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Post by SCAMMED,

2158678480 I also got bit.  I am hoping every one who has experienced these problems with file a complaint the the FTC Consumer Protection Agency.  This company needs to be put out of business.Those responding who had no problems, probably did not try to cancel their reservation.

Post by Patrice L Perkins,

215-867-8480 I received an email stating that I was a lucky winner for a wallmart gift card worth one hundred dollars, I went to their website to see if it was a scam, it did not appear to be a scam so I called the number listed on the site. I spent 30 minutes are more speaking to their representative, the representative ask me for my bank numbers  after convincing me that I was safe and they was legit. he said they needed me to pay for the shipping and handling of the transport, so I did what was asked of me. Now its been four weeks after three different tries to resend the said package, and every time I call I get the same customer service guy. he keeps saying O.K. I'll resend your package but for some mysterious reason I never get it, I ask this guy twice during are last couple of conversations could I speak to someone Higher than him and he goes so what can I do for you. I don't know but I am starting to feel like I have been tricked into giving someone my very personal information. the money that was asked of me for the shipping and handling was took out of my account, but still no package! just called this morning again and the same guy tells me the same thing O.K. will just resend it to you, should get it in five days, (Now I know that's CRAP!!)

Post by Christopher,

2158678480 I recently got a call from phone #6208732379 offering Carpet Cleaning Service in Liberal, KS. Are they good?

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