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Post by Guest,

2162780128 Cannot return call - Repeated busy signal

Post by annoyed!,

216-278-0128 This number has been calling me for a Week while ive been at work - Finally I answered I get a guy who says his name is John calling long distance - I called back he knew who I was I thought it was a recording as he Still repeated hi this is John calling from long fistance can you hear me? I said is this a recording he laughed its a real person - But keeps hanging up on me - After times a female answered I said call again im reporting you But What is it??

Post by Millie,

2162780128 Someone called muzzled a name that I couldn't understand and just hung up -

Post by Guest,

216-278-0128 they call a few times every week but no one on the other end of the line says a word and after a minute or so it disconnects try calling back immediately but get a fast busy or 'the call can't be completed as dialed please check the number and try again" message

Post by Kam,

2162780128 Keeps calling, when I answer it beeps - times then hangs up - Getting very annoying - Probably a scammer of some sort -

Post by Guest,

216-278-0128 Laughs and hangs up

Post by Guest,

2162780128 Called me twice now - Saying I won some sort of sweepstakes because I have a Mastercard, Visa, or Discover - Obviously a recording, but wants you to think it's a real person -

Post by Guest,

216-278-0128 Repeated calls for several days, no voice mails, when finally answered, the "man" on the other end insisted on asking about credit card info over & over - -even after I refused to give him answers to his leading questions - Very suspicious

Post by Guest,

2162780128 automated harassment call

Post by Guest,

216-278-0128 won't stop calling

Post by Guest,

2162780128 Please Block

Post by Abbie,

216-278-0128 Multiple calls in the last couple of days - Haven't answered, doesn't leave messages -

Post by Meep,

2162780128 Keep getting calls too, I am not going to answer it due to the info above -- I'm blocking the caller -

Post by adelita,

216-278-0128 this number keeps calling me and it really annoying the crap out of me for the past week its been calling me numerous time's  STOP CALLING ME

Post by Lynn,

2162780128 I have been receiving calls from this number too everyday for the past week - They always call while I am at work so I do not answer - They do not leave a message either -

Post by D,

216-278-0128 Have received numerous calls from this number all week - Up until today when I answered nobody would respond - Finally today a guy finally answered and I told him NOT to call again -

Post by Austin,

2162780128 I have received numerous calls from this spam number -  I have let it go to vm with no vm being left - I answered it today and it is a recording of a man stating he is calling long distance and if I could hear him - I hung up as someone else noted that is what they heard -  This number has  been calling day and night - Ugh, do not call list does not work apparently -

Post by Guest,

216-278-0128 its not PCH he just want ur Credit Card # Big Scam - - Mark My Word

Post by Guest,

2162780128 Have called at odd hours - I've not answered any if the calls - Really annoying -

Post by Guest,

216-278-0128 Getting calls times a day - Only answered once and a mans voice repeatedly asked me if I could hear him as he had a bad connection -

Post by Mr. FED UP,

2162780128 Guy speaks - Says his name is John and gives some bull about PCH LOTTERY and wants to know credit card number - Next call from this no - Will be recorded and handed over to appropriate authority for prosecution -

Post by Artemus,

216-278-0128 Block the number if you can - I can hold up to blocked numbers and I've had to delete them twice to make room for new blocked -

Post by Guest,

2162780128 call n hang up - - can't return call

Post by DAVID,

216-278-0128 how manny of you wear one craigslist I wonder if that i want to find out if we all have some thing in commen that he or she would use i all so em getting calls from a number

Post by David,

2162780128 Me too it Kinda weird did you get any from

Post by Guest,

216-278-0128 Constant phone calls - practically harassing us for the past few months It's annoying, it's exhausting trying to get taken off these call lists - We are changing our number

Post by Janeth,

2162780128 () - uhhhhhh i keep getting calls from this number :

Post by Adrianna leavell,

216-278-0128 Pch caller

Post by tanya,

2162780128 keep geting calls and very annoyed

Post by Candace,

216-278-0128 Am on a national do not call list this number continues to call never leaves a message and hangs up when you answer will file complaint with local attorney generals office and file suit - This is harassment folks when they call to times a day its harassment for sure -

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