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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 214-907-2653

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Post by Myranda,

2149072653 Just got a call - Hung up after I said hello about the th time - -

Post by Anon,

214-907-2653 Got missed call,  no vm, today -

Post by Kim,

2149072653 They just called Texas at pm and it's either busy on call back or the verizon # u called  is no longer in service - - Some robo dialer is jacked

Post by Kim,

214-907-2653 They just called Texas at pm and it's either busy on call back or the verizon # u called  is no longer in service - - Some robo dialer is jacked

Post by Guest,

2149072653 Starting again to stalk and harass -,

Post by Cindy,

214-907-2653 Did not answer but I did not recognize the number - No voice mail left -

Post by Cathy C,

2149072653 The very same thing happened just now to us -  We thought it was someone calling to harass us about how rotten OU was doing - so I called it back several times, but it always rang once and then went in to the beep-beep-beep that means "overload" (too many calls coming in :()

Post by brownbear123,

214-907-2653 Keep answering and trying to call back -  Thats what they want--THEY FOUND A SUCKER -  Let it go to voice mail--no message-no emergency -  The more you answer, the computer that called you records how many calls you answered and will continue to call because it verified a working phone number -  Blocking does not do anything as they have hundreds of thousands of numbers that they keep changing - N E V E R    C A L L   B A C K -  This tells the computer that you TRIED to call back and you are interested in getting scammed and losing your bank account -  You did not win a free cruise if you did not enter,  sweepstakes are free and require no payment for taxes, etc -

Post by Thats,

2149072653 Horse manure -  Your tinfoil hats too tight

Post by barbara,

214-907-2653 Verizon scam want your credit card number

Post by kyle,

2149072653 I let it go to vm but no message left -

Post by dww,

214-907-2653 just got call - answered but no one spoke and was then disconnected -

Post by Travis Cty,

2149072653 Same thing - - same number, no message - recv'd  fast rapid beeps upon returning the call - -

Post by kaye,

214-907-2653 They hung up as soon as I said "hello"

Post by Natsasha,

2149072653 hung up after hello tried to call back got a busy signal

Post by D,

214-907-2653 Called my cell phone and was an automated machine talking saying they are from the US Department of Education - Tried to call back, no answer

Post by brownbear123,

2149072653 Do you know who called????  NEVER ANSWER IF YOU DON'T PERSONALLY KNOW THE CALLER -  First-answering the phione tells the robo call computer that it just called a working phone number-and if you try to call an outbound call center-meaning that only calls from this center can call you-the computer again records your phone number as a "sucker" that is interested -  They count on people wanting to know who and why they got a call - You just set yourself up for a lot of robo calls -  Thats what voice mail is for -  If there is no message that is also one of their tricks-they wnt you to TRY to call back -  WATCH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AND CREDIT CARDS -

Post by Guest,

214-907-2653 Royal Bahamas Cruise Line, claiming to give out free trips to the Bahamas after you complete a survey -

Post by Guest,

2149072653 progressive surveys

Post by Enuf,

214-907-2653 just got a call from this number didn't answer and no voicemail

Post by Vatx,

2149072653 I got the same call & no message - Adding to blocked # list

Post by brownbear123,

214-907-2653 And you will get TONS of calls -  Don't you read  the newspaper, watch the news????  Only answer calls when you personally know the caller -  Let the calls go to voice mail -  No Message-not important -  Curosity killed the cat -  All of these numbers are fake--the names are fake--they even use names like American Heart Assn, American Cancer, NRA -  You can't call any of these numbers back because they are an outbound call center-meaning they can niot accept incoming calls - Just by answering these calls you are telling the COMPUTER that it called a valid working number -  Calling back tells the computer that it has contacted a SUCKER that is interested in the scam -  Blocking all of these fake numbers is a waste because they have hundreds of thousands of fake numbers that they use - We have Charter and the phone rings twice period - The number even shows up on our TV - If it is an emergency it will be on voice mail - The IRS does not call-it sends letters - You didn't win a cruise unless YOU entered the contest -

Post by Guest,

2149072653 Got call, no message - very annoying -

Post by That's,

214-907-2653 BS -

Post by Jax Teller,

2149072653 People seem to be getting different responses if they can get user of number to p u and speak; that is more than odd -  They are robo calling cells phones & phones on the DNC List -  All these activities are illegal and indicates more than just a scam or alleged Verizon collections -  Report them to the GOV Nationally and Locally -  Enough people create enough proverbial paper trail they will shut down out of self protection and burn their number as well put heat on the scheme they are running -  These types depend on peoples apathy to such criminal activities and underhanded practices -  So do the right thing and file reports over the internet or by phone -  Also eventually with enough stink they will be enough money put to shutting down such criminals -  They prey upon the old and gullible as well intimidate them -Also they might be trying to tap your mess with your phone; we use to be able to turn you landlines into microphones by calling and hanging up before the person could answer in the 's and 's -  No telling what they can do now and what these types are upto now  Yes I know what we have been told they can do with out cells under so called investigative reporting and leaks; while interesting, they are often purposefully done by the people who can do such to give us a false sense of fear and then we us inadequate security measures out of the principle of lost privacy if we have anything to hide or not -We are loosing by proxy of apathy the th Amendment which our personal stuff and information is secure from unreasonable searches and seizures etc - -  It is not just we need to fear; but multinational corporations whom often are more powerful than many nations and even in the US we saw the to big to fail policy where corporate crimes are paid for by people and the crook are not held accountable -  The little people get not only prosecuted; but persecuted while fat cats and big wigs rape and pillage like the Kings Men and common thugs

Post by DLB,

214-907-2653 I just got a call today - on my cell phone from this number  no one there -  Called it back and got the rapid busy signal -  AT & T needs to go after these people and the government needs to assess fines for these types of harassment -

Post by Once Rich,

2149072653 Third call from -- in last several days - I don't answer calls I don't recognize They are persistent -

Post by AM,

214-907-2653 Automated message offering a cruise for two if I answered a survey from Scientific survey something -

Post by Trisha,

2149072653 Recieved a call from -- they did not leave a message when I called it back it goes straight to a voicemail - Tried a second time and it is a fast busy signal -

Post by Pete,

214-907-2653 They called times in a row - Every time it went to voice mail, eventually they said that we won a Cruise to the Bahama from Scientific Survey -  It should be illegal to harass people like that -

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