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Post by DV,

2163625000 Called my cell phone and then as I was answering call, they hung up

Post by Guest,

216-362-5000 Credit first - Firestone

Post by donna,

2163625000 I see some comments that its bridgestone firestone cfna - I have an account but its current and not due for a few weeks so don't know why they're calling - Also never leave a message -

Post by Annoyed,

216-362-5000 Called me at : PM Pacific time and would not state their business - Claimed that they had "important information" - Impatient, threatening tone and punk attitude made me suspicious -

Post by Guest,

2163625000 Creditor

Post by K,

216-362-5000 The claim to be Bridgestone Credit Card Services -  Also call me and do not leave messages -

Post by denise,

2163625000 they called and asked for "Dan Hell"? I told them they had a wrong number - They acted confused and sounded guilty - Whatever, it was the wrong number - i hope they don't harass me -

Post by the_shoparazzi,

216-362-5000 i just got the call -  maybe everyone who gets the call is going to die in days -  ooooooh -  eerie

Post by ??,

2163625000 Called me and asked me to listen to recorded message telling me to pay my credit bill through First Credit company and they gave a PO Box address and nothing else -

Post by AD,

216-362-5000 They've called me several times- usually saying that there is info regarding my account that's past due - - - I don't have a bill on my card though that is associated with credit st - I think they are fishing for info or to have some one just write a check to the PO box -

Post by Mark Cann,

2163625000 I have gotten over calls from this number in weeks - I too recently took a Bridgestone Firestone credit card and got my first statement yesterday in the mail, which claimed to be the second bill statement, and which included late fees and threatening language  about ruining my credit etc, for not paying the first bill, which I never got - I see several people have this exact same story - If you have it too and haven't posted, please post - This sounds ripe for a class action - By calling my account delinquent, they are assessing late fees, dropped % interest promo offers, and moved to a default interest rate over % - They are profiting greatly from this practice at the expense of consumers and need to be held accountable - they have never left a message from this number, but one single time days ago called from a dissimilar number and left an automated message - -finally -

Post by Guest,

216-362-5000 Automated, want to sell your vehicle for a fee -

Post by Guest,

2163625000 Unknown

Post by LaRai,

216-362-5000 They called my mom's cell phone asking for my dad - and the kicker is - - My dad died months ago

Post by Guest,

2163625000 firestone

Post by Lisa,

216-362-5000 They called my answering machine and put it on hold

Post by afs,

2163625000 i know :P

Post by unknown,

216-362-5000 not true - - I pay my credit cards before due date

Post by Guest,

2163625000 Creditor

Post by Bob,

216-362-5000 Thats it thanks Pete

Post by Guest,

2163625000 No message - Annoying -

Post by Jack Jax,

216-362-5000 They have been calling my cell phone - Almost everyday - They leave messages and seems to sell mortgage service -

Post by Guest,

2163625000 Firestone

Post by Monique,

216-362-5000 If you can prove they are calling late and calling - times a day without leaving a message whoever hired them can lose in court for harassment

Post by S,

2163625000 This add'l info comes from a B-F web site (www -bridgestone-firestone -com about in - - ctory_divisions)Credit First National AssociationA subsidiary of BFS Retail & Commercial Operations, LLC Eastland RoadBrook Park, OH Phone: --Fax: --Primary Business: Supplies a full range of consumer credit and collection services -

Post by someone in NE,

216-362-5000 Okay, so I just got a call from these guys fifteen minutes ago - I didn't bother picking it up, since my parents, nor I, do not have business with these guys - I live in Nebraska for heaven's sake and I've never been to Ohio - Based on some of these posts, I'm going to give these guys the benefit of the doubt and say it's a wrong number -Of course, if they call more than five times, then we've got a problem - Thanks for the posts

Post by LEC,

2163625000 got a call from this company - -called back to see what it was about - Got this due to a Bridgestone Firestone card - They have false information and are charging undue late fees - I am going to contact an attorney about a class action suit - -how to go about it -

Post by lyrker,

216-362-5000 They've called me every other day for days now, always around : PM - Never leave a message - I don't have any outstanding debts so I don't know why a collections group would call me - They never leave a message -

Post by HARRY S,


Post by Guest,

216-362-5000 first national

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