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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 215-490-9822

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  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
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Post by Jeep,

2154909822 I love it  Don't forget to ask what kind of panties they are wearing -  Or if it's a guy, is it boxers or briefs -  You can go downhill from there -

Post by Guest,

215-490-9822 Spam

Post by Floridian,

2154909822 I want them to stop calling - I do not mind one or two calls for this month alone is too much -

Post by James Cavlacnate,

215-490-9822 Don't like these calls, and I do not want them anymore -

Post by Steven,

2154909822 Saw this number when I checked all of my missed calls while I was at work and of course checked here to pretty much confirm my suspicions it was yet another scumbag that is using loopholes in the DNC laws and the federal Truth in Caller ID Act to make these calls -  Reporting these folks is pretty much a wasted effort, as by spoofing their numbers (which is not illegal in certain circumstances, which gives these scammers a loophole to jump through) -  Some have even resorted to using numbers that cannot be blocked because the prefix on the caller ID is not a valid one and cannot be blocked -

Post by Neil,

215-490-9822 I just got a call from this number ( @ : PM ET) - I didn't answer - My caller ID named it "Security" - I'm supposed to be on the DNC list -

Post by Jeep,

2154909822 I love it  Don't forget to ask what kind of panties they are wearing -  Or if it's a guy, is it boxers or briefs -  You can go downhill from there -

Post by ron,

215-490-9822 They called before, last time I told them I had a security system and they hung up - Called again weeks later, I know their a scam -

Post by JJC,

2154909822 Philadelphia pa free security system scammers - Pond scum -

Post by JJC,

215-490-9822 Philadelphia pa free security system scammers - Pond scum -

Post by Noonyaa,

2154909822 NEVER push ANY number with these robocalls -  You're only verifying that you have a working phone number and will increase the frequency of these typs of calls -

Post by Joyce E,

215-490-9822 Will these people NEVER learn?  "Security systems" must be the business du jour, just as hardware stores and dancing lessons were a few years ago -  (Instructors didn't know how to dance and personnel at the hardware stores didn't even know what they were selling -)  Wish these jerks would quit already  We neither want, need nor will have a "security" system -  Sheriff response time is far from immediate -  Our security system is two vicious-looking dogs and our guns -

Post by TS,

2154909822 Recording was talking before my answer machine started recording - - -"has been a rise in crime around your neighborhood or you have been referred by a friend or neighbor & you are eligible to receive a free wireless home security system - There is no cost for the equipment or installation & the system is monitored hrs a day by your local police, fire, & medical - You must be a home owner to take advantage of this special offer - If you are interested in having this system installed at no cost to you, then press now - Once again, press now, other wise press to be removed from our calling list - Thank you & have a nice day -" Then there was a long pause, then it said - -"If you would like your phone number removed, press now, other wise press to speak to a representative - Thank you -" No friends or family has gotten any home security recently or in the past few years as that goes - There isn't a rise in crime where I live either - This is just a scam outfit wanting to secure themselves on what you have, not protecting what you have -This is also a cell phone caller

Post by Charley,

215-490-9822 They called with a recorded message at :PM Central Time on telling me about free security services and left a message on my answering machine -  I did not answer -  The caller ID says Security -  I have been on the do not call list for about seven years -

Post by LLM,

2154909822 I never answer these calls - Once you do, they have you down as a live number and they will call you for other clients of theirs and so on and so on - I got so tired of these scammers' I got a phone blocker - Phone Tray Pro - It's fabulous - -it blocks these calls after one ring - Poof And you can block entire zip codes or caller i -d -'s, like "Unknown" or " service" or Donor Service" or "Anonymous -" I highly recommend it, and no, I'm not with the company :)

Post by Tired of cons and liars,

215-490-9822 I just got a call from -- - Did a * on it and a guy answered - I told him I had just gotten a call from his automated system - He asked my name and I told him if he didn't know I sure wasn't going to tell him - Then he said it was a residence and they didn't have an automated system - Either somebody has rigged the system to show this guy's phone number when caller ID picks it up or he's lying through his teeth -

Post by Guest,

2154909822 wireless security system

Post by Jane,

215-490-9822 left no message

Post by janet,

2154909822 no message - I don't answer unknown phone numbers - Thank goodness for caller ID

Post by mrodman,

215-490-9822 left no message - When called back, told to push any number to be added to the do not call list -  We shall see -  We have been getting calls from:  -- wanting to sell Microsoft security for computer - -- lower interest rates

Post by tars,

2154909822 The FBI reports there are a number of breakins in my area, right, as if the FBI does investigate home breakins -   They might if you  are an important Senator or live in an actual active bank vault or at Mt Vernon on the George Washington Parkway -  Of course this is a free secuity system for "letting us put a sign in your front yard" -

Post by Telemarketers suck donkey dick,

215-490-9822  A robo-call attempting to sell a security system using fear and scare tactics about high crime in my area and "you have been referred by a friend or neighbor -"  Not a problem mate; my buddies Smith and Wesson provide all the security I need, my neighbor on one side has a posted warning "Body Piercing by Ruger," and the one on the other side has a sign that says "I don't call -"  Welcome to my neighborhood - - -

Post by Jo,

2154909822 These folks are scammers, and there isn't anything you can do to get off their list -  They have been calling us for years, and seemed to be associated with a whole number of different scams -  You can block whatever number they call through - - but that only works for a limited amount of time, as they always seem to change numbers, and often spoof the numbers -  these folks seem to run credit card, carpet cleaning, and gosh knows what other type of scams -   Simply put - - these folks are criminals -

Post by Talona,

215-490-9822 I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST & still i got a call from -- AGAIN - I have BLOCK CALLER & they still continue to call - I answered & got a recording about 'free' security equipment & AGAIN followed the prompt for option #: DO NOT CALL - I have learned they just call back sooner if I do not answer -Today alone, I have received about calls from different numbers - all SPAM - trying to sell me something I did NOT request - - or they are looking for someone who's NEVER lived here as it's a duplex & I've been on my side for yearsIt's been about weeks since I've gotten a call from a security, I thought I'd gone through all the local companies by now to what a scam there 'lead' is The caller is a referral company that provides a real local security company w my number as a LEAD to call me back & pressure into setting a date to install - Why on earth would anyone allow a company you have NOT contact, into their homes for security ??? My two pound Rots are my protection As every neighbor has guard dogs all around meI DO NOT OWN MY HOME, so I can't even fathom how they got my number other than a robot calling - I have reported them EVERY time they call & still they don't stop, they just change phone numbers & locationsI have talked to several local security companies & explained to them that they are paying for this service & I did NOT give the caller any reason to believe I was interested - I can promise you the local guy was not aware of this scam either & thanked me for sharing my side of the storyPlease make them stop -I am disabled & don't want to be bothered by someone who needs to get a REAL JOBThank you -

Post by BD,

2154909822 Calls and hangs up

Post by Bark,

215-490-9822 Assume another company trying to sell me a security system -  Never leave a message

Post by janet,

2154909822 no message - I don't answer unknown phone numbers - Thank goodness for caller ID

Post by Guest,

215-490-9822 Spammer calling to test for active numbers -

Post by Floridian,

2154909822 They keep calling and leave no message - If they are a security firm in Philadelphia, PA what the heck they calling Florida We have security firms here -

Post by Sue,

215-490-9822 No message -

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