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Post by Guest,

2162820353 Scam they are trying to sell car warranty told him I was on do not call - Swore at me and then he hung up

Post by anonymous,

216-282-0353 Just received a call from them and caller ID said "service call" -  Caller block worked and I didn't even have to listen to them -

Post by Guest,

2162820353 Will not leave a message…

Post by Steve,

216-282-0353 Called trying to sell and extended warranty -- they are not affiliated with vehicle manufacturer -  If I wanted an extended warranty, then I would contact dealership -  Stay away from this company -- no way I buy a warranty from a company that I know nothing about - -

Post by Kim,

2162820353 Ya - I got a call from them at :pm too - And I'm on the National Do Not Call registry - WTF

Post by A.,

216-282-0353 Same as everyone posted, car warranty scam -  I'm in the do not call registry - The caller was irate and a female started talking over the male caller and hung up on me

Post by JLM,

2162820353 Called today asking if I still owned my Toyota Corolla, I told him I have never owned a Toyota - He apologized and hung up -

Post by Tom,

216-282-0353 called PM I didn't answer and they left no message - -I don't answer calls I don't recognize and I am on Do not call list but you would never know it, we get many calls each week from the scammers -

Post by Guest,

2162820353 Stop calling, annoying telemarketer

Post by Guest,

216-282-0353 Second time calling, should realize that this is a business # not personal -

Post by Matt Slivinski,

2162820353 Keep getting unwanted calls from this number - I have asked several times not to cally phone - I am also on the do not call list - I'm tired of being harassed by them

Post by megan,

216-282-0353 Have called me repeatedly to renew the wareanty on a vehicle I no longer own - When told so, they just ask "do you want to renew it?" No, I don't want to renew a warranty on a vehicle I haven't owned in months and actually had purchased a legitimate extended warranty from my dealer on - Claimed to be from National Dealer Services

Post by Nicole,

2162820353 Received a missed call from this number -  No message was left -  I am on the Do Not Call Registry -

Post by ddlb,

216-282-0353 In addition to being a hang-up my caller id said Tim Beliveau for what that is worth But it makes sense I will be getting scam calls now that my car is out of warranty -

Post by Guest,

2162820353 I have asked them times so stop calling me and they just keep on calling

Post by Ed,

216-282-0353 Called me while riding my motorcycle - Told them couldn't talk because busy - They didn't care - So I just hung up on her -

Post by Guest,

2162820353 hang-ups in days

Post by Kenny Penwell,

216-282-0353 Every time they call I tell them I don't need there services and try to tell them to stop calling and they always hang up on me

Post by Kim,

2162820353 Ya - I got a call from them at :pm too - And I'm on the National Do Not Call registry - WTF

Post by Guest,

216-282-0353 Called and left message that this was our final warning from the IRS - They were filing a law suite against us, and we were to return the call immediately -

Post by Chris,

2162820353 I registered with DNC and just filed and FCC complaint on these idiots - The lady today was a smart [***] when I told her they call everyday so I told her where to go - If they call just file and FCC complaint if you are on the DNC list -

Post by Guest,

216-282-0353 They hung up as soon as I answered the phone

Post by A.,

2162820353 Warranty call -- I knew it was a scam once they said I had a Ford Focus - Asked if I was mr Compton (I believe this is the person who had my number years ago (Ratonya) - he said they are legit so I asked for the name of the company and he answered with President of the US and then hung up

Post by Guest,

216-282-0353 Had to say "hello " twice before anyone responded - Calling about warranty on our car when we still have another year on our manufacturer's warranty

Post by Guest,

2162820353 Call was for home security system

Post by Guest,

216-282-0353 I answered hello twice then I hung up when no one responded - The caller ID said suspected spam -

Post by Jeff,

2162820353 Called regarding extending my car warranty -  I asked that I receive the information in written form and they said I needed to give them my credit card number - When I refused they hung up - I am assuming this is a scam since they wouldn't provide me with any information regarding their company -

Post by Guest,

216-282-0353 Said I did not make payments on a Honda Accord and as soon as I told them I did not own one they hung up on me - Scammers probably -

Post by Guest,

2162820353 As soon as I answered they hung up

Post by Guest,

216-282-0353 When I answered I said hello twice heard a beep and an automated goodbye - - Caller ID said suspected spam

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