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Post by Annoyed,

2134863729 213-486-3729 called and a lady said "Hello?" then hung up! Damn spammers. Blocked!

Post by D,

213-486-3729 Called & no message as well

Post by Guest,

2134863729 Left a second message with shuffling and office like sounds in the background -

Post by Ruben,

213-486-3729 Called back is says it is customer satisfaction follow up -

Post by Guest,

2134863729 midas

Post by dj,

213-486-3729 called, left no [email protected]:pm on --

Post by Cpatain Kirk,

2134863729 Kind of reminded me of an old Cheech and Chong comedy routine entitled, "Dave's not here man -"

Post by anon,

213-486-3729 Called and left no message - Oct :pm

Post by Okeydokey,

2134863729 No one came on the line when I answered -

Post by MM,

213-486-3729 got a call from this number -  Asked for me by name, and indicated this was from a specific store as a follow up survey -  Calling this number back got an automated response indicating that all agents were busy for a customer survey service -  Still not sure if this is legit -  message indicated that you can call -- for follow up -

Post by Marcia Detrick,

2134863729 I keep getting calls from this number, asking if David is here -There is no David here - I told the caller this is a do not call line, she then tells me she doesn't care, and then says she will call again tomorrow night, and sure enough the next night they call again and hang up as soon as I answer -

Post by Ben,

213-486-3729 Called : left no message - Landline out of LA county, CA -

Post by Beanster,

2134863729 Called at : pm - Left no message - Display read Out of Area -

Post by Diego,

213-486-3729 called pm on a weekday, left message on my cell saying 'Hello?' then hung up -  I could be wrong but it seemed to me I could hear from the message slight activity in the background, like other phone operator voices at a call center -

Post by K10,

2134863729 This number called left no mesage -

Post by Fed Up !!,

213-486-3729 Like many people posting here, I let the answering machine pick up the call and the caller hung up without leaving a message - - CID displayed the number and OUT OF AREA - Probably another scammer on a phishing expidition Added number to my phones Block list -

Post by HG,

2134863729 same as others - They've called my cell phone multiple times during the day over the past month but never left a message, from Los Angeles, CA -

Post by Guest,

213-486-3729 Telemarketing

Post by Katydid,

2134863729 Called about am, got answering machine, did something that sounded like sniffling into the phone, then hung up -

Post by Receptionist,

213-486-3729 Called for someone in the company who works in our manufacturing and doesn't have an extension - Hung up after being on hold for seconds -

Post by Guest,

2134863729 Midas customer satisfaction survey

Post by Wanda Hollis,

213-486-3729 Said they are a portal potty dealer -

Post by Guest,

2134863729 unkn -

Post by Charlie,

213-486-3729 I had my oil changed at Midas muffler weeks ago, and this is some telemarketer saying she is from this company and trying to upsell -  I will never go back to Midas again because of this -  They are as bad as Omaha steaks -

Post by hv,

2134863729 Called and left a message, someone just asking "Hello?" twice and hanging up -

Post by Fontucky,

213-486-3729 Telemarketer scammer - Blocked -

Post by anonymous,

2134863729 Says hello twice - Background noise on my voice mail around pm

Post by Cpatain Kirk,

213-486-3729 Kind of reminded me of an old Cheech and Chong comedy routine entitled, "Dave's not here man -"

Post by D,

2134863729 Called & no message as well

Post by J.L.,

213-486-3729 Called my cell but left no message -

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