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Post by WarrensHadIt,

2142891548 This a fraudulent, scam outfit that uses a variety of telephone numbers from the same area, including 303-515-4249, 303-515-4232, and 303-515-4240.  This a twist on the common reduce your credit card interest rate scam - these devils are offering a ruse to reduce your mortgage interest rate. This number is a phony, computer-generated tie-line from some foreign country with an almost incomprehensible person in a call center at the other end.  Very impressive marketing!!  They must have called my private cell number a hundred times.  I think they are an outright fraud, offering reduced mortgage interest rates, for which you have to give them all manner of personal data (including SSN), pay fees up front and then get rejected.  A ridiculous, fraudulent ruse, as a twist on the common reduce your credit card interest theme.  Beware!!!  We need to get our elected reps in DC to do something useful, as an alternative to acting like a bunch of firebreathing jerks, shutting down the Government, denying citizens choices on health insurance, passing gas and throwing spitballs at each other,and failing to do their sworn duty to submit timely budgets.  This is another example of why everyone must PLEASE write their elected reps in DC to demand strengthened DNC laws with severe dollar penalties and prison sentences, outlawing the use of computer generated numbers, tie-lines, robo-callers, VoIP, the use of any number not issued by a legitimate, licensed common carrier, outlawing any kind of solicitation call whether political, charity, surveys, telemarketing, etc., any call that is not properly identified on caller id with the real name of the caller or business, etc. Any business must be properly identified with their legal name on Caller Id, not hide behind Not Available, Private, Unavailable, etc. Do not ever give these devils credit card numbers, as you will see vastly inflated charges on your credit card, much less any kind of personal data.  We are all suffering terrorism by telephone!  We need call control, not gun control!  Please write your elected reps in DC!!!

Post by Guest,

214-289-1548 calls one ring then they hang up leave message (Hi)

Post by Guest,

2142891548 Stop calling fo

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