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Post by Gabbi,

2142694359 They call me at all random times of the day and night - As Cate -stated above, i went on the garcinia cambogia website - If anyone figures out how to make the calls stop post it please

Post by Jas,

214-269-4359 Have gotten several calls from this number over the past few months -  I don't answer

Post by Guest,

2142694359 Won't stop calling and hanging up - Calls multiple times a day -

Post by Billy,

214-269-4359 These a s s h -ol -es call every day and say absolutely nothing - Wish I could be annoying just like them - Apparently they do not have a life -

Post by Guest,

2142694359 Constant calls from this number but no response when call is answered - I am on do not call list but it doesn't seem to matter - Tired of this - Calls at all times -

Post by et,

214-269-4359 Keep callin' every other day like crazy - - gotta check my phone account if they charge - - somebody out to sue these [***] -

Post by lea,

2142694359 please stop calling me grr - -

Post by ee,

214-269-4359 This damn number has been calling me almost every single day for almost months now - It's not just this number, it's a bunch of the numbers like ----- or ----- and it says it's from a certain city like Dallas or something - Every number the city is different on the caller ID, but it's the same people calling - Some foreigners out to scam people out of money - Sounds like they're in an overcrowded call center and mumbling - If you don't speak or don't reply with an answer to their questions, they will hang up - I never answer anymore, and if I accidentally pick up, I click end before they can say anything -I've tried to block my number from these kind of people, but they always find a way back in - So damn annoying -

Post by Guest,

2142694359 No thank you don't call my phone no mo

Post by JP,

214-269-4359 Calls every afternoon now - First call was March th, but they've become more frequent - Never any answer when I say hello -

Post by Badge714,

2142694359 You probably won't like this answer - hang up - In a perfect world, business (real, or otherwise) would not call you if you asked - In a perfect world - While we're waiting for that, remember one thing - They called you, and you don't have to talk to them - I look at the caller ID, decide if I'm going to take the call, & if it isn't someone I want to talk to - I just hang up the phone - No goodbye, no nothing - As many of these calls originate from boiler rooms in Asia, it is highly unlikely they will take the next bus to North America to fight it out with me - Rupees will not get you far by bus -

Post by kelly,

214-269-4359 The number calls at random times - Answered once and there was silence, so I hung up

Post by Dee,

2142694359 I have received calls in the last days - They hang up - I too ordered garcina in the past -

Post by D Graves,

214-269-4359 I don't want these people calling me -

Post by James,

2142694359 It is if any of the numerous OTHER posters didn't give their number -  And it is if the person has demanded the calls stop -

Post by Guest,

214-269-4359 telemarketing weight loss junk - calls at late hours -

Post by ae,

2142694359 same thing when you answer there is silence - I did not call back thank God

Post by Guest,

214-269-4359 Will not answer

Post by Lisa,

2142694359 They call me at least twice a day - Had a two second voicemail once that sounded like someone was telling in the phone - I'm sick and tired of them calling me -

Post by Fibi,

214-269-4359 Have received many calls this week from this number - No response when I snswer& when returning call a recorded message tells me this number isn't in service -

Post by Alexa awada,

2142694359 Bad news if your number is in these peoples hands -

Post by Diana,

214-269-4359 Just got a call from this number texted them back it is a landline number from texas

Post by jennifer,


Post by me,

214-269-4359 calls me periodically I never answer because I don't recognize the number - My friends in texas I have programmed in my cell phone -

Post by Nicki,

2142694359 This number has been calling me two or three times daily - Nothing happens when i answer or call back - Doesn't leave a voice mail - Frustrating

Post by James,

214-269-4359 It is if any of the numerous OTHER posters didn't give their number -  And it is if the person has demanded the calls stop -

Post by Lis sum,

2142694359 Called my number that is listed on the Texas Do Not Call List Hung up when answered - -

Post by DEngelthaler,

214-269-4359 I get phone calls from this number about - times per week, and have been for about months now - How do I block?

Post by Lisa,

2142694359 Unknown caller

Post by Stacy,

214-269-4359 This number calls at least once or twice a week -  I do not answer, and they never leave a message -  

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