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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 213-330-8289

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Post by Guest,

2133308289 everytime they call as soon as I pick up they hang up

Post by Guest,

213-330-8289 The lady asked me if I'd answer a few quick questions so she could match me up with the college of my dreams and when I said I didn't want to and wanted to know how a number from California got my number I was hung up on -

Post by Guest,

2133308289 bs numbet

Post by Guest,

213-330-8289 I hope thay dont call anymore -

Post by Jamie Roberts,

2133308289 Keeps calling - Leaves no message and then when I call back number its not in service -

Post by L Naggoc,

213-330-8289 Keeps calling and leaves no message, when I call back the number rings once and then goes busy -They number of calls per day seems to be increasing -

Post by Michele,

2133308289 Cease calling me

Post by Guest,

213-330-8289 Cold caller

Post by Tate,

2133308289 I answered this number, they asked for me, I told them he wasnt here at this time, Could I take a message?The women said, "I dont know but was He looking to further his education, I'm not sure, could I get a number? She then hung up - -

Post by Steven,

213-330-8289 No message left - Tried to call back and number "was not receiving calls" -

Post by Guest,

2133308289 They have called several times a day, they leave no VM - I don't answer because I don't recognize the number but, when I try to call back it rings once and then I get a busy signal -

Post by Z Blocker,

213-330-8289 I save the number and assign it a name like a-z block - cell, mobile, home or other -  That way I just ignore the call and never accidently answer - MCI and others who are loosing the cell phone subscription battles knowingly sell blocks of these  cell number to call centers - Legislation that any solicitation call should have a caller ID should be imposed, but where there's money to be made our representatives seem to have their hands out and pockets full -

Post by Guest,

2133308289 If you click below on the * blue letters it shows a number that's even from LA CALIFORNIA

Post by tina burdick,

213-330-8289 I have received numerous calls from this number, they are not leaving messages, I tried to call back, number not assigned, this is very annoying - I feel everyone should have to use caller ID - Teller Marketer, should not have the right to bother people - Please leave me alone

Post by tony gilbert,

2133308289 your call will never ever be answerd if you don't leave a message - I consider this harrasement and I will deal with it accordinaly - who the heck are you? I don't answer numbers not in my log, and I know you don't have the right person - leave me ALONE

Post by Guest,

213-330-8289 called numerous times

Post by Guest,

2133308289 Unwanted calls

Post by amy,

213-330-8289 I received a call from this # and it just showed up as LA CA - I don't answer calls I don't know & I don't return calls if there wasn't a msg left - When I call the number back its just like a dropped call -

Post by Guest,

2133308289 calls non stop

Post by Sara,

213-330-8289 This # belongs to a research for picking colleges and asks for your opinion on them etc - I am sorry but if you look at the world is going, please pay me for my time to answer your questions

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