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Post by P. Schwinn,

2144405555 ALB Insurance on caller ID. If it was a legitimate business, they would leave a message. Crooks now think business owners are as stupid as they are and will answer their stupid call. And the greedy phone cos are happy to allow these scammers to open accts. Stupidity now the badge of honor these days. Panasonic Call Block on full alert and stupid, worthless # blocked so the dimwits, nitwits, morons, stupids, nincompoops can keep calling and their call will be disconnected after the 1st ring.

Post by Insurance Agent,

214-440-5555 Robocall recorded message from insurance brokerage -- the message started with "Attention Annuity Producers," and I hung up -  I've received three calls from this number since June -

Post by Chuck,

2144405555 Got a call today they left no message

Post by Guest,

214-440-5555 Apparent unsolicited telemarketer

Post by Business,

2144405555 They called our office phone times back-to-back -  As soon as the voice mail would kick in, they hung up and immediately called back -  They have not left a message -

Post by Suzanne,

214-440-5555 Got a call from this number - Did not answer - Left no message -

Post by Guest,

2144405555 crap call - marketing junk

Post by Guest,

214-440-5555 Robo call Solicitation

Post by Guest,

2144405555 Crap

Post by DC,

214-440-5555 called my office -  no message

Post by Martin,

2144405555 Received call from () - and () - both listed on caller ID as ALB Insurance -I have already placed my number on the Do Not Call Registry and I am still bombarded with theseso call robo calls -

Post by Ken,

214-440-5555 This number belongs to ALB Insurance (www -albinsurance -com) - I called the number on the website, and spoke with Aaron - I informed him that I did not want to receive any more of their unsolicited calls - He apologized, said he was not aware they were running a marketing campaign, and promised to remove my number -

Post by Guest,

2144405555 Solicitation - No human answer on call back -

Post by Guest,

214-440-5555 Insurance (final expense) lead company

Post by GV,

2144405555 Called back the # and got a recorded message saying to leave my contact info and let them know the territory I would like to work, which leads me to believe this is a "cattle call" recruiting effort

Post by Tom,

214-440-5555 Got a robo-call looking for final expense producers with excellent results -  From all the messages I will assume this is a call center company that is hired by other companies looking for brokers, agents, producers in the insurance mortgage industries -  Could work but I think I would prefer to work for a company that recruits in a more professional method -

Post by Tom,

2144405555 Had or calls on caller ID, called number back and got recording asking to leave my name, number and territory I want to work in -

Post by Anne-Marie,

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