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Post by Office manager,

2142962578 received a call today, much like the other complaints what a rude [***] told me didn't ask me to get my boss on the phone -  Explained to the [***] that my "boss" was in a meeting and he demanding me to go in and get him as it was a legal matter - -my boss was not in a meeting I can just tell what type of call it is - -little does the [***] know we are two people in our office myself and my "boss" and not to mention my "boss" is my husband, I put him on speaker phone and enjoyed a good argument with the DUMBASS with my "boss" beside me - - - -can't wait until he calls again LOL - - - -I hope I will have the time to toy with this [***] the next time -  LMFAO

Post by Guest,

214-296-2578 Extremely rude individual - Lied to me and said he had an : appointment with the boss when I know darn well he does not and when I told him boss was not here he told me "are you sure? go check" I'm pretty sure who is and is not here considering there is only me & one other employee ever here This company should be reported to the better business bureau and shut down This is no way to do business -

Post by Guest,

2142962578 Called Private cell # to push his bill collection services - - -

Post by Random,

214-296-2578 Forgot to say he was EXTREMELY rude and aggressive

Post by Lauren,

2142962578 Called our office answered then they hung up

Post by Canada,

214-296-2578 Must be some desperate for work, they are calling Canada now -  Here's some heads up for US scum bag companies like this, I look up your numbers on google and IF your reputation sucks, like this company does, I won't be doing business with you - Actually if you call me and I don't know who  you are, I'm not doing business with you -  If you call me and you don't have a business IN Canada - guess what, I'm NOT doing business with you -Also these companies just phone old phone numbers and harass whoever answers - why would anyone pay a company for that type of service??  Geez I'll do it for whatever they charge and probably be twice as successful as I'd actually try and find the NEW phone number - - idiots -

Post by Guest,

2142962578 RUDE IS BEYOND WHAT THESE PEOPLE ARE How are they allowed to do this???? Called back - times and would not take NO for an answer - Told us he had an appointment with the owner (knew his name and company name) and insisted that the owner had made arrangements for the meeting which was a legal matter - SO NOT TRUE Even after being hung up on numerous times kept calling back Super IDIOTIC

Post by Guest,

214-296-2578 Brutally rude - Wanted to speak to our president regarding a legal matter - Hung up when I asked if there was a msg as we don't let unsolicited calls through -

Post by Guest,


Post by canada,

214-296-2578 Called my husbands business cell saying he was representing his client in an important legal matter - My husband has no issues business wise so he hung up -after reading all these posts next time we will keep him on the line so at least it costs him to call - - -;-)

Post by Linda,

2142962578 Did they want your business for them to collect bills for you?

Post by Dan,

214-296-2578 My company's general line received a call from this number today -  It was a man who said he needed to speak to the owner of my company regarding an "confidential legal matter" -  I asked for his name and company name, as if I was going to transfer the call -  He told me he's John Taylor with the Williams Company and reiterated it's a "confidential legal matter" -  What "John" didn't know is that I am the owner of my company -  My receptionist is out sick today and my admin - is on vacation, so I'm helping catch calls as they come in -  He was so rude, I didn't want to talk to him  I said the owner doesn't allow reception to give out direct contact info (which is true) and asked for his return number -  He refused and argued with me -  Eventually, when he realized I wasn't transferring the call, he hung up on me -I Googled the number on my Caller ID and found this webpage -  Called them - while recording my phone call - and a very nice man answered -  I gave him my company phone number, and he told me the name of my company -  I confirmed and asked to be removed from their calling list -  Now, I'm heading over to the FCC website to file a complaint there -  I hope everyone else will take time to do so too -  https: consumercomplaints -fcc -gov hc en-usMaybe we can all get together and file a class action suit?  I know I'm going to contact a few attorneys who specialize in this kind of stuff -  With our ability to record calls as businesses, and have hard proof in court, I smell money to be made

Post by waverly,

2142962578 Got the same Jason fellow today, had great fun with him as the first phone call no one was there and the second asking for someone who no longer works here -  Told him that he had just passed away yesterday and that he had actually died at work and that we had a grief counselor here and perhaps he could talk to him  Not a very nice guy

Post by Admin,

214-296-2578 They called the office repeatedly -  I answered and she wanted to talk to the owner -  I advised her that the owner was not in and if she would leave a message he would call back -  She refused to leave a message and would not say what it was regarding -  She then hung up on me -  I called them back -  it was answered saying that I had called NRG consulting the leader in accounts receivable management (yeah right - they don't even seem to have a real website) -  I waited and finally got to talk to a real person -  I advised them to remove our phone number from their calling list immediately -  Let's see if that works -

