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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 214-646-1283

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Post by April,

2146461283 Calling since yesterday, three times already -  Never leave a message -

Post by Guest,

214-646-1283 automated call

Post by Guest,

2146461283 What a nuisance - Two calls today, no message left - I called it back and got a recording that said the number is not assigned yet -

Post by CWG40,

214-646-1283 Call blocker is your best bet -

Post by What's up with the calls!,

2146461283 I have been receiving numerous calls from this number today - Once I've googled it, I am glad I have not answered -  I'm not sure what they're selling or doing, I do not care and feel harassed with the calls -

Post by Starr Letner,

214-646-1283 Calling me nonstop all day long Never leaves a message

Post by Leslie,

2146461283 hey he been calling me for days on my cell, but never leave a message - I called them back, and it's picked up by an automated Indian woman for "Academic Advisors" - I unsubscribed as well, so we'll see if it works -

Post by may,

214-646-1283 They have been calling nonstop - since yesterday til now - every minutes right after they call - I don't answer -

Post by erica,

2146461283 Report them here:https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov #&panel-https: esupport -fcc -gov ccmsforms form -actionhttps: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx?panelwww -consumerfinance -gov complaint You also might want to consider buying a call blocker, either device or phone -www -amazon -com s refnb_sb_noss?urlsearch-alias%Daps&field-keywordscall+blockers

Post by CWG40,

214-646-1283 Nobody at this site is calling you -  You have to protect yourself -  Invest in a good call blocker -

Post by Lisa,

2146461283 Stupid calls with no message and they won't stop

Post by Ashley,

214-646-1283 They have called me times in hours - - this is harrassment it needs to stop now -

Post by may,

2146461283 I took your advice added the app, now to see if they stop calling - calling right now while i'm writing to you

Post by John Kovalcik,

214-646-1283 getting - calls a day from this number - -have never answered the call - - -annoying

Post by Guest,

2146461283 I

Post by Guest,

214-646-1283 I dont know who they are but they have called startin at , am and called times by am on a SUNDAY morning -

Post by Guest,

2146461283 Sales

Post by Guest,

214-646-1283 academic advisors I told them I wasn't interested and they continued to call

Post by kj,

2146461283 I too received two calls from this number and no message was left -  Worried that it's some type of scam

Post by Rich,

214-646-1283 File a charge through the fcc -gov - I just did - I hope it works -

Post by Yvonne,

2146461283 Make the calls stop

Post by CWG40,

214-646-1283 Nobody at this site is calling you -  You have to protect yourself -  Invest in a good call blocker -

Post by Guest,

2146461283 These people from ''Academic Advisors'' called me times in one day I never heard of these people nor do I care to know them - Apparently, they found my job resume online decided to harass me - I never sent my resume to them - Fortunately, I was away for the first calls I missed - The first call was at :am, the second at :am, the third minutes later at :am and the th was at : - Then I blocked their number from my phone permanently -

Post by Guest,

214-646-1283 Hang up call - Very MAD

Post by Joe Blow,

2146461283 They called me times today alone I have blocked their calls but they still end up on my caller list - Good thing I live in Texas because I might be driving to Dallas to find these idiots - Where there's a company, there is a paper trail to somebody -

Post by Oleg,

214-646-1283 Academic Advisers - They want to talk about school -  When I asked how they got my number they interrupted and hung up -

Post by Kim,

2146461283 I have received calls from that number today and it's not even four in the afternoon - I don't plan on answering the calls either - I don't answer calls I don't know - Who are these people anyway - Am receiving a call right now from them

Post by Annoyed,

214-646-1283 Almost answered because it was local area code - But I do not answer calls I do not know are coming and immediately googled the number and saw that many other comments were made about this same number I saw some comments regarding that this number called multiple times so I didn't block yet -  Mainly just to see if they would leave a messageThey have now proceeded to call me times today almost once an hour - And not a single voicemail  They are getting blocked and I hope this post helps others to just block the call the first time they call

Post by ashley,

2146461283 They didnt l eave message

Post by Phil,

214-646-1283 Got calls to my cell -  Answered the th one -  The woman said she was calling from "Academic Advisors" and said this questionaire would only take minute -  I asked her "why are you calling me?"  Who told you I wanted to go back to school?She immediately hung up -

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