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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 213-725-5387

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Post by Anna,

2137255387 Please nikki, if your uncle could possibly trace them down and actually make contact with the perp who has been calling us all for no particular reason, we might be able to figure out what this is all about -

Post by Cyarika,

213-725-5387 Hi - I am with you about the lawsuit -  They actually called me times yesterday  I thought it was , but my husband had the cell phone for part of the day and they called times when he had it - times in one day is outrageous  This person deserves to be punished - It seems to me that this is harrassment -  The phone rings so many times when I am trying to work, and it is very disturbing, and I need to have the phone with me while I am working, so I can't turn it off or put it in the other room - They called a few minutes ago -  I answered and the person on the other end didn't say anything at all -

Post by Melissa,

2137255387 I just got a call this morning - -no message - Just want to say thank you to all that take the time to post here Now I won't be nervous to answer the call and tell them to stop

Post by WTH,

213-725-5387 Its a T-Mobile Number - Theres nothing you can do except not answer it - Its probably a clone phone trying to get info off of yours - ITs easy just hit ignore -

Post by Guest,

2137255387 I have no idea What they are saying - And they Keep calling harassing me

Post by chuck,

213-725-5387 Called them again she said her name was Patricia with University Advisors -

Post by akatheninja,

2137255387 here too, Ive been getting calls from this number and its showing up as LA - Im in atlanta - Eff it Im going to call them back

Post by Javier,

213-725-5387 I have received calls from this number since with the same results as everyone else - I do not have verizon, I have sprint - Until someone comes up with a solution, all we can do is ignore the call - What other option is there -

Post by angel1098,

2137255387 This is a scam - I filed a complaint with the Attorney General (and do not call registry) and they sent me the information on these people - Because this company or person calls from a different number (throughout the united states) they are unable to track them and prosecute them for harrassment fraud identity theft - In the meantime they have of course advised not to give any money - These freaks have been calling me since - They are relentless, I have cursed them out, called them names, hung up, threatened them with the police, etc - It pisses me off - I wish I could find them myself, oh what a day I would have

Post by imagine1984,

213-725-5387 I have never had installation from Lowes and I'm - -not looking for schools on line I'm getting so sick of these scam calls

Post by erick,

2137255387 varias veces han llamado preguntando por mi nombre sin saber quien es dando informacion y preguntado informacion

Post by Jenn,

213-725-5387 I also get calls from this number twice a day - I have ATT service right now on a Blackberry Torch - If you have a BB torch - There's an app you can download for free called "Mr - Number CallBlock" I added the number to my list and the number pops up on my screen for like two seconds to let me know it auto-hangs up on them - It's some University that keeps calling -

Post by Neal,

2137255387 Yep super sketchy - - - - -told them to F - - off and if I needed further education I would contact them and to never contact me again -

Post by Luna,

213-725-5387 if you applied for a job on-line or used a search engine or put your resume up they give your number to colleges,continuing education -

Post by nit,

2137255387 yuupp thiss number called me too next time i'll pick up and play some games with them - all of you just have some fun haha - annoy the  out out of them :)

Post by Emuynea,

213-725-5387 Call frm ths numb not saying anythng

Post by Lisa,

2137255387 Just got a call from this number she asked for my Daughter, I asked her what she wants, and it was some College, I told her that my daughter was already enroll to a college and she was so rude she said thanks for answering for her I told her I'm her Mother I hung up there so many rude people calling up and disturbing people

Post by Matt,

213-725-5387 They said it University advisers -

Post by `Shery,

2137255387 I have received several phone calls from this number, and they as for an individual that is unknown to us, but they still call back again and again sometime in the middle of the night -

Post by cedric kyle,

213-725-5387 some one keep calling me at this numner

Post by Dokken,

2137255387 I just got called from this number - - no one responded after I said "Hello?"

Post by maryfran,

213-725-5387 Get numerous calls every day and it has become very annoying because when I call back it is silence on other end -cell

Post by Nathan,

2137255387 called them repeastedly requested repeatedly to stop they just call right back i am pissed

Post by Jennifer,

213-725-5387 Other problem - - if they have your name sold to them stating you requested info, it overrides the DNC -  It could be you were doing a survey, applying for a job, etc -  There's lots of sneaky ways people get your name to sell it saying it's at your request -

Post by annoyed.,

2137255387 This number called - It's a recruiting place for online colleges - They get people's numbers more then likely when you were filling out colleges and other things like that -

Post by Roxanna,

213-725-5387 I am fed up with the SOB calling my phone - -Make your complaints about the number at this web site:https: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx?panel

Post by foxje79,

2137255387 Its a college referral service - They called me like times in a span of three or four hours - Extremely obnoxious - I called a few times and heard silence, and was then disconnected - Finally, the fourth time I called, I got a representative - I told her to take me off the calling list - She said it would take up to hours -

Post by duffy,

213-725-5387 I finally did get a real person to answer and it is a college recruit company -  They said they got my number off an online something - I never put my phone number out there - but she will supposedly take it off -Heard that before -  Love making new friends

Post by dan,

2137255387 it is univeristy advisors - like they want to help you pick a school -

Post by Katelyne King,

213-725-5387 I am from Ohio, there should be no reason that a Los Angeles number had\s been calling me

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