Post by Guest,

2142962578 Person called indicated wanted to speak to Pres of Co - about a confidential legal matter - - told us that Pres (my husband) had told him to call at : am - My husband had never heard of them - - I called them back and was given a long (very rude) explaination of what they do - - Collect outstanding accts receiveable for companies such as ours - Told him his phone staff are liars - - and that we have no accts to collect - Said he didn't believe me, and continued to argue - - I eventually hung up on him - Very rude, aggressive - Don't take their calls - -

Post by waverly,

214-296-2578 Got the same Jason fellow today, had great fun with him as the first phone call no one was there and the second asking for someone who no longer works here -  Told him that he had just passed away yesterday and that he had actually died at work and that we had a grief counselor here and perhaps he could talk to him  Not a very nice guy

Post by LMO,

2142962578 Very rude - let him call tomorrow I can show him what rude is

Post by Guest,

214-296-2578 This caller is harassing and using foul threatening language to gain you as a customer - He is staying he is a debt collector and wants to collect your companies debts - We've told him we do not want his services and now he is simply rude and foul -

Post by Tim,

2142962578 Called looking for Terry Angel of Limestone Landscaping - Told the guy no one here by that name nor is it a company and to please stop calling me - I'm assuming by the amount of calls received that its a collection agency -

Post by Guest,

214-296-2578 VERY VERY RUDE Said the President of the company (my year old father) is the only person heis authorized to talk with - "WHAT TIME IS IT THERE? GET HIM OFF THE PLANT FLOOR NOW I HAVE A : CALL WITH HIM" Told him unless he can talk with me, he is not getting through and to take us off their call list - Oh my gosh Have never been called by anyone so very pushy, hateful, and rude -

Post by Me,

2142962578 Just talked to the same extremely rude woman, same pitch, talking over me -  Said she was from Trinity Industries, important legal matter, blah, blah, blah -  Wanting me to interrupt the owner's meeting which I would never do unless he told me that he was expected a call from _____ and to interrupt -  I kept politely offering to take a message but she kept talking over me a being very pushy -  When I told her being pushy would get her no where, she told me I needed to get the owner on the phone NOW  Finally had to hang up on her -  I know the owner well enough to know he would NEVER do business with someone that rude and would not stand for anyone talking to his employees in that manner -  I have a personal "black list" of numbers, will add this one -  Next time they call I'm gonna have some fun

Post by Sarah,

214-296-2578 This number calls our HOME on a daily basis -  Sometimes hangs up and sometimes asks for the business owner -  Will not remove our number from call list -

Post by Canada,

2142962578 -- called more than once - -today he claimed as others said 'this is an important legal matter & I'm to speak to - -at this time  The caller does not listen when he's being spoken to and is quite pushy -The caller is rude, pushy and worst of all a liar in their attempts to get through to the contact name they have -I think they are trying to hire themselves out as collection agents for businesses -However, I'm not sure on that, but it's what seemed to be coming across in their bogus phone call -

Post by Stephen,

214-296-2578 Brandon called from this number and was very rude - Told me to page the Owner immediately - Brandon is rude and next time he calls I will be just as rude and give him some foul language - Act Like he is somebody - Try that crap face to face buddy - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Post by Guest,

2142962578 Rude and absolutely will not divulge why they are calling -

Post by annoyed with telemarketers,

214-296-2578 Received a call this afternoon from Chris at the Soprano Company - He wanted to know my company's owner's name as he needed to speak to him regarding an important legal matter - ??? I said if it is an important legal matter, why do you not have the name of the person you say it is regarding -  He repeated his name and company - I asked if this was a sales call, he replied no - I then told him to remove our number from his calling list and he hung up -

Post by Wow!,

2142962578 - -what a piece of work  Called today demanding to be transferred to my boss's personal line -  I stated that he does not have such - -we have an office of exactly two employees and that I would gladly take a message -  He asked for his personal phone number because he needed to reach him at :am, then he asked what time it is here - -it was :pm -  He went on his rant about important legal matter and such and every time he'd demand to be put through to his personal line, or tell (not ask) me to go get him, he'd finish with "thanks" in a totally arrogant tone -  Eventually I got him to leave a number, and when I asked his name he had already hung up -  That's ok though, i'm going to call that number every day for the rest of the month claiming that I need to speak to the owner about an important legal matter -  :)

Post by No sir!!!,

214-296-2578 Rude  Foul language  Liar  These people are running a scam and need to be stopped

Post by rural resident,

2142962578 Same here - multiple calls with no message left


214-296-2578 Received a call at my office and he asked if i was the owner and then if he could borrow , -  I said no and hung up

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