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Post by Carla jazmin Chavez,

2132598309 This person called me for my age information my grade what year k graduate and if I was interested in dating him - - I was like I have to go bye and hung the phone - -

Post by XYZ,

213-259-8309 James Hattis or Harris Department of Legal Affairs called and left my parents a threatening msg yesterday on their landline - I have not lived there in a very long time This scammer told them this was my legal notice, ([***]; incorrect process) and I should retain a lawyer to return the call to -- - It sounded as if this James character was reading from a script - DO NOT CALL THESE SCAMMERS BACK If you call them back their computer will flag you and they will never stop calling - Report these pos muther-funkers to your state government asap, hopefully you have a recording of their bs -My Dad was almost tricked by how serious this person was and that they had used their name, I had to sit down with him and explain that this how scammers fish for your info - If it was legit this sob would have said Dept of Legal Affairs of____________ -  Also legal notice of a legal proceeding against someone must be delivered in writing as a summons or subpoena or certified mail, simply calling to put someone on notice is considered legally insufficient in America - If you are being sued or taxed you will receive a letter in the mail -I wish we could live in a world where a-holes like this weren't out preying on people for money, if I ever catch one he or she is cat food -[^^]

Post by 2132598309,

2132598309 Calling and hanging up

Post by Someone get these guys,

213-259-8309 The calls originate in India or Pakistan and the callers are therefore beyond the reach of US law -  Call blocker might help -

Post by Rob,

2132598309 Called me and no one on other side - Called back and says this number is not accepting incoming calls

Post by 213-259-8309,

213-259-8309 calls no one on the other end - call back recording says number is not valid - scammers

Post by Guest,

2132598309 wrong numbe

Post by Guest,

213-259-8309 It spam

Post by Guest,

2132598309 Spam full of losers sitting in a basement eating crackers and scratching their crotches - People who engage in spam should be made to lick the sidewalks for their abusive manners -

Post by Kari,

213-259-8309 calling cell phone

Post by Tired of fraud,

2132598309 I got a voice mail on my home land answering machine from a guy who called himself James and said that he is from Legal Affairs and I have to do the right thing and call back at -- - Tried to call but constantly shows busy signals - [***] - -

Post by Guest,

213-259-8309 how do these regards keep getting my number??? ugh I'm on the no call list

Post by Guest,

2132598309 This isn't Monica number please stop calling

Post by Guest,

213-259-8309 I received a call from this number claiming they were from the IRS, and were talking legal action against me - They sateted they were sending the FBI to arrest me as soon as we hang up the phone -

Post by Guest,

2132598309 Called offering education assistance - Called back immediately after I asked them to take me off call list and was not interested and hung up -

Post by diana,

213-259-8309 i dont know who it is calling me and asking for someone i dont know but i wish it would stop -

Post by my name is not Caroline,

2132598309 Got a message from a James Patters stating he was suggesting I hire an attorney because a legal action had been filed with my name -  He stated it was a "werbal"  (instead of Verbal) warning and I needed to handle it immediately -  He stated he was with Legal Affairs -  I gaurantee you that if anyone from Legal Affairs was filing a lawsuit against me I would receive a certified letter in the mail - Not someone calling me and telling me -  Get an honest job people

Post by Guest,

213-259-8309 SCAM These two men called claiming they are from the U -S - Treasury and Department of Legal Affairs - They have heavy Indian accents - They say you will be arrested in regards to taxes, etc - DO NOT FALL FOR IT

Post by Kristen H,

2132598309 I got about - calls in two days from this company from a different number last week and I told them to take me off their call list - They have now called me from this number and now I know that it is the same company - The reason why they were calling me was because I took a survey online, but I chose that I did NOT want to be contacted about furthering my education, and they called me anyway - I have filed a complaint with the company that runs the surveys because they were basically lying to the people taking the survey by telling them that they could "opt out" of being called about these things -

Post by RP,

213-259-8309 Received a missed call from this number - When I called back it said the number wasn't valid -

Post by Foshizzle,

2132598309 Got a scam call from this number -- -  From a James Hatters with department of legal affairs telling me they had a very important issue to discuss with me, and this was my legal notification of an enforcement action that has been started against my name -  Also, if I wanted to contact my attorney I should do so, and James looks forward to speaking with me -    **SCAMMER ALERT**

Post by Guest,

213-259-8309 We received calls, first they left a message stating that they were from the US Treasury, Legal Affairs Unit and they wanted to inform us that we had a legal action on our name - I called them back without giving them a name and they hung up - Half a hour later they called back without leaving a message -

Post by PC,

2132598309 Just got message, like many others, from Robert David - -from legal affairs - -for my son who has not lived here for many years - -saying he needed to call immediately regarding enforcement against him - -and if he cannot call to have his attorney call - -sounded like a robot to me - -but then said to have a "blessed day" - -sheesh - - -

Post by Someone get these guys,

213-259-8309 The calls originate in India or Pakistan and the callers are therefore beyond the reach of US law -  Call blocker might help -

Post by Tanner,

2132598309 I just got the same VM, from "James with the Dept of legal affairs", I'm in big trouble if I don't call him back - -hahahahahah

Post by Guest,

213-259-8309 () - Jilvee Abalos, Range View Ave Los Angeles, CA Noli C Abalos,  Los Angeles, CA Known also: Noli Calivo Abalos Lived in: Los Angeles, CA · Vernon, CA Related to: Althea Abalos ~ · Althea Abalos · Jilvee Abalos ~

Post by Guest,

2132598309 this person who called my number did not answer I want to get them to quit making calls to any phone if they don't answer -

Post by Guest,

213-259-8309 I didn't answer - They left a voicemail with nothing on it - I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know -

Post by Guest,

2132598309 can ask them to stop calling, they will keep calling -

Post by Guest,

213-259-8309 This is a boiler room - They want you to pay double price for car parts avoid them -

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