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Post by Guest,

2134932044 Spam

Post by victor seader,

213-493-2044 damn shame - - -lady calls in Spanish and same garbage as above - - -here they are cutting benefits forthe military etc - - -why don't they spend a little money on shutting down these fraudusters -

Post by ivette,

2134932044 They have done that to me too and I don't like it -

Post by R L,

213-493-2044 Same happened to me and I DO NOT speak a word of SpanishWhat in the world are they trying to sell? Expect to get business by annoying people?Just being stupid and no brains,most of all they belong in jail -

Post by Ginnyzz,

2134932044 SCAM - Put on do not call list -

Post by Guest,

213-493-2044 Do not know them

Post by Guest,

2134932044 report them or deport them

Post by Guest,

213-493-2044 Another robo call - Whose selling our cell #'s

Post by Guest,

2134932044 Spanish recording

Post by Glenn Meadows,

213-493-2044 I'm getting calls from this number and some one is speaking Spanish - I don't speak Spanish - thees people are then ones that stole my last number and some how using it - this needs to stop -

Post by Emma in Houston,

2134932044 Recived calls from this number today - Scratchy recording in spanish -

Post by Guest,

213-493-2044 They refuse to give me their company name - They have been calling me for a year at least once a day - The majority of them don't speak english and will hang up on you if you say anything in English -

Post by Kitty,

2134932044 Got a call from this  number today, they left no message - Since I dont know anyone in that area code, I Googled  the number  & found all  these comments - I won't answer if they call back -And people, the past tense of Hang (as in hang up) is HUNG - NOT "hanged up"

Post by Schokolat,

213-493-2044 I got a missed call from -- and a Spanish speaking women answered the phone and hunged up when I said ENGLISH speaker -

Post by Guest,

2134932044 Spamspouting scumbucket -

Post by Guest,

213-493-2044 Spanish speaking spam

Post by Bryce,

2134932044 This is a LA area phone number, FYI -

Post by Jennifer,

213-493-2044 Received a call from a --, but no message was left - I called back, but there was no answer -

Post by Phill,

2134932044 Yes me too

Post by George,

213-493-2044 Got call from this number ( ), but I didn't pick up - From time to time, I'm reciving calls from numbers that are located in California,and I'm living in Florida - Scamers

Post by Guest,

2134932044 machine calling in Spanish

Post by Bryce,

213-493-2044 This is a LA area phone number, FYI -

Post by Idalia,

2134932044 They are scammers they offered me insurance in Spanish right I said I don't have money right now and automatically hanged up they are non professional people SCAMMERS

Post by Idalia,

213-493-2044 They offer insurance right but they are scammers right when I said I don't have money right now they hanged up - Really unprofessional SCAMMERS

Post by Nan,

2134932044 This is a telemarketer -  Very well documented as same on Spokea et al - on the web Very annoying - LA based firm -  

Post by Guest,

213-493-2044 telemarketer -

Post by Guest,

2134932044 general spam

Post by Cesar,

213-493-2044 They called me several times, very anoying

Post by J NYC,

2134932044 Received a call from them this afternoon, they left no message - As everyone has said though, its telemarketing - Don't pick it up and block the number

Post by Guest,

213-493-2044 Very Rude

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