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Post by Lori M,

2143284552 Unwanted calls from them for a few weeks - They just hang up when I tell them to remove me

Post by Guest,

214-328-4552 I HAD TO BLOCK THE NUMBER - -

Post by Not Melodie,

2143284552 They keep calling asking for Melodie - I tell them they have the wrong number and they hang up, only to call again multiple times a day sometimes within just a few minutes -Been about a week of this rubbish -

Post by Kathy,

214-328-4552 Same thing I couldn't understand a word he said -heavy accent - -crazy -

Post by mary,

2143284552 now that's funny I think I'm going to do that because I also have been getting calls for the same person - I'll have my  whistle ready to blow  LoL

Post by mary,

214-328-4552 now that's funny I think I'm going to do that because I also have been getting calls for the same person - I'll have my  whistle ready to blow  LoL

Post by Natalie,

2143284552 So Ive posted already about these annoying calls - But for like almost weeks I was rid of them - It was beautiful - Spoke too soon - The [***] started up again now from a "blocked" number - I can't block a blocked number?? Grr - So - -(true story) I answered the phone when the Indian medial company called and I said "yea I have had surgery -I just recently had a thumb removed from my [***] -"  They didn't like that type of surgery so they hung up - Called min later - I said the same thing - If they won't stop calling me I need to have some sort of amusement with it - Good luck everyone

Post by Guest,

214-328-4552 keeps calling me asking me about a surgery I've had -

Post by Guest,

2143284552 unsolicited -

Post by just the facts,

214-328-4552 foreign accent with sounds of call center in background, bad connection too -  He knew my name and said he was from the "medical compensation department" -I was going to play along and see how long I could keep him on hold but he asked a question and apparently could not hear my response--he said hello a couple times then hung up -

Post by Mimi,

2143284552 I get the same calls just about every day from some "medical" company - person has an india accent, told him not to call here again, not giving any info out - said the reason they keep calling is I haven't given them the info they need -

Post by Guest,

214-328-4552 asked him not to call and he said he would call back a thousand times if he wanted to - Still called back several times but left no message - He spoke with a foreign accent -

Post by Bob,

2143284552 I never answer any call that does not have a proper caller ID - When I called this number back, the call is not completed as the phone company message says that this is not a valid phone number, it is not listed - The number has been high jacked -

Post by Jenn,

214-328-4552 I just reported them to the FTC and also my states attorney general office -   Call the FTC and file a formal complaint and if they get enough they will investigate these jerks -  FTC # is -- (option for English, then option -)  Hold time is QUICK and they will ask a few questions and for the numbers calling -  If you can write down all the numbers they are using, give this to the FTC -  They will give you a report number and everytime you get a call, call them again and use that report number to add to your complaint -

Post by max wild,

2143284552 Today i got the call from - - -  WHT   I also got the call from    ""   - -  then sometimes - --  or --, , --  or whatever -  these two criminals (at least I knew they are two) one with very Indian accent guy who is forceful and threatens for whatever the issues are - sometimes, medical issues and other time is auto registration issue - another one is female who has a Spanish accent calling for the same ind of stupid but forceful phone calls -  I think they are using like google voice or others to be a virtual phone numbers to calling people -  I don't know how they obtained the phone number list, but they seems busy calling everyday - times -  I agree with using the whistle to bow hard as we can when they call again -   We all should do that to tell these : we know what you did - -

Post by Guest,

214-328-4552 I think I answered this one once and was a foreign accent; calls after work Asked me something about surgeries and I haven't had any so don't know what he wants I told him to take me off the list as I am on the Do not call list - Well, hasn't stopped and I am fed up with this -

Post by dlr,

2143284552 Have received many calls from this number also - -man speaking with a strong foreign accent, could not hardly understand him - I told him that I was on a do not call list and as the above comment, ignored the statement completely - Told him not to call me anymore but that does not seem to matter to whomever this is -  calls received from this number as of --, -

Post by Guest,

214-328-4552 Calling me from all differnt numbers

Post by Guest,

2143284552 cops called

Post by Scam Buster,

214-328-4552 Reporting this number to the FTC or your local Police department is useless - The only people that can stop this is your local phone company - Unfortunately, they do not care about stopping these calls - Call your local Representatives and Senators in order to get legislation that would force the phone company(s) to block these calls - The local phone company(s) have the technology to stop these calls - If you doubt this, imagine how fast they would act if this was a threat to the President or national security -You might even try forwarding these calls to their offices so they get how frustrated people are about this problem -

Post by Guest,

2143284552 hangups

Post by Guest,

214-328-4552 REPORT EACH CALL TO: www -fcc -gov guides unwanted-telephone-marketing-calls - -also can call Texas states atty office to report this number -

Post by Guest,

2143284552 Keeps calling and harassing re medical compensation Refuses to stop

Post by amy schechter,

214-328-4552 I want to be removed from this caller - I involved my police Dept -

Post by Victoria Burchfield,

2143284552 -- every time they call it is from a different number - I just cuss them out and hang up now - Its sort of gratifying actually -

Post by Guest,

214-328-4552 Left no message, called right back got not a working number message -

Post by Guest,

2143284552 Calling to ask questions about mesh implants - Claims to be from a company called Medical Compensation of Virginia - no website exists for this company - Also gives caller a number with a New Jersey area code - Pt has contacted compliance hotline to find out how this individual got records about prior surgeries -

Post by Guest,

214-328-4552 Answered once, man had foreign accent - Began asking me about female surgeries - Also asked about my pregnancy ~~ I am not pregnant Don't answer anymore, but it's annoying -

Post by Jenn,

2143284552 These [***] are driving me nuts - They call from numerous numbers all over the USA, and everyday at different times -  When I tell them they have the wrong number they refuse to listen and get rude -  Sometimes I just hang up they call back and are RUTHLESS -  I have been getting these calls since late November, and block every number that calls yet they keep calling from new numbers and blocked numbers -  HOW DO WE STOP THEM -  This is ridiculous - These harassing unsolicited calls should be ILLEGAL

Post by k,

214-328-4552 Keep getting these annoying calls

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