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Post by Guest,

2133302791 must be a spoofed name

Post by Guest,

213-330-2791 No message - - -must be spam

Post by M,

2133302791 Whenever you call an number you are visible -  You can't block your number to those -

Post by Guest,

213-330-2791 This is one of many numbers that call me even I'm always sleeping

Post by Guest,

2133302791 Got a call from this number this morning - I have distant relatives in that state but suspected it was a spammer so I didn't answer - Glad to see I was right -

Post by Guest,

213-330-2791 Just another robocall that you can't report

Post by MRO,

2133302791 Spam call from Linknow Media, called back and told them not to call again -

Post by Guest,

213-330-2791 Telemarketer -

Post by MRO,

2133302791 From Linknow Media, asked of owner of company and then hung up -

Post by Badge714,

213-330-2791 Go to the DNC web site & enter in your phone number - You will soon find out - The middle section is to verify if you're on the list -https: www -donotcall -gov

Post by jiminorlando,

2133302791 I write their phone number on the restroom wall - FOR A GOOD TIME OR FREE SEX CALL --  They get a dose of their own medicine -  Or list something outrageous on Craig's list for free and post -- first caller receives free gift -  

Post by BostonHolly,

213-330-2791 Ruth, your comments are being directed at us, the same people *also* receiving these calls -  The callers don't check out these info - sites to see who they are upsetting and to get advice about finding a job -  You are reprimanding us

Post by Guest,

2133302791 Calls but never leaves a message - I don't answer numbers that I don't recognize - Glad to know its spam - Will put them on the national list that they are violating the rules -

Post by Guest,

213-330-2791 Web design sales pitch

Post by You've selected " No Problem",

2133302791 As I answered the message was cut short for a man to ask me if it was me he was speaking to, I retuned the favor by asking him who he was and he replied "I will try back later -"

Post by Anoyed,

213-330-2791 No MessageCaller ID: UNKNOWN NAMEToo bad I missed it as I sit around all day waitng for calls from UNKNOWN NAME -

Post by Guest,

2133302791 I got a call from them today but didn't answer because it was from Miyako Inn and Spa in Los Angeles, CA - I don't know anyone in La, especially anyone who would be calling from the Miyako Inn and Spa - I suspect this is a scam waiting to be perpetrated -

Post by www,

213-330-2791 Peepee poopoo miyako miyako

Post by Guest,

2133302791 No answer

Post by Guest,

213-330-2791 Hang up

Post by Mike,

2133302791 The spoofed the caller ID to say Miyako Inn Spa -  Offered to show me a website they built for me -  Wanted my email address -  Not going to work next they try to call me -

Post by Megan,

213-330-2791 Obviously a voice over IP - This number calls my company daily and hangs up when I answer - I recognized the name as the hotel that I stayed in when I went to LA five years ago, but it has no relation upon googling - Just mere coincidence -

Post by WomanInCharge,

2133302791 Young chicks without college educations, I hope, resorting to dialing for dollars -  Calling my company asking for the owner owner - Duh, owners don't make such menial decisions such as marketing, First clue it's not legitimate - Telemarketing bottom feeders -

Post by Guest,

213-330-2791 No response when I picked up call - Must be robocall -

Post by TTG,

2133302791 LinkedIn Media or something - - recording says they made my business a website - Yeah, I already have a website - I didn't sit through the hold music to get angry at a live rep though -

Post by Amy,

213-330-2791 Received a call this morning - They didn't leave a message - I called back, she said she was with Link Now Media and asked if I was returning the phone call and if I was the owner of the company - I just asked that they stop calling and she said "no problem -"

Post by BostonHolly,

2133302791 Ruth, your comments are being directed at us, the same people *also* receiving these calls -  The callers don't check out these info - sites to see who they are upsetting and to get advice about finding a job -  You are reprimanding us

Post by annoyed 2,

213-330-2791 said they were a linkedin company

Post by TL,

2133302791 When they called today, and I answered the phone, they just hung up the phone -This has happened on more than one occasion - it's very annoying in the workplace -

Post by Guest,

213-330-2791 linked now media

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