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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 213-221-3511

  • Report all suspicious calls and scam phone numbers found in Ads, Calls, Texts & Websites
  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
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Post by barbie115,

2132213511 Same here - Half a ring, no message, missed call -

Post by meow,

213-221-3511 Same as others who received this annoying call from "california" -  I wish we could get these spam robocalls to stop - One ring then no message - I have same it as a SPAM caller and reported it several times -

Post by Guest,

2132213511 Hung up

Post by Kimberly,

213-221-3511 Same here - Half a ring, no message, missed call -

Post by Felix,

2132213511 One ring and hang up -

Post by Guest,

213-221-3511 --- Bandwidth -com VoIP in Los Angeles, CA - Calls at least once a week & - times per day - Never leaves voice mail messages - Very annoying

Post by Arizona Pirate,

2132213511 July th, :AM  There was one()   Half ( ) a ring and then disconnect hang up

Post by Sarah,

213-221-3511 It rang once and no messages -

Post by Guest,

2132213511 Rang once then stopped - The # is from LA Cali and Im in Illinois -

Post by drgn4sr,

213-221-3511 ring then hang up

Post by Rick,

2132213511 There is something called the 'one ring scam' that is explained in the following item from consumer reporter Clark Howard's website -  While the area code of this number () is not on the list given in Clark's story, there is always the possibility that the crooks have figured out how to fake the area code you see, or how to make the scam work from numbers -Everything below is from www -clarkhoward -com -  Great site and source for info on scams like the one described below:HEADLINE:  Beware of the one ring scam on your phoneThat missed call on your cellphone could cost you …but maybe not in the way you think -One of my Facebook followers let me know about an old scam that has roared back to life - Years ago, crooks found a way to exploit a handful of international area codes that don't require a foreign code to dial up -Now that scam has resurfaced as what's being called the "one ring scam -" Crooks are using robocalling technology to place Internet calls that only ring once to cell phones -If you pick up, the robocaller just drops the line - But the bigger danger is if you miss the call - Like so many people, you might think it's an important call and dial that number right back -Bad move -Turns out the area codes are in the Caribbean - That call will cost you between and And to add insult to injury, the criminals behind these calls will sign you up (through your cell provider) for bogus services that will be crammed on your phone bill if you return their call -WTAE Better Business Bureau reports there are area codes being used to perpetrate this ploy:                    The key thing to know is, when an unfamiliar number comes in, you're better off waiting for a voicemail to determine if you have a legitimate caller before calling it back - You can also Google the phone number itself - If the number is a scam, chances are good that others will have posted warnings about it -Finally, how can you tell if further phony charges are being crammed onto your cell bill? Look for innocuous terms like "special services," "Internet advertising," "service fee," "calling plan," or "minimum monthly usage fee -" A typical cram charge for a business might be or - For a consumer, it will be more like or -(Above report is from February )

Post by Guest,

213-221-3511 One ring then hung up - No message -

Post by Joshu,

2132213511 Keep calling rings once

Post by Guest,

213-221-3511 Possible Spam Call -Just ring and hang up

Post by amy,

2132213511 Half a ring then hangs up - Twice in a row

Post by Angie,

213-221-3511 Calls in the evenings and in the mornings - I don't answer and they don't leave a message - Blocked -

Post by Guest,

2132213511 Calling and hanging up - blocked

Post by Guest,

213-221-3511 Phone call - Los Angeles CA - had hung up before it even rang but showed up on my caller ID

Post by Pam,

2132213511 Range once in the morning and then hung up, NO message -

Post by Mary,

213-221-3511 Less than one ring, hung up -

Post by Bailey,

2132213511 It rang once and then went to Missed call - They called my cell phone number -

Post by vstefans,

213-221-3511 missed calls as noted above, busy on callback

Post by Sharon,

2132213511 Has called the last two days -  Rings for a short time and then hangs up -  No message -

Post by Guest,

213-221-3511 Fraud

Post by Phone Dread,

2132213511 HEARD THAT I totally agree - Never had any telemarketer calls until someone told me to be safe and register my number with the "National Do Not Call List -" Now I get them all the time -

Post by kenny p,

213-221-3511 received phone call, rang time and stoppedthis has happened twice

Post by miss b,

2132213511 i called it back since i am in los angeles area - robot said press for a hundred dollar rebate and press to be on the do not call list

Post by Guest,

213-221-3511 Hangs up when answered

Post by Kathy,

2132213511 Annoying - -rings once than hangs up - California prefix, probably telemarketer -

Post by Sara,

213-221-3511 Just received a call - one ring and no one there - do not know anyone from LA -

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