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Post by tnp,

2132285192 No VM message

Post by c,

213-228-5192 if you call back  it will  say to press to be removed from call list,, No company name given

Post by gene,

2132285192 Called my WORK cell and my home cell within two minutes, did not leave a message on either -  One is on the DNC registry already and the other has never been used for anything but work - so they are robocalling every number somehow -  Very annoying and reported -

Post by SLM,

213-228-5192 Did not leave a message - I don't answer calls I don't know -

Post by K,

2132285192 no message left

Post by Guest,


Post by In NC,

2132285192 Calls on cell phone - Leaves no message - Phone on Do Not Call list - Doesn't seem to work

Post by DJ in Palo Alto,

213-228-5192 Received taped recording from this no -, claiming it was from my credit card company service dept -  It seemed fishy, so I hung up -

Post by Rich,

2132285192 WARNING--BEWARE These callers are   B I G   credit card criminals, known as the card service scammers Under NO circumstances, give these lowlifes your credit card number, or you will regret it forever

Post by RobbieGee,

213-228-5192 Called my cellphone - Left no message -

Post by in Buffalo,

2132285192 Called my cell while I was on another call, they did not leave a message - Will add to blocked numbers -

Post by Guest,

213-228-5192 Solicitors, don't pick up

Post by C  ,

2132285192 Caller did not leave message -

Post by mi,

213-228-5192 Was an automate message offering me to lower my interest rate on my Credit Card - I have a feeling my credit card company would not send an automated message without identifying themselves -

Post by Annoyed in NY,

2132285192 No message was left when they called my unlisted cell at : AM -  Normally I'd be on the train now and wouldn't even get the call but I'm sick this morning -

Post by Ceeerae,

213-228-5192 Same as everyone else - Called on my cell phone - Automated message to lower my credit card interest rate - Red flag since it didn't identify the  credit card company -  Blocked the number -

Post by O e Concerned Citizen,

2132285192 ID said Los AngelesDidn't leave a msg so must not have had anything to say

Post by in Dallas,

213-228-5192 Left no message - I don't answer any numbers that I have no clue where they are from - I don't know anyone from "San Diego" let alone the western seaboard -

Post by Guest,

2132285192 I don't know why they call me I don't answer questionable unknown numbers

Post by Guest,

213-228-5192 Keeps calling, never leaves a message - I have no idea who it is - Don't know anyone in this area code -

Post by wg,

2132285192 Automated tp  lower my credit card rates - Funny I don't even have a credit card - SPAM or SCAM

Post by Guest,

213-228-5192 Called cell, no message, what ev's

Post by Guest,

2132285192 Called my cell and automated female voice said my credit card (though did not identify specific card) was not in danger BUT - - -I did hang up on that one - Obviously "fishing" for more personal information and doing so by using "scare" tactics -

Post by Rich,

213-228-5192 WARNING--BEWARE These callers are   B I G   credit card criminals, known as the card service scammers Under NO circumstances, give these lowlifes your credit card number, or you will regret it forever

Post by Guest,

2132285192 Its now JULY th, and they are at it again - Called a PRIVATE, pre-paid cell that is NOT TIED to any credit card or financial account whatsoever - While typing this - within ONE minute of getting this call - Got ANOTHER call on my Landline from "MIAMI" at -- - Probably coming from the same INDIA CALL CENTER - And I was just thinking how nice it was to have not gotten any spam calls in FOUR whole days - [sigh]

Post by Guest,

213-228-5192 robot caller looking to collect on a balance on a non-existing credit card, and I am on the national Do not call list -

Post by Guest,

2132285192 This is likely a spammer - I do not know anyone in this area code and I live about , miles away - I have had my current cellphone number for about years -

Post by bgs,

213-228-5192 missed call on my cell, called back and get a recording to press for do not call list

Post by Kayla,

2132285192 Left no message; I don't bother answering numbers I don't recognize -

Post by J G,

213-228-5192 Phoned left NO message

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