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Post by LD,

2132843909 Called from Welk's Resort in Escondido -  This was a follow up to a Disneyland contest on Facebook -  ~SALES PITCH~ was declined -  Hope this was first only call -

Post by BBq,

213-284-3909 I keep getting called but no message - When you call it, you get the "Lawerence Welk resort" They try to get your personal information and a credit card to hold your hotel room you supposedly won -

Post by James,

2132843909 It is Welk Resorts - I made the mistake of filling out a little form for one of their salesgirls at an LA Kings game - - YEARS AGO They still call - Daily - Someone send them a copy of Glengarry Glen Ross -

Post by Guest,

213-284-3909 Call from this number did not leave voicemail - I suspect it's a scammer that I found and blocked on match -com as daily I am now getting spam phone calls from LA area code after I busted him - I just keep blocking each new number as it comes -

Post by Guest,

2132843909 telemarketer

Post by Guest,

213-284-3909 They don't Check DNC list

Post by Guest,

2132843909 welk resorts - telemarketer

Post by Guest,

213-284-3909 Welk resorts

Post by Sabrina,

2132843909 I have attempted to get a hold of Welk Resort to let them know about this, but no cigar - So I put the following review for them on Yelp since they have answered bad reviews:::Let me be clear about this: I don't know anything about Welk Resort, other than the fact that they have been calling me asking for my fiance for his credit card number, using a Los Angeles number - We do not have credit cards, and we have NEVER stayed at any of their resorts - The woman I spoke to tonight INCREDIBLY upset me, when instead of saying who she was and why she was calling, she simply asked if my fiance was available - Instead of answering her, I said "may I ask who this is and why you are calling?" she very rudely said "Well, is this ____ or not?" I told her that it wasn't, that I was sick of the calls, and to never call this number again, that my fiance doesn't need whatever they are trying to give -Upon looking for an e-mail address in the off-chance that this is a scam and not actually Welk Resort, there isn't a way to contact them for something of this nature -Welk Resort, if this is not you calling me and my sisters-in-law, then I certainly do apologize for this review, but as there is no number for me to call at : pm, and I'm sick of these calls, this was my next bet to get your attention that someone might be using your company name for a scam -However, if this is you calling, please teach your employees that "wrong number" means WRONG NUMBER - My fiance and I do not have the same phone number, indeed they even have different area codes -The number that has been calling me is as follows: () -

Post by Guest,

213-284-3909 Welk Resorts Marketing

Post by Guest,

2132843909 Some type of time shares - -

Post by government,

213-284-3909 thankyou

Post by Guest,

2132843909 harassment

Post by haz,

213-284-3909 Loving my "block number" on my iphone -  Telemarketer -  Like a dummy, they got my number from an Angels game - Never give your real number to those instant win games they offer -  SHAME ON THE ANGLES  I HOPE YOU GET A CLASS ACTION  ON YOU  

Post by No thanks,

2132843909 Total scam - Don't give them any of your information - Lady started to ask me questions after saying I won something that I never entered, and then hung up when she realized I wasn't gonna fall for it -

Post by Guest,

213-284-3909 Calls multiple times without leaving message - It is a Resort telemarketer attempting to get money from you -

Post by Emma,

2132843909 I have received calls from all three of those numbers in the past two weeks -  I never answer calls from numbers I don't recognize -  Thanks for the info -  It's very helpful -

Post by ???,

213-284-3909 No message left

Post by Irritated,

2132843909 Scam artists trying to steal your money -  A legitimate company with a real business operation would not risk being fined by the FTC for these illegal calls -  Report these criminals and block them -

Post by Me,

213-284-3909 It's a Time Share Company trying to get you to go to their show -

Post by Taylor,

2132843909 Same thing happened to me

Post by Guest,

213-284-3909 Calls every other day but won't leave a message -

Post by unknown,

2132843909 lawrence welk resort - WTF???

Post by Guest,

213-284-3909 Telemarketing resort sales

Post by Floyd Blevins,

2132843909 "Thank you for calling the University of Southern Calaifornia's Online admissions office -"

Post by Guest,

213-284-3909 Welk Resorts Marketing

Post by Report them to FCC!,

2132843909 report Welk Resorts telemarketers to the FCC and let them get fined------www -fcc -gov complaints

Post by Guest,

213-284-3909 Welk Resort - Spammer -

Post by Guest,

2132843909 calls every other day - Does not leave message -

Post by Rob,

213-284-3909 Called and it leaves on my answering machine,  "If you like to make a call - - - - -"

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