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Post by Pay Back!,

2166194383 Bwahaha,Called our cell phone and left no msg -  Hubby tried calling back and got a busy signal -  I texted to the number the following & the calls stopped"Congratulations  You have just won and free cute kitty pictures -  Te receive your free cute kitty pictures text back Yes -  To unsubscribe text back No -"Hmmmm, I hear crickets now

Post by Ron,

216-619-4383 Call from came in through my Skype - Did not answer, but it rang only times before hanging up - :D Seems this number has started being active today ( June) -

Post by Guest,

2166194383 Four-ring hangup call, Caller ID Blocked, no voice mail, all despite the fact that I'm listed in the completely worthless "National Do Not Call" registry -

Post by Robert M,

216-619-4383 Same recorded cash advance message - I've gotten it from three different area codes -  "Hi, this is Allie - We've checked our records - - - etc, etc -"  This last time, I pressed '' to speak to an agent, and got someone named Steve -  He said, "I understand you're interested in a cash advance today?"  I said, "No - I'd just like to know how Allie has gotten around to calling me from three different area codes in the last hours?" He hung up -  I try not to answer these calls, but I'm located near a University with lots of out of town students, so we're used to getting calls from all kinds of area codes -  Blocking each individual # is not feasible - There needs to be a way for the FCC to put some hefty fines on these companies for making these calls -

Post by tom kats,

2166194383 i said my biz - name they hung up

Post by Keep reporting them,

216-619-4383 Pre-recorded telephone calls are illegal to use -  Keep reporting this attempt to do a small business loan (which I believe may be an attempt to just get information for identity theft, just saying) -   Reported again when they called again today -  Press to speak to them to remove yourself -   does not remove you -

Post by lyn,

2166194383 didn't recognize the number, I do not answer - leave a message -

Post by Guest,

216-619-4383 Spam of the worst kind

Post by tom kats,

2166194383 same here

Post by Sara,

216-619-4383 I agree -  Solicitation for financial services -  No message and no way to return the call -  It certainly doesn't get me off their list when I tried to unenroll -  More calls

Post by Poop Detector,

2166194383 Hang ups

Post by Guest,

216-619-4383 loans

Post by Guest,

2166194383 No one there

Post by Guest,

216-619-4383 buckshot call

Post by lucky,

2166194383 several times I have pressed to be removed

Post by Guest,

216-619-4383 Spam

Post by Guest,

2166194383 Automated message about business loans - - just block it - -

Post by Ashley,

216-619-4383 We have been receiving loan solicitations every day this week - This was the last number I received a call from, but it's not the only one - If I answer with our business name, the phone goes dead, but if I answer, "Hello?" the automated message starts - It's the same voice, dialog and options as all the other solicitations - I've always pressed "", so not to be called again, but it just comes in from a different number next time - I don't know who the company is, I've never pressed "" to speak with a representative, but it's all the same garbage, just a different call center dialing your number -

Post by tom kats,

2166194383 same here

Post by ANON,

216-619-4383 ROBO CALL selling SB loans - These people are scum of the earth -

Post by Guest,

2166194383 THREE calls in a row - Caller ID blocked - :pm :pm :pm Really? I'm on DNC registry, too - UGH -

Post by ari,

216-619-4383 just got a call from this number, they disconnected when I answered -I've heard these kind of calls are an effort to get you to call back, whereupon you are unknowingly charged a fee - so I didn't call it back -

Post by Unwelcome,

2166194383 They called four times in two minutes and hung up before anyone could answer each time -

Post by L,

216-619-4383 Picked up, heard nothing on the line - caller hung up -

Post by Guest,

2166194383 business loan robo call -

Post by Guest,

216-619-4383 Get a clue oh clueless one - We are on the do not call registry - Oh yeh - I forgot - Laws mean nothing any more -

Post by Guest,

2166194383 SPAM

Post by Phil,

216-619-4383 Yep - Me too but couldn't call back - Said veriZon error code

Post by mat schultz,

2166194383 i get this once a day

Post by p,

216-619-4383 ring, twice - wouldn;t answer even if time to

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