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Post by Betty,

2148389953 I received a stifled-sounding recording of a woman's voice saying "Your account has been blocked - You are connected to the -hour service to your account -" Please press one to accept…two to decline…  and since I pressed zero the call was disconnected automatically -

Post by s Brown,

214-838-9953 Caller ask me if I knew a certain person called the number back and could not get through

Post by Chell,

2148389953 Did anything ever come of it? Just the past couple of days I've been getting calls and then yesterday get a call and a voicemail and the man says his name is James Cameron private investigator in Austin Texas - They've been real rude in the voicemails because I don't answer the calls -

Post by SUNNY,


Post by Guest,

2148389953 prank caller - - man on the line saying he was from a pizza company and need my address to deliver pizza to

Post by Jessica,

214-838-9953 () -TX, USA - called me tonight at :am and all I heard when I answered was this automated message - The message was something about an account of mine had been closed and asked me to dial one to access this " hr banking system" - -wtf

Post by Bronco john,

2148389953 I received a call from () - and they are now saying that they are representatives for HP Windows and my computer is sending them error messages - They want my computer info so they can fix the problem - This was just the last days - The first day I told the "foreign" man not to call here anymore and hung up - Today I told the "foreign" girl not to call here anymore and if she does I will call the police and the States Attorney General - She said "So what are you going to do then?" I said that I would have her azz thrown in jail - She hung up -

Post by Guest,

214-838-9953 hostile threatening caller - possible fraud company

Post by Guest,

2148389953 I received two calls which hung up from this number - It came to my phone as a Zillow lead, - -and as you all know, -upon calling it back it is a non-working number -

Post by ronda,

214-838-9953 I received a call from this number saying that she was a process server from my state and that I had hour to contact --- to make arrangements for a payday loan that I did not pay or that I will be served with a summons and be taken to court within hours - I called the attorney general in Buffalo NY where supposably this company ACS litigation department that individual at -- is connected with - Attorney general took all information from me - When you look them up Ripoff report they have over complaints and its adding up of people reporting this as a scam - You need to serve people with papers and show proof of debt and that they owe this money according to the Debt Collection law - I will down load all I can regarding this company and all their connections with this process server they hired and have it ready for my attorney and the court of law - Also the attorney general from my state will hear of his scam

Post by Guest,

2148389953 An auto-dialer contact my number () - and then it hung right up - Phone company needs to shut the number down -

Post by Francis,

214-838-9953 I got a call from -- -  They start off by saying, "Am I going to pay this loan, or do I want to go to court?"  They tell me to call --, and talk to "Lilly Grace", Ext - -  I'm not going to call -  I've received calls from folks like this before -  It's a SCAM

Post by 2148389953,

2148389953 I received a call from this number - Of course, I did not recognize the telephone number - All I knew is that is the area code for Dallas, Texas - Whoever this number belongs to did not leave a message - I called my voice mail about five minutes after receiving this call, and confirmed the fact that no message was left - Five minutes after that, I got a call and the caller ID displayed Unknown - I NEVER ANSWER ANY UNKNOWN, BLOCKED, PRIVATE, RESTRICTED, etc calls - I called voice mail again, and again I confirmed no message was left - I suspect the same person machine made both calls - Good luck to whomever -

Post by Rick,

214-838-9953 Almost everyday this number calls -- -  I would like to have the number removed or put on the do not call list -

Post by Guest,

2148389953 Keeps calling leaving no message -

Post by Ned,

214-838-9953 Did you hear from anyone today?  I got the same call -  I defaulted on a payday loan, they said I had three charges against me, and that the police would be coming to pick me up -  I called my attorney, and he stated that you can not go to jail, you would be served first then have to go to court, but he stated he believes this is a scare tactic -

Post by DAA,

2148389953 Dis not answer, no message -

Post by P,

214-838-9953 Got a call from Texas, USA stating my debit card has been locked for security reason and to unlock it press now - It is an automated male voice -

Post by L in Dallas,

2148389953 I just got a call from this number and they wanted to know what Political party I supported - Then after I answered they asked if I would like to make a donation - Ha not over the phone -

Post by Ned,

214-838-9953 Did you hear from anyone today?  I got the same call -  I defaulted on a payday loan, they said I had three charges against me, and that the police would be coming to pick me up -  I called my attorney, and he stated that you can not go to jail, you would be served first then have to go to court, but he stated he believes this is a scare tactic -

Post by Guest,

2148389953 Citizens campaign fund

Post by Guest,

214-838-9953 Yes told me the samething that i owe money

Post by Guest,

2148389953 this number called my work asking for employment verification for so and so - I told her this is her can I ask who is calling - she said ok, that's all I needed to know and hung up??? my guess a bill collector - although I have recently been a victim of identity theft - somone filed their taxes with my social security number -

Post by Jessie,

214-838-9953 same as all of you  I want these harrassing phone calls stopped #-- #--

Post by Guest,

2148389953 called at : a -m - & left no message

Post by Jordan,

214-838-9953 I have received numerous of calls from these people - First they claimed they were Capital Solutions, then it was Capital Litigation - I do not understand what is going on and why they are calling me - I did talk to to three people - One man called my job and stated they were had a warrant out for my arrest, and that he wanted to arrest me - Second number was when I called them back and talked to some guy, who had all my information, which pissed me off even more - Then finally when I didn't pay the debt there was a lady who called me twice and I told her that I was not paying anymore until I see documentations - First off she had an attitude, then said  " yep ok" - Like what the hell if you was trying to get moeny out of me WRONG WAY TO DO IT

Post by *The lady in Pink*,

2148389953 Just recieved a call from -- - A message was left, by a compant called Goose Head Insurance, for auto policies - Hope this helps -

Post by #9,

214-838-9953 called my cell - left no mess - they had blocked caller ID and just the ph# showed up - I do not ans calls with blocked IDs or #s I do not know

Post by Guest,

2148389953 Claiming to be from Microsoft informing me that my computer was infected with a virus and they wanted to remotely connect to my computer to fix the virus - Told them there was no way that they would be accessing my computer or anything else -

Post by tina,

214-838-9953 These people are a scam - - - Calling in reference to payday loans, etc - They dont have anything out on you - This is a SCARE tatic to try and get u to pay the creditor Answet and tell them that u have a lawyer looking at ur case and they will leave you alone - They cant process anyone for payday loans

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