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Post by Guest,

2132602279 they siad they worked for micro soft windows tech support, and wanted access to my computer to help repair it - the caller was very "pushy" on wanting to me do what he asked and didnt like that i was asking him a lot a questions ?? i told him i dont trust you and not giving you anything I hung up sounds like scam

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Post by Guest,

2132602279 Call to tell you computer infected, they are with Microsoft, Indian tech, supervisor put on line, name Jim Parker,(still another Indian), able to control your computer from their end - and then will fix errors from hacking with an anti-hacking program for life - fee dependent upon # of errors and configuration - want , then want your login password - DON'T DO IT - IT IS A SCAM I didn't , but played along just to confirm my suspicions -

Post by Guest,

213-260-2279 Caller claimed to be from "Windows Support" about my "heavily infected computer -" Wanted me to give them access to my computer - Did not hesitate to give me a call-back number -

Post by Guest,

2132602279 This a scam claimed to be from microsoft - Isn't this illegal?

Post by Guest,

213-260-2279 SCAM Call: called many times over days - said our Dell computer had a virus and they were with Microsoft Windows -

Post by Guest,

2132602279 A man with a heavy foreign accent that identified himself as "George Morris" called and said that he was from Microsoft Windows support - He then told me that my computer was heavily infected with malware that would enable an outside user to control my computer if I didn't buy a malware removal service from him - I foolishly gave him access to my computer because he showed me different "infections" on my computer where it had been hacked - I stopped cooperating when he tried to sell me the malware removal program for - I feel really stupid and violated because I NEVER give anyone access to any personal information - He really sounded convincing and knowledgeable - -as a con artist would - I questioned him throughout the call and he finally hung up when I told him that I work in law enforcement - I ran a malware removal program after talking to him and so far, I haven't had any problems - I know I sound gullible and I feel gullible, but I am the least trusting person in the world and I usually hand up on telemarketers or any other solicitor -

Post by Guest,

213-260-2279 nd call st call I gave them access to my computer which they put a spyware on said they were from the technical department for Windows and my computer had a lot of errors and was about to crash tried to sell me Windows support send mine was outdated second time got this number then ended the call

Post by Guest,

2132602279 Total scam - Representing themselves as Microsoft techs trying to get access to my computer -

Post by Anon Spoiler,

213-260-2279 Here is a list of information I compiled based on searchable information on the Internet - I will probably update it in the future - This information better be correct (according to Google) - Who?- Prakash Singh- Head of Swadesh Softwares Pvt LtdWhat?- Scams people by making unsolicited phone calls repeatedly- Uses scare tactics to access computers remotely- Will install software to steal information- Will refuse to answer basic questions regarding his identity- Will force people to send electronic payments instead of checks- Note: May be concealing felonious activity with an alternate jobWhere?- Swadesh Softwares Pvt Ltd  - www -swadeshsoftwares -com  - , Baghajatin Path, City Center,Durgapur Dist : Burdwan Zip :  - + -  - () Please be advised that fake whereabouts are also used:- SysCare  - www -syscare -com  - One Commerce Center, Orange St -#, Wilmington,Delaware  - --  - --- SaveMyPC  - savemypc -co  - Street nr , Chicago, lllinois, US  - --- HrsSupport (no longer used)  - www -hrssupport -com  (no longer used)  - Cheshire Way, Loudonville NY (no longer used)  - -- (no longer used)  - -- (no longer used)  - (not sure if still used)  - --- (not sure if still used)  - --- (not sure if still used)  - -- (not sure if still used)Other Websites He May be Involved In:- e-blocker -net- leadzu -com- pcconcern -com- supportmypc -us- w-locker -com- feelfilmy -com- drugsandpills -us- funmasti -inWhen?- Continues to be activeInteresting Websites:- This is a link to a blog where he sells a fake app called the Duplicate File Finder that happens to be free elsewhere - Note that if you click "buy", his MyCommerce Page will show up -  - istiff -com duplicate-file-finder-v-- #more-- Here are a couple links to hiring ads where he intends to hire more potential cold callers:  - www -jobsinbengal -com swades  - - ve-in-durgapur  - jobs -freshersworld -com jobs Swadesh-So  - - pport-Job-There is more information, but this is as much as I will disclose -

Post by Guest,

2132602279 Tried to gain access to my computer

Post by Wendilyn3,

213-260-2279 This jerk is very aggressive - which really doesn't work well when you have such a thick accent -  I'll be honest -  Anytime I hear such a thick accent and they are telling me something that doesn't make sense -- then it isn't sense and hang up  This was a return number for me not a call from this number -  I'm suppose to call Jack as he will fix my computer that has problems -  NutsThe original call came from:  --- - which I had never heard of that area code and made me very suspicious -

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