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Post by Henderson,

2142694343 Missed call -  When we call back it goes to voice  mail -   We r on do not call list -

Post by verizonuser,

214-269-4343 Got a call a few mins ago to the work cell phone from this number - I'm not on call and I haven't talked to any customers of ours with a Dallas area code so didn't answer - No VM left -

Post by Linda,

2142694343 Called several times with automated voice, asking for someone that I do not know - Collection Agency? Spam ?

Post by Aimee,

214-269-4343 Just received a call from this number - They told me that Southwest was offering a "great deal -" I told her that my number was on the DoNotCall -gov website and asked why she was calling me - She immediately apologized and hung up -

Post by Sheila,

2142694343 I got a call from this number saying they were from Walmart in Austin and wanted to pay me for my time regarding a grand opening - I could pick between a " tablet or a trip for couples -  They said it was for couples only and asked if I was married or living with my significant other -  It was very noisy like it was coming from a call center so it was difficult to hear the foreign woman on the phone -  When I asked what this "prize" entailed she said she was going to pass me off to her manager to tell me more -  That is when I told her I was working and wasn't interested -  

Post by Karl,

214-269-4343 Take your offensive language somewhere else -  Your comment has been flagged for inappropriate language -

Post by Karl,

2142694343 Take your offensive language somewhere else -  Your comment has been flagged for inappropriate language -

Post by Guest,

214-269-4343 I keep getting calls from this number - I am on the do not call list

Post by Guest,

2142694343 This number is used for phishing scams from a call center in Chongqing, China - Do not pick up their calls as they take your phone number and use it to scam other people with it when you pick up - Was reported to Federal Trade Commission and FBI but no action is taken yet as they are in China not USA

Post by John,

214-269-4343 Caller ID said:Dallas--          When a proper name wasn't in the caller ID, I knew this wasn't legit -  I decided to play along -  A lady with very poor English said they were from "Major Airline Center" and asked my name - I said " WHO ARE YOU"  Then the lady with very poor English said "MAJOR AIRLINE CENTER" - I said "WHO ?  I've never heard of you before  I've never done business with you before - She hung up on me -   :)         These people are scum -  You just have to waste there time -    

Post by Bob C.,

2142694343 Another call from -- at : MSTMy wife answered the phone in German and They hung up- lol -Pretty sad these cretins are calling Us this late at night thoughThey need to get a realjob - -

Post by cap,

214-269-4343 The spiel: They're calling from United Airlines which is opening up a new reservation center in Denver - I've been invited to an open house and for my time I'd be compensated with two round-trip tickets anywhere in the US and a -day, -night stay valid for one year -my thought - - United's Hub is Denver - why would they open a new reservation center?I asked when this big open house was taking place and was told this Thurs Friday - I stated my family already had plans for both evenings - She questioned our weekend availability - We really are booked up with the school year coming to a close - She told me they would contact me again if anything else opened up -

Post by anon,

2142694343 same person called me but when i said take me off their list they said they would demolish my house and kill me hahahaha what a bunch of losers

Post by anonymous,

214-269-4343 Guy called my business and said he was calling for a business and for me to "show him what I got", I said excuse me, so he repeated it over and over - Then said so me your "titties" - I said my what?? So he said your "titties, you know - -BOOBIES" So I just sat there so confused, and I asked what business he said he was calling from and he said he could not tell me - Then I hung up

Post by Edward  DeLara,

2142694343 I received a phone call from They try to tell me that they were here in my town and that they were calling from a resort She was he was her name and she refused the name of your organization and I told her that this was a scam - They hung up -

Post by Shsull,

214-269-4343 I no longer answer calls from numbers that are not in my contact list - If the caller leaves a legitimate message, I may call back if it is something in which I am interested - Otherwise, I have not wasted my time - The odds are that % of the calls received are not worth answering -

Post by Carrie,

2142694343 Just received a call from the above mentioned number that it was a Walmart in Austin - I questioned why she was calling from a Dallas area code - She hung up

Post by anonymous,

214-269-4343 Just got a call from this number and I could not understand what the woman was saying - She had very thick accent - I hung up once she asked me if I was married or had a boyfriend -I figure they are scammers however I am not so stupid as to blame it on the GOP or the President - You people are quite ridiculous -

Post by bootsy,

2142694343 Got call from this number and person with east Indian accent told me I'd won a free laptop from Home Depot or a free trip - I answered in spanish that I didn't understand -  They hung up on Me lol Helps to speak some spanish and being able to mimic the accent - I called Home Depot and they said it was a scam and that they had no such offers going out - So learn a few catch phrases in Spanish like "hello: (bueno), and "I don't understand" ( no entiendo ) and They hang up Maybe they'll even put you on a do not call list Hope this helps -

Post by Guest,

214-269-4343 Multiple calls with no voice mail left - Glad to see comments here, I won't answer and will block

Post by DGHJIMKGzc/@84# .,

2142694343 RYOESGHNO

Post by Guest,

214-269-4343 it calls very early in the morning after midnight hrs, or very late at night before midnight

Post by brian,

2142694343 called and lady that really couldnot speak english SCAM

Post by Lee,

214-269-4343 When I answered they told me that they were calling from A plantation in Williamsburg, Virginia and wanted me to attend -  I would have the opportunity to receive two - - -then I stop her from talking and said a plantation -Thats great I need some slaves to take care of my yard -They hung up on me -  When I told her that -Call Type: Telemarketer

Post by Guest,

2142694343 marketing scam and they barely speak English

Post by Guest,

214-269-4343 No text, a phone call, unsolicited -

Post by Guest,

2142694343 they call and they'll either hang up or call back - -it is fraud, they have somehow been able to change our phone numbers to connect their phones to be able to fraud people out of money - -they are international calls from overseas somewhere,

Post by Lagero,

214-269-4343 Missed the call - Returned it and was immediately directed to a recorded device saying "extension is not available" - Figured it was some scam - I too am registered on the Do Not Call list -

Post by Moreno,

2142694343 Thanks to everyone who posted, I will not be returning this call -  I'm glad I missed it -  These people need to get a new hobby -Seriously, thanks everyone

Post by michel l,

214-269-4343 I meant to say that I asked if her paycheck came directly from Southwest Airlines, meaning that she has a direct employee, and that point she hung up on me -

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