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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 216-303-8736

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Post by Guest,

2163038736 claim Wal-Mart card

Post by Marie,

216-303-8736 See my response to Steve  But:  Do you really feel that ANYONE looks at the Do Not Call List??  That list is a joke that hasn't worked from the very beginning - - -I gave up reporting numbers YEARS ago

Post by Guest,

2163038736 Please stop calling all of the cell phones on my account - I have phones and belong to minors - All numbers are on the do not call list but we still get spammers -

Post by ajnestor,

216-303-8736 doesn't leave message has called times in days -

Post by JGART,

2163038736 WELL DONE  I hope it stops the calls, but - - -

Post by p j,

216-303-8736 had call from this number -it said thanks for calling I hung up

Post by Guest,

2163038736 Has called several times

Post by Mark,

216-303-8736 only ring-no message but after reading this, a scammer that never checks the DO NOT CALL list which I am always on

Post by Guest,

2163038736 called my cell phone on June pm, no message left

Post by Guest,

216-303-8736 scam call - -has called times within an hour, number was reported to local DA - Its in the states hands now -want full prosecution under the law -

Post by Doak,

2163038736 Called today :pm, didn't recognize, didn't answer, no msg -

Post by Guest,


Post by rp shelt,

2163038736 If you get a call either on your smart phone or landline, and the Caller ID says a city and state, it is more than likely a telemarketer - They usually don't leave a message so it must not be that important - If you filled an online survey and gave them your phone number, well there you understand - Any more, these days your cell phone number is more identifying about you than your social security number - So guard your mobile number with all that you have as it can give all kinds of information about you -

Post by Barb,

216-303-8736 Got a call from this number but no one was there when I answered -

Post by abc,

2163038736 Received a call from this number today at : am, but did not answer as it is probably a scam -

Post by Traveling through states,

216-303-8736 called, didn't answer, left no message - Lets get this scammer out

Post by Guest,

2163038736 We are on DO NOT CALL list and still receive these calls - - -I especially hate it when they call my cell phone - - -Reverse lookup says it is telemarketer, but I did not engage in the call -

Post by Guest,

216-303-8736 annoying - -constantly calling - - -I refuse to pick up due to not recognizing the # - - - - -PROBABLY A SCAM PLEASE STOP

Post by nocall,

2163038736 I got the same call - -I didn't call them -

Post by Estrella,

216-303-8736 That is exactly  what I'm getting and some other all, over the country and International calls too - I'm trying to learning how I can stop or better reported those unwanted calls -

Post by Big Tom,

2163038736 This number is around Cleveland, Ohio but the Cleveland Police were butt holes when I reported it to them -

Post by Jeff Feed-up,

216-303-8736 Second call from these scammers -  Called them back and demanded to be on do-not-call (like that will help) -  Made second complaint to FCC (like that will help at all) - I wish I new the location of these guys -  Guarantee the calls would stop - enough said -  All I can say is take a few minutes and file complaint to FCC before these guys hustle some poor elderly victims -  

Post by Guest,

2163038736 DoNotCall

Post by Saltwater,

216-303-8736 Called on June th and June th, didn't answer it and they didn't leave voicemail -  If you aren't in my contacts I don't answer it -

Post by Guest,

2163038736 I'm on the Do-Not-Call List for a Reason

Post by Diana,

216-303-8736 Unsolicited phone call on my private cell phone which is registered on the Nationwide No Call List, So much for the no call list

Post by JL,

2163038736 The caller is telemarketer trying to get your personal information to receive a gift voucher from Walmart -  Beware

Post by Guest,

216-303-8736 Got a call I missed on from this number

Post by William David,

2163038736 Walmart scam calling from a "spoofed" fake number - Most likely VOIP from overseas - They ask for personal info and a credit card number so you can shipping and handling for walmart card -They call from about other numbers which randomly rotate once you are in their list - I started to recieve these calls right after I recieved a debit pay-card from my new job - The first couple times I would call to check my balance they would offer free cruises - But one time they were offereing a free walmart gift card? -I wonder if thats how these @h| got my number???

Post by MJ,

216-303-8736 Just called -  I ignored and have placed in my contacts as "spam" -  Thank you everyone for reporting -

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