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Post by Guest,

2144477104 did not answer

Post by Guest,

214-447-7104 Called my cell phone every morning for over a week, never leaving a message - I do not know anyone in Dallas - Eventually I just blocked their number -

Post by Guest,

2144477104 keep calling us and when i call back its a busy signal claming they are from a law office?? FAKE

Post by Guest,

214-447-7104 I got calls from this number several times - Finally, I answered and the person did not even pronounce my name correctly - I then asked what about and he hung up - This is a scam or what - Why can't the proper authority do something about this line? Which telephone company is handling this line? Do something please

Post by Guest,

2144477104 I have been receiving calls from this number for a few days, finally decided to answer and like "LCK", I was told exactly the same thing - When I requested my number be removed from their calling list, he insisted I had entered a PCH sweepstakes (which I had not) and that I had won some money; I repeated my demand to have my number removed; he became very rude, so I hung up; he called back; was very rude again, so I hung up on him and will put this number in my phone's "reject call" list - Hopefully I won't get anymore of these scam calls I also am reporting to BBB and Publisher's Clearing House -

Post by Beverly Reed,

214-447-7104 Person continues to call me ( times per day - days), but does not leave a message -  I answered the call this morning -  They did not speak when I said hello, so I hung the phone up - - they immediately called back so I let it got to voice mail - - they did not leave a message again

Post by Guest,

2144477104 Have been calling me for weeks now and I finally picked up today - The person asked for me by name and I responded "speaking" - The person said she was calling from the Law Office of - - (then hung up and didn't call back) - Sounds like they just wanted to verify my name phone number and just hung up - Hope it's not some identify fraud scheme -

Post by Guest,

214-447-7104 yup, same thing here, I won a lot of money, verified my name which they had already as well the city I live in - Then call dropped, I tried calling back and number consistently busy - This is a scam, on guard

Post by Guest,

2144477104 Called to say I won , - Asked if I was excited - When I said is this a scam? He hung up Had name, complete addy and phone # - My hubby is a former teleco exec and is contacting the cpany who is providing the service -

Post by Guest,

214-447-7104 This number called my mother claiming to be a law firm representing Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes - They told her she had won , - Call dropped - They did not call back, when we try the number we get a busy signal -

Post by JERRY,


Post by Guest,

214-447-7104 Same thing - - -called two days in a row - -told them not to call me ever again - -this is a scam

Post by Guest,

2144477104 Several calls, when they finally reached me, girl with accent saying I won money -

Post by Guest,

214-447-7104 Called me saying he was from Fisher Bell & that I won k from Consumers - -said they would be at my house Friday between -am - informed me I would first be contacted by an attorney to go over details & legalities - Contacted PCH immediately following the phone call - They said that even though they never asked me for money that it was a scam & took down the number -

Post by H. Roberts,

2144477104 Typical phone scammer - Calls about the same time every day - Answered once, said they were from a law firm in Texas, but didn't name the "law firm" - The caller is a man; his accent is "off-shore -" There is a lot of background noise as if in a tele-marketing "call center" typical of "customer service" that is out-sourced to somewhere like India or Phillipines -

Post by Guest,

214-447-7104 I had a minute call from this number today - It was ostensibly from the firm of Fisher, Bell & Associates in Dallas, TX - That firm isn't listed in any search or on LinkedIn - It was supposedly to inform me that I'd won a sweepstakes prize of , - James Shin, an intern, was calling me and attorney Bell was to call me back for confirmation - They said the call was recorded - I didn't give them significant information and told him I wouldn't answer any financial questions - When I did the reverse phone look up after checking my phone log I found the line belongs to Taylor Communications Company and it's a land line - Beware -

Post by Guest,

2144477104 I've gotten at least four calls in two days from this number - I never anseer and they never leave a message - I'm waiting for technology to advance to the point where I can telephonically punch them in the head

Post by Guest,

214-447-7104 Same as all the others - He said his name was Nick stevens from Fisher Bell and Associates and I had won , - when he asked if i was married and i said yes, he said he would have to talk to my wife as well and i told him she wasn't available - he said he would call back - he had a creepy foreign accent (not "peggy") -

Post by Guest,

2144477104 Complete scam -

Post by Elizabeth Arnold,

214-447-7104 I recieved  several phone calls on my cell while I was on vacation from a man and women reading a script, saying they were calling from an atorneys office in Texas and wanted to let me know I won , - and when would be a convenient time to schedule a time to come to my home to present me with the money -  I told them I wasn't home and I never heard from them again - ( My son was home and nothing was stolen from my home while I was on vacation) - Still not happy that these people have my cell number and probably my address) -

