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Post by Guest,

2132213528 just got call from woman asking me if I had a windows computer - I told her I couldn't understand her put someone on who could speak English - After my rd request I told her I don't take unsolicited calls and hung up -

Post by Guest,

213-221-3528 Saying nasty things

Post by jim,

2132213528 call today -- from these crooks -

Post by Mike in MD,

213-221-3528 Big SCAM  See the information on the Microsoft website about these types of scams:www -microsoft -com en-gb security online-privacy avoid-phone-scams -aspx

Post by 2132213528,

2132213528 Did not leave message - Blocked number -


213-221-3528 AFTER I REFUSED TO TAKE SERVICE FROM THEM, THEIR SENIOR SUPERVISOR, MR - NEIL SAID [***] OFF -such a stupid company - i insist anyone who has paid to them, should ask for a refund or contact their card company and cancel the transaction - if the card company says the money has been already charged, then you can dispute the transaction to get back your money - (best thing to say to the card company is this " I WANT TO HIT  A HARD CHARGEBACK " and immediately you will get your money back) - Thanks

Post by Guest,

2132213528 This is a hacker - Do not log onto your computer Do not give any information -

Post by judith a flynn,

213-221-3528 scammed from the same number -

Post by Tech_guy,

2132213528 Window Scare is right -

Post by Resident47,

213-221-3528 Sadly you're precisely the sort of Appliance User these thugs want - You have the keys to drive but no idea what's under the hood - It doesn't take a programmer or webmaster to tell you that it's a bad idea in general to take orders from strangers on the phone, in particular those you don't comprehend - Just so we're all clear on the fake PC tech scam, here's the verdict straight from Microsoft:Avoid tech support phone scamshttps: www -microsoft -com security online-privacy avoid-phone-scams -aspxStrange call pretending to be from Microsoft tech supporthttps: answers -microsoft -com en-us windows f - - e-abdSome relief came the first week in October as the FTC spanked whole gangs of these creeps with huge damage awards - FTC Halts Massive Tech Support Scamswww -ftc -gov opa pecon -shtm

Post by jr,

2132213528 Got a call from this number for the second time - Guy from Windows Care claimed my computer was infected and needs service - Obvious scam so I told him there was no problem - He tried to convince me but finally hung up - Noted his number and will have it blocked -

Post by Guest,

213-221-3528 Received three hang up calls in two hours from this number

Post by Mel,

2132213528 Today I received the same call saying the microsoft server was being corrupted by my computer - They were very hard to understand and they had me go to my computer and go to my computer and look for errors or alerts - I asked for a call back # and was told to ask for Henry at -- - I called the # and it was busy but then Henry called me back again and started down the same road with my computer creating problems on the windows server but they could fix this for - and what type of credit card would I be using - By then I had googled the # and discovered the scam so hung up - They kept calling back and asked me what type of anti virus software I was using - Told him the Anti virus and the police would be calling them soon - Then they hung up

Post by Guest,

213-221-3528 they want you to pay for a computer check up because your computer has downloaded a virus

Post by Eileen,

2132213528 Just got a call from --; I actually didnt answer it because I didn't recognize it but googled it & found this page - Thanks for the heads up, if they call again, I'll continue to ignore it -

Post by Jeanne P,

213-221-3528 Just got off the phone with "Ryan Crawford" of California  He kept talking about "vicious" spam & emails and he will help me make my pc safe to use if I follow his directions -   I became suspicious and Googled his phone #, as apparently so many others have done -  Scam  Scam  Scam  ---  is supposedly Windows Tech Dept - - -NOT  Thank you Kate for your advice

Post by Guest,

2132213528 Call & Hang up

Post by Carolyn,

213-221-3528 I received the same call, supposedly from Windows,  telling me my computer had some serious viruses and was interupting and corrupting the Windows server -  He wanted me to go to my computer and he would help me fix it - -I didn't do this, but ask him to give me a # to call back, after I did some research on this problem -  Thus, the number I got from above -  How are they getting our telephone number?  Facebook? Verizon?  Random dialing?

Post by Billdozer,

2132213528 You have to be kidding me Are there that many stupid people out there? Who would even believe your post? You probably can't even read this - We didn't fall for your phone call, why would we fall for you post -

Post by Dick B,

213-221-3528 Just got the same phone call - didn't like the direction the call was taking so I requested verification and got the same number - -I won't be calling back

Post by Guest,

2132213528 I got a call from this number today - he claimed he was from windows and that my computer was hacked - He had a heavy Indian accent - He said they could clean my computer like new and said they were going to charge me one time only and give me a warranty - SCAM

Post by Guest,

213-221-3528 Received three hang up calls in two hours from this number

Post by Badge714,

2132213528 SHILL Alert - Yet another stupid one - The only part of "Windows" is "Microsoft" - There is NO service center of any Windows operating systems - Buy & keep up to date antivirus software, uninstall the crap from your computer, defrag your computer - Grand total cost: About - Do you really want strangers, that you met on the internet, screwing around with your computer & personal data?

Post by Sandy,

213-221-3528 I got a call tonight from Window's Care too, same MO - -virus, etc -  They took control of my mouse and computer and put up all these bogus screens and graphics showing viruses, errors, etc -  Plus the heavily accented Middle Eastern man was very hard to understand - I googled the phone number, --, he gave me and read all of the other comments and called the real Microsoft who told me how to shut down the computer -  So people - - -BEWARE  JUST HANG UP ON THEM

Post by Guest,

2132213528 Call & Hang up

Post by Tech_guy,

213-221-3528 Window Scare is right -

Post by Maria,

2132213528 Got a call from () - Windows Care  They told me that I had put in a service call for my pc at home and that he was going to help me  To turn my computer on and he was going to guide me  He hung up at me when I told him I did not have a computer  

Post by Not gullible,

213-221-3528 Don't believe this - There is a scam going around trying to convince you that your computer is infected - Ask yourself how would they know that in the first place?  They want to get your information so they can steal from you  Pathetic -

Post by Erika Hubbard,

2132213528 Received a call from -- - read online that it is a scam from a Computer care company that wants state you have a virus they can remove -

Post by Andrew Rogers,

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