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Post by Guest,

2142474999 Two calls from this number - One on June th at about : am and another on June th at about the same time - A male voice indicating he was from Farm Supply in Cedar Hills, Texas wanted to speak to Mr - Phillips - I responded with "This is Richard" and the conversation ended - I am currently a victim of a bank account fraud and these phone calls may be relative to the perpetrator - Not sure -

Post by JMK,

214-247-4999 Called at am - called ID indicated Cedar Hill, Texas - let it ring but whoever it was hung up not leaving a message - -Another number to block out

Post by Guest,

2142474999 Just got a call from a "CLIFF" at "Farm Supply" Said he wanted to talk to my husband (by name), I asked him what this was in reference to, he asked to speak to my husband again by name - I said I could help, he then demanded to speak to my husband and I said he wasn't able to talk by phone at the moment - He then rudely hung up on me - I called back and just got a fax tone --- from there the search was on to find out how many others have been harassed by this number jerk -

Post by Guest,

214-247-4999 received calls on June - they asked for a name and when I replied they were not in, they hung up - they continued to call -

Post by Guest,

2142474999 The caller was surprised to be told he called someone who passed away - Asking no additional information, or no "are you the wife or husband" -

Post by Guest,

214-247-4999 I received this call at : AM on - When I returned the call it was a fax machine -

Post by Guest,

2142474999 These people are maggots -

Post by jack,

214-247-4999 My phone is in the no call zone

Post by Brad,

2142474999 Same as the others - Cedar Hill TX - Did not answer - No message Left - am Central Time

Post by Guest,

214-247-4999 They called saying it was a farm supply store and said that they wanted to speak with a family member of my household who's name I won't say, when I said he was going to the store for something the women kept going on and wouldn't let me go and kept going on saying our address and the size of the house, how many buildings we had, how much of this and that - When I finally said I wasn't interested she said she would send someone out to deliver some personally so we could see how we liked it

Post by Alan,

2142474999 Called at :am two mornings in a row so far - We answered the first day, but they hung up - Today I answered, and a guy named "Frank" said he was following up non my request for weed killer - I told him I had not requested this - Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to tell him how much they suck before he quickly hung up -

Post by Guest,

214-247-4999 Someone from this number has called here twice this week and asks to speak to Bill - He is very beligerent sounding when asked what it regards - The first time he called, he said he was from a farm supply store and had some information regarding weed killer for Bill and would call back - He called this morning and demanded to speak to Bill and when he was told that Bill was asleep, his response was," Fine, (quoted our street address), we'll just come in person" - I consider this a threat -

Post by Guest,

2142474999 I am on the do not call list, these people call early and late - I'd like this to stop please

Post by WV Lady,

214-247-4999 Same call around noon, woman asked for husband but refused to continue when told he was not here - Same Cedar Hill, TX -

Post by Guest,

2142474999 Received call AM - I didn't speak and he started asking if I (by my name) was there - - I didn't acknowledge, he started voicing vulgar profanity and then singing it - I left phone off hook & when I came back, he was quiet but line sounded open or maybe a fax line -

Post by Ticked,

214-247-4999 Call from ---Gentleman asked for the owner by first name (anyone who knows the owner doesn't call him that) - - Asked if I could take a message since the owner wasn't in - - Fellow hung up on me -We get - spam calls a day here at the office -  It is severely debilitating business as it ties up our lines, takes our staff away from work and such -When you call the number it gives you a sound like you called a fax number -  Guess they don't want calls in -  Such a bother for these poor guys right?   This spamming needs to stop -  It's harassment

Post by Guest,

2142474999 Called us at :a -m - and hung up before the message machine came on

Post by Jh,

214-247-4999 These guys have been lying to folks for years - - Business IQ of zero -Goes like this - -Call early- like : am -Tell a lie that they received inquiry about their product- usually weed killer, hand cleaner - - Which I have never done -When you call out their obnoxious early call and the fact they are lying they get hostile -Neanderthal with phones -

Post by Guest,

2142474999 Phone rang at : am June (today) - The caller hung up - I was about to give the caller a piece of my mind for calling so early - This number has shown up on caller ID several times, never leaves message - Jones

Post by Maamee,

214-247-4999 Called us at :a -m -  Left no message - They didn't even let the message machine pick up -

Post by Guest,

2142474999 Received call from this number, and when I answered the caller asked for Mr - **** - I asked for the first name of the Mr -**** that they wanted and they hung up - A call back sounded like a fax line - Considering sending a nasty fax to let them know how I feel about their rudeness - Naw, not worth the time -

Post by WV Lady,

214-247-4999 Same call around noon, woman asked for husband but refused to continue when told he was not here - Same Cedar Hill, TX -

Post by Guest,

2142474999 Called and woke us up at am this morning - No one ever speaks when we answer - th call in days -

Post by Guest,

214-247-4999 phone rang - I answered & said hello & my first name - No response so I hung up -

Post by Bob C,

2142474999 Rcvd call from this number at : AM, which is a law violation - Did not answer - Showed Cedar Hill, TX -

Post by Old farm lady,

214-247-4999 Nasty rude tel marketing caller

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