Post by Guest,

2144477104 Many calls over several days from this caller - Sometimes there is no one there when I answer -

Post by Guest,

214-447-7104 I received a call from this number twice in two days, did not answer - They left no message -

Post by Guest,

2144477104 Received call from this number as well - And again as has been stated, person says you have won in a sweepstakes, , - and wanted to verify address -I asked them to give me the one they showed and it was not correct -The call dropped and no return call came but tried to call this number back and kept getting the busy signal;BEWARE -DON'T PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION AND MAKE SURE TO REPORT THIS PHONE NUMBER -

Post by Judy,

214-447-7104 I got this same call this morning - Same script as reported by others stating I won second place prize of , - Wanted to speak to my husband as well -  While listening to him, I quickly googled his number and saw all the comments - I told him so and he quickly hung up - BTW, the first call with him was disconnected somehow and when he called me back the number showed as -- - He said his name was David Blake - The first time the caller-id showed his number as -- and said he was calling from Trenton, NJ -  I posted this same comment under both numbers - It may help someone -

Post by Guest,

2144477104 At : AM today I received the same call as the others below purportly from Fisher, Bell & Associates, Atty's at Law, claiming that I had won , as the nd place winner in the PCH sweepstakes from an entry I made year ago - I didn't believe it for one minute, but played along to see where they went with this - They said that my check would be delivered this Tuesday between - and that I would need to produce proper ID - I was asked not to hang up and was put on hold while they played some very pleasant music - The call then disconnected after about seconds - Quite frankly, this sounded more like someone trying to confirm information either for a collections atty or for some planned scam -

Post by Clermont Ohio,

214-447-7104 I received calls from a [***] that said he was with the Publishers Clearing House - That was my first clue -  The second clue was the next calls with no messages - Can you say SCAM -

Post by Guest,

2144477104 Caller indicated he was with a law firm representing Publisher's Clearing House and that I needed to sit down because I had just won , - He said I should have received a letter notifying me of the win - I told him I received no such letter - When he saw the lack of excitement in my voice, he told me to get a pen and paper to take down some info - I told him I would do so - -at that point the call dropped - I have blocked the number on my Iphone - We will see how it works - He did have my name, address and (obviously) my phone number - Mostly a nuisance - -I had an earlier call the same day and no one spoke -

Post by Guest,

214-447-7104 I received a call this morning claiming the same thing that I had won a sweepstakes of , - I didn't give them much info and didn't believe them for a moment - I started to talk to Attorney Bell from Fisher, Bell & Associates but got cut off in the middle - They said that my check would be delivered this Friday between - and I still don't believe it - When they call you there is no name of Fisher Bell on the ID - It sounds like a true scam which I cannot understand how they got my number - They sway it's from a sweepstakes I entered from PCH so don't believe them and hang up quickly -

Post by JR,

2144477104 I also won , and the courier would be delivering my check in days - I kept this guy on the line for a good mins playing along with this scam - I was to wire via Western Union to a Loradel Estibilloin Manila, Philippines - When asked about "Why the Philippines?" He stated that this was an international contest that I won and there were several countries involved in the prize distribution and this was a partial payment of the taxes that I wound owe but that his lawyers firm would help to defray the major cost of the IRS taxes that I owed - He was even kind enough to  provide me with the closest Western Union offices to my home - He warned me "not to discuss this with my friends and family" as to "protect my identity" and to keep family or friends from possibly stealing my money - I was also warned about the nosy and inquisitiveWestern Union people and was told that I should tell them that Loradel was my cousin - I left him hanging of course and never answered the multiple return phone calls that he made - At least I had a few laughs at his expense - Sorry sucker, can play at this game

Post by Dallas Texas,

214-447-7104 I got a call from -- this morning, Sepember , from so-in-so from such-and-such law firm - He said he was sure I knew why he was calling or that I was expecting his call -  He repeated my name and my home address to me and obviously had my cell phone number -  He asked me if I remembered entering a sweepstakes contest but didn't name the sweepstakes -  When I said no, he asked me if I had been checking my email and snail mail -  His tone was almost accusatory -  I told him I had no such notifications in my email or snail mail -  He said that was okay because I had been selected to win second place or prize of , -  I said okay -  Then he said how do you feel? and the call dropped or we were disconnected or he hung up -  Of course, when I tried to call back, the line is perpetually busy -

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