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Post by Guest,

2143965544 Home security system Co - Wish they would stop calling -

Post by D,

214-396-5544 I chose to speak with a representative, and as soon as they came on, I asked how I was placed on this calling list - They immediately hung up - - Don't even bother with this number -

Post by Guest,

2143965544 promotion

Post by Guest,

214-396-5544 Illegal robotic telemarketing

Post by Aqua,

2143965544 Computer message offering security system in my house if I let them put a sign in my yard -  Put them on hold -

Post by Guest,

214-396-5544 We get calls from this number at least times a week - We were told it was Nationwide Alarm, which I googled - We got a number for them --, and called - Talked with Helena Wilson, she of course knows nothing about any calls being made to numbers that are on the do not call list - -I think we all need to file a class action suite against this company, that will stop the calls - Call the number I posted above and complain, maybe we can get the word out and stop this

Post by Guest,

2143965544 some kind of promotion

Post by Guest,

214-396-5544 SPAM-Most people are saying this is the FBI security (or security system) scam - Or they have a credit card recording - Or drug rehab recording - ughhh spam

Post by Donna,

2143965544 Got an "unregistered" call from -- on my cell phone - I NEVER give out my cell #, primarily because I don't want telemarketing calls & also because I use it mainly for emergencies and don't keep it on - How did they get my cell #? Is it a robo call that just calls random numbers?

Post by Yellowcar,

214-396-5544 I missed a call from this number -  Thanks for the warning

Post by Fed Up,

2143965544 Another one  No message -  Locator ID:  IGLD  ??I will use the salutations mentioned above -  Hope it stops them -

Post by Guest,

214-396-5544 Don't want calls from this number

Post by Bo,

2143965544 Called, hung up distraction while I was on other phone on high level medical conversation

Post by Dawn,

214-396-5544 yeah - I get these calls also - I answered a cruise survey on my cell a year ago and the result was about telemarketers scammers calling me - I add them to my contacts under "dumb*sses -" with NO ringtones - The Do Not Call list is a joke - The government could help with these scams, but they are too busy  scamming the American people right now so i guess we're on our own with this type of fraud -

Post by Al,

2143965544 This number keeps contacting me - Its a scam -

Post by Guest,

214-396-5544 Spam, Telemarketer- Home Security

Post by Matt,

2143965544 Called and didn't leave a message - Just added to the Anonymous Scam Contact

Post by Guest,

214-396-5544 Robo call for home security system

Post by Guest,

2143965544 Annoying - - -

Post by WasteOfTime,

214-396-5544 Canned spam message about if me or loved ones have a drug or drink problem -

Post by Denise,

2143965544 I answered, and it was a recorded woman's voice that said, "Do you know someone with a drug addiction" and blah blah - Press to speak to a representative or to be removed from our list - That's always a scam to actually confirm a number as being legitimate, so I hung up -

Post by Kerrie,

214-396-5544 National alarm company of some sort - I have asked seven times to be on the do not call list - They called twice today - I asked to talk to a manager the person said okay then hung up on me - Will be reporting to FCC it's getting very annoying

Post by LWP,

2143965544 calls all hours of the day some type of security company - -I keep selecting to be removed from the call list - -they call right back - -been going on for weeks and is driving me nuts -  They've called from several different #s from Dallas, Texas-- times today

Post by Ted,

214-396-5544 They do a good job of switching their plan of attack - Just got a message stating I could lower my student interest - Same old press to be removed scam -They're getting more clever - Used a male voice that threw in some "um"s and "uh"s this time to make it seem like less of a robot -

Post by Guest,

2143965544 no calls accepted

Post by Guest,

214-396-5544 This number wants me to sign up for my drug or alcohol addiction - This is the th number owned by peerless to call me - They try home alarms etc - I'm ready to sue too

Post by Donato,

2143965544 How can they call me?? I live in in France -

Post by Bryan,

214-396-5544 They called my office at work - I informed them that they were probably committing fraud - They hung up - I then alerted my workplace's telecomm department (we're that big--AND we're a state agency in the same state as the phone number in question) and gave them all the details - The telecomm office is going to handle it - I hope that, at the very least, someone ends up getting a letter from a prosecutor that produces a brown trouser effect -

Post by NYS DOCCS,

2143965544 They call our company constantly every day for hours - I wished this company stop calling here -

Post by Guest,

214-396-5544 Calls and hangs up when someone answers - Several times a day -

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