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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 214-490-6188

  • Report all suspicious calls and scam phone numbers found in Ads, Calls, Texts & Websites
  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
  • Use Facebook To Look Up An Unknown Caller

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Post by maria,

2144906188 called and did not leave a message

Post by Don Wittmer,

214-490-6188 Same old [***] -  One call hoping that you will call back -

Post by Dianne Rhodenbaugh,

2144906188 I got a call from this number -- and didn't answer it -

Post by Steve,

214-490-6188 The do not call registry only applies to legal companies -  Scammers don't check because they don't care -

Post by Guest,

2144906188 Calls lets it ring about twice and hangs up - I never answer - I am on the DNC list

Post by Steve,

214-490-6188 The do not call registry only applies to legal companies -  Scammers don't check because they don't care -

Post by Guest,

2144906188 spam

Post by Wayne Floyd,

214-490-6188 This # keeps calling my home, please stop it -

Post by no one,

2144906188 They do leave VM - I got a rant from a spam call about not having VM on the phone - I told TMO to remove VM, but apparently someone can still leave a message - I can find in on TMO web site - Guess someone was annoyed since I didn't answer - Good -

Post by Missy,

214-490-6188 Recd a callI said Hello and they didn't answer so I hung up

Post by Barb,

2144906188 Yeah - -I don't get why people answer or call these numbers back - Just looking for trouble -

Post by Howard,

214-490-6188 I received a call from Susan at : AM saying she represented a consumer help group, and to press if you wanted some assistance -  I hung up -  I do not know of any legitimate, consumer group that will call offering you help -now that I read the other posts I can see it was nothing but a scam

Post by Andrew Flategraff,

2144906188 DNC list is a [***] joke I've re listed my number on the DNC and still am receiving cold calls from unsolicited [***] unknown un call back [***] companies from around the United States

Post by Guest,

214-490-6188 Have called me multiple times - I am on the national do not call list - why or how can they keep calling me>

Post by Puck,

2144906188 got a call- lower you interest rate etc etc same crap - I push one - - as if interested asked where he wascalling from got some foreign speaking idiot I could not understand a word he said

Post by Sub,

214-490-6188 Called -  Answered -  Gave the obligatory seconds, silence, hung up -

Post by DLB,

2144906188 Same thing just happened to me

Post by billy h,

214-490-6188 call nearly every day - i do not pick up, message machine picks up but caller has hung up - i don't know a soul in texas

Post by anymouse in nebraska,

2144906188 [Quote] what a bunch of worthless posts these are -  < -> - - - -DUH - -that's their business < -> I could care less that a bunch of you got calls from them -  I got one to -< -> [ quote]>>> You just became the very thing that you are ranting about - - [B] DUH [ B]Called my cell three times, never left a message, only the number showed up, name was blocked by sender -

Post by Erick-IL,

214-490-6188 i had this number call me on Friday Feb the th - didnt leave a message - caller ID said Texas -

Post by Guest,

2144906188 My number is on the no call list & I refuse to give it to any company but yet I keep getting junk calls like this - Why is no one enforcing the no call list?

Post by Anon,

214-490-6188 Another new scammer calling me - Why is that some of us get these calls everyday and others are never bothered? I never give out numbers or fill things in - Someone is selling our numbers for profit - SO sick of it - Another one to block -

Post by maxxma,

2144906188 No message, of course -  Just jerks - -

Post by Guest,

214-490-6188 Number unknown & calls and hangs up - No messages

Post by Tired of Scams,

2144906188 These people are LITERALLY trying to scam POOR people who are already in debt by trying to obtain their personal information and credit card numbers -   They are the SCUM OF THE EARTH

Post by Wayne Floyd,

214-490-6188 Stop this company from calling my home -

Post by Guest,

2144906188 Calls during school and calls me every day always durning school hours

Post by Jim Bridewell,

214-490-6188 Got a call from -- and when i answered they hung up -

Post by Lindy,

2144906188 If you're on the NO  CALL LIST, it's up to you to report yht calls to the FCC, and they will fine the company and give the money to the consumer (you) - I know, because I've done it three times -

Post by Guest,

214-490-6188 hangs up before you can even answer it - Stop this insanity please

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