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Post by Jas,

2134574056 Called around :pm - That's an automatic red flag for me because it's after typical business hours - The guy had a thick Indian accent and claimed to be with the US government claim service - I knew it was a scam - I hung up and called back only to get the "the verizon number you have called has been changed or disconnected" shebang - Once they even called asking for "Cristy" - When I told him he had the wrong number he said there must have been a hiccup in the system - riiiiiight - Be careful, guys -

Post by Ron and Sharon,

213-457-4056 Getting calls from -- at the rate of per day on my cell phone - Very annoying - They never leave a message and I know it's not about a bill - Now I see that there are many people being harrassed by this same number - Hope someone can get this scammer and have them suffer legal consequences -

Post by X,

2134574056 Three calls so far today - Caller ID says "Los Angeles, CA -" I don't know many people in LA, and none of them would be calling me on my home phone here in SC -Other sites claim this is that Microsoft "your computer is crying out for help" scam, so I picked up and said, "Microsoft Corporation, how may I direct your call?" (If I let it go to voicemail, all they'll do is call back, so I might as well have a little fun with them - I doubt they'll take note that it's Saturday here -) All I got was dead air, so I held down the star key for a continuous beep -I'm tempted to either pretend to go along with it or tell them I'll be right back (then just leave the phone) - I have the time to waste their money, since I'm -% sure they're not calling from the US -

Post by Target on my phone number,

213-457-4056 Reached the block calls on my panasonic phone list today -  Had to delete them all and started fresh from scratch -  This was the first number to call -  BLOCK EM

Post by Carol,

2134574056 We get this number on our caller ID every night and now in the day time - No one leaves a message -

Post by rocky hutt,

213-457-4056 education scam

Post by Guest,

2134574056 The caller, (who had foreign accident which I could barely understand), said I had been chosen to receive a , grant from the government - I asked what it will cost me & he said it doesn't cost you anything - I just have to call this number () - to verify my confirmation number which he kept repeating, & the money will be sent to me by Western Union - I was given a choice of Western Union, Moneygram, or into my savings or checking account - He had my name, address and email - Wanted to verify to make sure I am the person he's looking for - I asked what it will cost me when I pick up the money at Western Union & he said nothing - It's your money from the government & you never have to pay it back - I said okay - When I didn't call the number he gave me, () -, he called me back hours later to ask why I hadn't called the number & I told him there's something not right about this whole thing - The government doesnt to random grants - You have to apply for it - He said no it was a special lotto to give the people who live below the poverty line, & had a credit rating for paying your bills on time - I said I would check it out and call - He said I had to call within the next minutes because they were leaving for the day - I didn't call - I couldn't figure out which scam it was - When you call the number they get your soc -security number and DOB so they can steal your identity, or the one that when you call the number they can clone it and use it to call anywhere in the world without your phone and there's nothing you can do about it when you get your phone bill for hundreds of dollars - Beware of this caller - S - Locke

Post by Crusher,

213-457-4056 calls in hours - no one on the line - California -- --

Post by Guest,

2134574056 Got a call from several times in one day - A man who barely spoke english said his name was "Larry Thompson" from the US GOVT Grant service- i promplty told him to lose my # and dont call again

Post by Natasha,

213-457-4056 This number called me minutes ago to tell me that my computer has been hacked by scammers and that they are using my computer for illegal activities - I asked what the illegal activities were and she said, "I know you are sitting in front of your computer, correct?" I asked her what kind of computer I was using - She said windows -Lucky guess - She tried to tell me to go on my computer to go install something to "protect" my computer - I asked her for the number of her company - She refused to give one - I asked for the name of her company she refused to give one - I asked to speak to her supervisor - She said, "mam, the supervisor, the supervisor, the supervisor The supervisor is busy - You cannot speak to my supervisor"I said, "assuming you even have one - If this was a legit company I would be able to speak to a supervisor -" And then I hung up -Obviously this is a scammer - Do not fall for it

Post by donna,

2134574056 I keep getting calls from this number - Also the same voices call me using -- and -- and -- and -- and -- and --  also  calls where a string of numbers shows up -I think we have some heavy duty criminals trying to get as much personal info as possible - BEWARE  Make sure you report this - If enough of us take action maybe we can avoid a personal disaster - I am not a huge fan of Walmart but I think it is terrible that someone is smearing their name - They also offer a lower interest credit card sometimes - They also say that they are with an insurance company - And a car care company

Post by Alex G. Bell,

213-457-4056 Caller ID showed "California" but they did not leave a message - Called :pm EST -

Post by sheri,

2134574056 Received a call from -- on my cell number and they did not leave a message

Post by Charmaine Wilkinson,

213-457-4056 Continuously calls - Leaves no message - Ovnoxious and harassing

Post by Scott,

2134574056 Recording saying I've been approved for a new low interest rate on my credit card which they say I've been paying on time -  Just press to accept -  I'm afraid to press -  It could trigger an IED -  LOL -

Post by Everett,

213-457-4056 It says at the top to report it -and at the bottom it gives you a place to do it

Post by Stephany,

2134574056 With my landline, I just turn off the answering machine when I'm home (which is most of the time since I'm retired) -  So I set the rings to and then while it's ringing I note the caller i -d - number, and then just google and find out if it's bogus from this website or others -  I can quickly learn who's calling and since there's no answering machine service, they just stop calling because no one ever answers  I'm only getting a few calls a week now and those few calls I block using MyVerizon -  It works for me  (I just have to remember to turn the answering machine back on if I'm going to be gone for a long time) -  Also my friends and family know to just email me anyway -

Post by belinda,

213-457-4056 this is a repeditive call all different times and doesn't leave a message ,

Post by Guest,

2134574056 k

Post by Cornmeal,

213-457-4056 Multiple calls from this number

Post by Bruce LV,

2134574056 Received call from this # today - They left no message -

Post by Nevadagal,

213-457-4056 This number calls  after pm I let it go to voice mail leaves no message

Post by Guest,

2134574056 Caller is from solar energy company - I've told them that I rent even though I don't hoping to stop them - Also have asked to be removed from call list multiple times with no results - I also get calls from this number wanting to access my computer for supposed virus - I just hang up -

Post by dave,

213-457-4056 Its a computer scam hang up -

Post by Notadummy,

2134574056 I answered this call - The man barely spoke english and was difficult to understand - I had to have him repeat multiple times -What I got from it was that he was calling about my windows computer - I told him "I don't think so" and hung up - Morons - Complete scam

Post by zee,

213-457-4056 internet search will show you dealers and on line dealers -

Post by veronica,

2134574056 I received a call from this number just a little while ago -  I have an app on my Android called "Who are You" where I can ditch a call -  It will go directly to my voicemail after the call is ditched -  I also have its sister app, "YouMail", where you can set different greetings for different callers -  For those calls that I ditch, the greeting they hear is the number they have dialed is out of service -  Love, love, love these apps  Just think, these telemarketers only have to call once and if they call again, you'll never hear the phone ring -  Technology is wonderful   These apps are absolutely free -  www -youmail -com

Post by Guest,

213-457-4056 tried to call back but its not valid

Post by Angry,

2134574056 Try going to edit call and see if block caller is a option

Post by shanearcher95,

213-457-4056 " it is also a verizon number -  should not they be responsible?"Just how is a cell phone company responsible for what people do with their service? Is an auto company responsible when a bank robber drives off in one of their vehicles?

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