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Post by marian findley,

2152496145 i am a yr old woman i do not appreciate these calls you need to stop calling me i am not accepting anything and when my daughter called back the voice mail was trying to get her to accept a walmart card this is unacceptable and i will not tolerate it any longer QUIT CALLING MY NUMBER TAKE ME OFF YOUR PHONE LIST AND LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH

Post by Guest,

215-249-6145 This number has called my home at least times daily called my home for over a week - There is no one on the line when I answer -

Post by M J,

2152496145 I'm on the do not call list - Some way these people are getting my phone number -

Post by Norfolk,

215-249-6145 Received calls numerous time - Some were just one ring -

Post by kat,

2152496145 what good is the DNC list if you are call repeatedly throughout the day, day after day?????? Ugrrrrrrrrrrr

Post by Fed Up,

215-249-6145 Calling constantly

Post by Guest,

2152496145 Called here at least times in succession noone there when you answer So tired of it

Post by Guest,

215-249-6145 They have called times and gang up

Post by JD,

2152496145 Called a couple of times in the past couple of days - I have not answered, I really don't answer my phone at all anymore unless I recognize the number, and it it's legit, they will leave a message -  I am putting them on the call blocking list -  

Post by Guest,

215-249-6145 These people continue calling me - times EVERY day and I've told them multiple times to remove me from their list

Post by Spam Hater,

2152496145 This PA number currently tops the list of vermin telemarketers in frequency and daily repetition of calls, sometimes with only a few minutes between calls -  I never pick up and they never leave a message -  Do Not Call Registry won't work if there is no enforcement, and apparently there isn't -  

Post by Guest,

215-249-6145 Sick of it

Post by Guest,

2152496145 Called twice, and finally when I answered they hung up -

Post by Nancy,

215-249-6145 These people have been calling (at least times a day) for the past few days - I finally answered the call last night, told them I was NOT interested, and darn if they haven't been calling all day today - Saying NO means nothing to them - -

Post by fed up in florida,

2152496145 Calls from this number every minutes all day - No one speaks when you answer - Call back scam for wal mart gift certificate - Unfortunately lots of people will fall for this crap - ATT has stooped to new lows - Last week they were at my door -

Post by Guest,

215-249-6145 Told not to call again -

Post by KT,

2152496145 I keep getting phone calls from - every hours - Someone named John is trying to sell you ADT security system - You call the number they say they are giving you a free Wal Mart card - Where did they get my cell number? I had to mute the sound because I got tried of them calling - How do we stop them now

Post by Guest,

215-249-6145 calls everyday, sometimes late at night

Post by Donna Stephens,

2152496145 Please do not call me - - remove my number from your listing -

Post by Scooter,

215-249-6145 They call many times a day at unwanted hours -

Post by zeeman,

2152496145 They called back times -  One right after the other -  I guess they were p - - -sed off after I hung up on them the first time - -so much for home security systems - - -

Post by Guest,

215-249-6145 This number calls several times a day, every day - If I answer, they hang up - If the call goes to my answering machine, they hang up without leaving a message -

Post by cathy brennan,

2152496145 same thing, unwanted spam calls, today from this number, walmart gift card???? then music for a long while -  annoying, please do something to stop these types of calls -

Post by Jean D.,

215-249-6145 constantly receive calls from this number -  Multiple times each week and often multiple times a day -  Won't leave a message on the answering machine but hang up if we answer -  We are on the DO NOT CALL registry -

Post by Nancy,

2152496145 These people have been calling (at least times a day) for the past few days - I finally answered the call last night, told them I was NOT interested, and darn if they haven't been calling all day today - Saying NO means nothing to them - -

Post by R Kienle,

215-249-6145 Whoever they are, they sure are persistant - Called times yesterday - and I have a call blocker that they have learned to get around some how - If I answer, there is noone there - Too bad I can't shoot thru the phone line -

Post by Guest,

2152496145 Repeatedly calls - Offers free Walmart Target Gift Certificate -

Post by spazz,

215-249-6145 Ok they have called me times this morning and its not even am yet - I will never answer the phone - if its important they'd leave a message

Post by CAH,

2152496145 This number has called mine at least three times this afternoon ( ) -The first call ID'd the city in PA the call originated (I deleted the call logs so I don't have that city name) - I received the rd call just prior to posting this - I plan on ignoring this number like I do others - - -in the hopes they finally get the hint & cross my number off their damned list -

Post by David Torres,

215-249-6145 Been getting several calls a day from this number -  I requested the caller to stop calling and got two more within the hours -  

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