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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 213-407-6426

  • Report all suspicious calls and scam phone numbers found in Ads, Calls, Texts & Websites
  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
  • Use Facebook To Look Up An Unknown Caller

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Post by alex,

2134076426 didn't answer - called it back and there wasn't even a ring - tell tale sign of a robocaller

Post by JG,

213-407-6426 Robocall about a free cruise -

Post by David in Fresno,

2134076426 I picked up the call and nobody was there - This happens more and more - I used to get a lot of calls from India trying to sell me prescription drugs but that has, finally, started to slow down -

Post by Caliusa,

213-407-6426 Same thing happened to me -  This is called America and these people need to fight back and put a shut down on these scum bags for good -

Post by In 949 Area Code,

2134076426 Phone screen showed CELL PHONE CA and this number - I let it go to answer and no message was left - Now blocked -

Post by sick of scammers,

213-407-6426 Just called here - ID read Cell Phone Los Angeles - never answer unknown callers and VM not on - wasting their (robot) time -

Post by Joey,

2134076426 Called left no message - only says WIRELESS CALLER -  

Post by MP,

213-407-6426 Just got a clall from this number --, it says Los Angeles - Thanks for all these posting, blocked this caller right away -

Post by Beeber,

2134076426 I, too, never answer numbers I don't know - If I do, it will take alot longer for them to go away - They are 'selling' something I don't want - If there was no financial incentive involved, they wouldn't be calling in the first place -Unfortunately, this is the first to invade my cell phone - My landline has been trashed for years -

Post by no one,

213-407-6426 My old cellphone doesn't block numbers, so I looked it up, found it on here, and label the number in my phone as Do Not Answer -

Post by anonymous,

2134076426 Update: also called cel

Post by Hal,

213-407-6426 They called and didn't leave a message - I was expecting some calls so like a fool I tried calling and could not get through - Then I search and found this site -Based on what others have been saying I think we can conclude this number is being used by those idiot free cruise scammers or others like them - You should report ANY call that plays a recorded message to the FTC if you don't know the company - File a report at --- - These reports work, but they take time - The more reports they get, the more effort they use to stop them -

Post by Rudy,

2134076426 Auto spam call about winning free cruise tickets by taking a survey - Hit to supposedly be dropped from their list - Aholes -

Post by unidentified,

213-407-6426 Scam spam call for student loan forgiveness - -

Post by MZ,

2134076426 Received a call from this number, checked the web and found this history -  I reported it to the Do not call registry -

Post by Lu,

213-407-6426 When I called back the number is out of service - Scam for sure

Post by Pigpen messwear,

2134076426 HA Im going on a crusie mother-----ers

Post by Jack Schitte,

213-407-6426 I we do not answer inknown callers - went to VM-no msg left, now blocked foreverFact )  The DNC list CLEARLY does not work, everyone should knows this by know, it's a government program that doesn't function like all or most programs they generate -Fact ) Filing a complaint with the FCC does not work, a total waste of time; done that -Fact ) Having an unlisted phone will not help you -Fact ) Asking begging telemarketers to take you off their call list does not workFact ) No "class action" suits are filed and certainly, this is not a remedy - Many of these telemarketers are in other countries and out of the jurisdiction of the USA -Fact ) Complaining to the BBB is a corrupt organization that sells their ratings to the highest bidder -QUIT BEING FRUSTRATED over Telemarketers-Scammers & Bill Collectors HOUNDING day after day *******DON'T GET MAD – HIT BACK*****************************STOP BEING ANNOYED - STOP BEING A VICTIM************PURCHASE A CALL BLOCKING TELEPHONE*******AMAZON -COM has call blocking  telephones & devices -  They’re cheap - - and they work beautifully  These phones or blocking devices also block “PRIVATE”, “OUT OF AREA” and "UNKNOWN" callsAMAZON -COM has a great selection of call blockers; some will hold up to , numbersSome phone companies include a * call block feature with their service………    

Post by Random Person,

2134076426 Recieved a call from this number, no identification, no message -

Post by Somebody,

213-407-6426 They are trying to offer me a free cruise to the Bahamas - *SLAP PHONE CLOSED*

Post by Vice,

2134076426 The FBI should put a trace on them and investigate this number - They leave very creepy messages -

Post by Angela,

213-407-6426 Receive calls from , never leaves message - I blocked this number -

Post by Joanie,

2134076426 Call this am - - didn't recognize so didn't answer - - looked it up here and appreciate the suggestions to block and to write on lavatory walls -  I also added it to my contacts as 'Robo spam' - Thanks

Post by Guest,

213-407-6426 They said surprise, you won a trip to the Bahamas, and I hung up - This is spam and I am on the National Do not call list -

Post by kk,

2134076426 i just received the same robo call that I won a free trip to the Bahamas -  Arghhhg -

Post by kit,

213-407-6426 scam spam about some fake free cruise - on the plus side it wasn't someone looking for the girl who keeps giving out my freaking number

Post by 0791125384,

2134076426 sadji

Post by F. Ed Up,

213-407-6426 This number called my landline while I was out of the house - No message -Called Id: WIRELESS CALLER--

Post by TH,

2134076426 Missed call - No VM -

Post by KO,

213-407-6426 Free trip to Bahamas  WooHoo  Wireless caller -  Now blocked -

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