - Just because i struggle doesnt mean i am a deadbeat BILL - - I asked these people what this is concerning and they want all my information before they tell me and plus they wont even give me their names - I have reported this number but they still keep calling> -

Post by Chadwick,

212-920-8660 I also got a call - No message left - I don't owe anything to anyone -

Post by OHesqEntertained,

2129208660 I got into law bc of scum like these people -ANY attorney will tell you that her debt, is her debt -Yes the "debt" is still owed -  BUT  It is still her debt -People that obviously work for trash companies like these, shouldn't be giving legal advise about ANYTHING -  And if they are able to give legal advise, they should get a real job -

Post by DanS,

212-920-8660 no messege left - -I think I heard a camel in the background though

Post by angela davis,

2129208660 they call everyday at the same time, when i answer they hang up or argue with me becasue i will not give my personal information - i have asked them not to call but they insist on calling evryday

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 Spam

Post by Guest,

2129208660 Spam

Post by hooter,

212-920-8660 They hang up after I answer -

Post by golpher,

2129208660 you are an [***] -

Post by rollinmyeyes,

212-920-8660 What an [***]

Post by ella,

2129208660 me too same thing happens to me

Post by nol,

212-920-8660 They call and never leave a message

Post by Non-judgmental,

2129208660 I don't think this forum was set-up to receive a lecture from you  Thanks for the information that you did provide -  We are not seeking YOUR opinion, but the facts, sir -  Good luck with the annoying phone calls -Good day

Post by sue,

212-920-8660 Recieved a call from this nunber speakin heavy accent  if you call bck @ the sam number it comes busy call dosnt go through

Post by Guest,

2129208660 No answer

Post by Guest,

212-920-8660 Repeated calls, ALL HOURS, never leaves messages & I haven't answered but I've never seen a spam score like this LOVE this app

Post by Guest,

2129208660 Spam

Post by Michelle S.,

212-920-8660 No idea who this is or what they want - They call repeatedly, never answer the phone when I ANSWER and never, ever leave a message - When I tried to call back it was BUSY - What gives?

Post by JD,

2129208660 The debt is not still owed - What do you think the words CREDIT LIFE INSURANCE means? Let me help you - -it is insurance that covers the debt should you die - IDIOT

Post by Nightshade009,

212-920-8660 The collection agency that uses this number as well as alterations has a notorious record of being sued times for this tactic ( -) Very illegal and unprofessional -  Their name - Receivables Performance Management You will have to file a complaint with FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and your state attorney general

Post by JD,

2129208660 The debt is not still owed - What do you think the words CREDIT LIFE INSURANCE means? Let me help you - -it is insurance that covers the debt should you die - IDIOT

Post by Doc Consumer,

212-920-8660 HA Bill C - - -Probably right

Post by CommonSenseBob,

2129208660 Deadbeats?   What about single parents doing everything they can to get by?  First generation college students trying to change their lives?  People who develop serious illness?  Cancer?  Debtors prison?  Yeah - - take people who owe money - - and put them in jail - - where they don't earn ANY money AND give law abiding citizens a criminal record - which would alter their ability to gain any substantial employment - NOT TO MENTION putting regular people away with actual criminals is basically sending normal people to crime school -I'm a medical student, one year away from joining Doctors Without Borders, and making a differences in some of the darkest places in the world -  BUT, because Sprint decided to charge me an extra months service- without my knowledge- they decided to turn me into collections for -  So the world is a better place if I am in debtors prison because Sprint is immoral and flat out wrong, rather than serving people that would otherwise have no access to healthcare?  I realize I am an extreme case, but I also know that I am not alone -  Some people do take full advantage of the current system -  THANKFULLY, we have things called credit scores that follow people, and alter the interest rates they pay, or even their ability to borrow money or finance -  I think you should reconsider some of the conclusions you have drawn - - for your own good -

Post by Brittney,

212-920-8660 It is obvious to me that you have been fortunate enough to never have to experience the financial struggles that many Americans face - Working a full time job, weekends and overtime, just to barely keep your head above water, does not make you a deadbeat - - -Also, it costs money to declare bankruptcy, and sadly, even bankruptcy has become a luxury for those who can manage to afford it - Furthermore, "starting over" is far easier for one to flippantly suggest as an end-all, than for one to truly accomplish - Its certainly not impossible, but its definitely not as easy as you make it out to be -

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