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Post by Taylor,

2132895584 This number along with other numbers have been nonstop harassing me and it is seriously getting annoying - Between the three numbers I am getting up to phone calls a day

Post by Emily,

213-289-5584 They keep asking for "Caca Popo" and I swear they were saying "Save a Horse"

Post by Guest,

2132895584 stop calling

Post by Annoyed,

213-289-5584 They've called me four times a day the last days - I have family in California so I thought might be them, nope just these idiots - They better not call me again -

Post by kristie,

2132895584 Keep getting hang up calls fron this number - -


213-289-5584 I used to do those, but don't recall any REQUIRING your phone number -  Or, if they did, I probably just put in an area code and the number for Directory Assistance -  I do that frequently on places that have NO need for my number -  I figure, after they get charged enough times for calling it, they'll figure it out

Post by Mandi,

2132895584 I got a call today from "Savings Spectacular" saying I won a gift card -  "Isn't that great?" the caller said -  Sure -  But I have to PAY "just -" for processing and handling -  After the first time I told "Savannah" I wasn't going to PAY for anything she stated, "You can surely afford - can't you?" -  From then on I just kept repeating, "I'm not paying for anything -  I'm not paying for anything -  I'm not paying for anything" everytime she spoke -  Eventually she told me to have a good day and hung up -  I sure hope they don't call me back -

Post by Resident47,

213-289-5584 Your fence-picketing of exclamation points is wasted here - Your callers do not maintain this site or this web page - Your callers cannot magically determine which numbers should not be called based on anonymous comments - You cannot expect compliance with your orders until, if possible, you deliver them *directly* to your caller - FCC notes on various ways to combat nuisance calls (at least from legitimate sources)www -fcc -gov guides unwanted-telephone-marketing-calls

Post by Stephanie Staker,

2132895584 This "easychoice" company has called our number at least times today, starting at a -m -  I didn't answer the phone for several calls but they were excessive -  Almost every half hour  So I Googled the number and found this site to discover that this was a telemarketer -  I suspected that anyway but they are a nuisance  Anyway, they called again and I just pushed "talk" and laid the phone down -  After about or minutes, I picked up the phone and heard the "fast busy" sound (indicates a terminated call) -  I pushed "off" and wouldn't you know that not minutes later they called again???? I did the same thing as above -  So far, no more calls -  I have no idea how they got my number but I am reporting them to the FTC -  Thank goodness for this site

Post by Denise,

213-289-5584 This called constantly - Finally I called them back and got a automated message - It said to press the number to be taken off their list within hours Hopefully its not just BS - If they do call again I will threaten them with the FCC and the BBB -

Post by Guest,

2132895584 please stop calling my phone -

Post by Guest,

213-289-5584 harassing

Post by whatever,

2132895584 You all should know by no it is the NSA calling you there about to loose their jobs so - - they make money on the side from all those numbers harvested from your phone companies just put add on your voice mail ask for their visa card number -

Post by DTD,

213-289-5584 I usually play with them - - "Hello McDonalds, etc - Or Whre house, what's ye CC # ? It's great when these morons STILL ask for your name LMFAO

Post by Guest,

2132895584 blocked

Post by Erin,

213-289-5584 I got a call and they offered an gift card to Walmart if I would pay - for shipping -  They said they were from Family Saver -  I have never done business with any company close to that name -Be aware I think it is a scam -

Post by Renee,

2132895584 I have received calls from this number all on the same day -

Post by Kelly,

213-289-5584 I answered and there was a woman on the other end who said this was a "thank you call" and wanted to let me know they're going to send my voucher out for "being a valued member of Savings Spectacular -"  I immediately said "I am NOT a member and if I am you need to unsubscribe me -  I've never even heard of Savings Spectacular"  then I heard a double beep, which is my phone letting me know the call ended -  I think it's because when I ordered something it came with a free trial to some savings club and I took it (eventually cancelled during the trial) -  They probably sold my information to similar companies -

Post by Natalie,

2132895584 Same here ugh : i hope they don't call again

Post by Guest,

213-289-5584 stupid spammers

Post by Guest,

2132895584 Calls too much -

Post by George H. Hamilton,

213-289-5584 Receiving multiple calls from this number at all times of the day and night - Wakes up child and others in the household - When they call, no one says anything - Then they just hang up -

Post by Sam,

2132895584 not wanted these a- holes keep calling me and say nothing ive stoped awnsering and telling them to stop calling me but they never do - i want to shoot my damn phone and get a new number or some thing i dont like these non english [***] calling me and not being able to put accross why the are calling me - put down the curry and talk english

Post by MCA,

213-289-5584 It is everyday that I continuously get this number soo many times - especially during the weekdays during work hours -  Whenever I answer that call, the caller hangs up on me -  It is too annoying as well gotten wayout of hand -  My phone show that call comes from the Los Angeles Area -

Post by CB,

2132895584 How does this dude know me he's been calling me all morning it's really pissing me off

Post by Siu,

213-289-5584 i've gotten calles from these [***] in the least weeks -

Post by Kathy,

2132895584 Every day, many times

Post by Sandra,

213-289-5584 I just started recieveing these calls today - They started at : am and have called every minutes since then - No one ever answers and I have asked to be placed on the Do Not Call list every time - Since it's automated it says it will take hours to be placed - I then went to my landlines website (windstream) and an figured out how to used the Selective Call Rejection feature and added this number -

Post by Angry Cajun,

2132895584 These idiots have called times in less than hours today - Want to send a gift card that can be used at Walmart etc - The ONLY CATCH is they want a cc # to charge the S&H charge -  What a scam - I told "Jasmine" that if they wanted to send the card send it and I would be happy to pay the S&H COD - But NO WAY was she getting a credit or debit card number from me AND if they called again my NEXT call would be to the authorities - I hope they will stop, will see -  Caller ID says FRM Program -

Post by peter,

213-289-5584 what i did was i called the number back - The answering machine picked up and mumbled that if i would like to be included on the "do not call list, press " havent received a call since

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