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Post by rs,

2167444009 I got one from them this am - I don't answer these calls - They are coming more and more - I am on the DNC list -

Post by Amy,

216-744-4009 They called my cell phone today -  I picked up long enough to hear someone (a recording) announce that the call was from Account Services -  I assume it is some kind of scam phishing expedition, hoping that somebody will give them card and or account details - I'm also on the DNC list, and clearly that isn't stopping the scammers - -

Post by Barbara Singley,

2167444009 Caller was a Credit Card company I do not deal with

Post by Angela,

216-744-4009 I still am NOT understanding why these people can call our cell phones when all of my phones are on the do not call list  What's the purpose of putting our numbers on there if this continues???

Post by Kristina,

2167444009 This was a recording - to lower credit card rates -

Post by Kay Hubbs,

216-744-4009 Did not answer - -blocked it along with all the others I've been getting - DNC list doesn't seem to work on cell or land line anymore -

Post by Maggie R.,

2167444009 Just got a call from this number; iPhone said it was from Cleveland, OH -  No message -  Ugh, annoying -

Post by CK,

216-744-4009 Just got a text message from -- that said "Hash anyone?" I obviously don't know this number - I am assuming they want to see if I respond so they will be able to determine if this is a working number? Then maybe they will start trying to solicit to me about Card Member Services? Has anyone else received a call or text from this number?

Post by Guest,

2167444009 SPAM -

Post by LaLa,

216-744-4009 Just got a called on my cell phone - -no message - -Washington, DC -

Post by Miss Mare,

2167444009 Stop calling me -  all my phone's are on DNC list, SO why are they call -remove my #

Post by random in Indiana,

216-744-4009 Received a call from this number at :pm March - I screen all my calls - Was afraid to call it back, and a quick reverse look up got me to Cleveland area, then I looked it up and got this site - Good to know not to pick up -

Post by halfhuman,

2167444009 yup, craig was the name - full mailbox - -

Post by Marylander,

216-744-4009 Yeah I got this just now called the number back, Craig and mailbox was full -  Did anyone get a call last night at around pm?  I'm in Maryland where are you guys?  Did you all recently have your hotmail account hacked?

Post by Steve M,

2167444009 Wow, you actually expect scammers and bunko artists to abide by the DNC and because it doesn't stop criminals from calling you, that it's a failure of the government?  This line of thinking simply staggers the imagination - -

Post by Guest,

216-744-4009 Want personal info to lower credit card APRs -

Post by annoyed,

2167444009 called my personal cell and didn't leave message and then turned around and called my work cell - - talk about creepy

Post by Theflashychurchlady,

216-744-4009 Call appeared as a missed call on my cell phone - Not a known number in my contacts -   I dialed back and received a recording that the mailbox for (sounded like Greg?)  was full -

Post by terri,

2167444009 I just had a missed call from - -  When I called the number I received a Voice Message sayiing that, "Craigs mailbox was full" -  How do you get your number on the Do Not Call list?

Post by bill,

216-744-4009 me too -

Post by Denise Simeone,

2167444009 I am on the Do Not Call list - This call was from a credit card company offer -

Post by Gina,

216-744-4009 Stupid people, they still think you are going to give them you credit card information - #*?^^ I stil have not had "brain surgery" - I don't answer any calls I don't recognize, if I have the slightest doubt I just reject the call and check at this places (THANK YOU for having them) - -and after reading here I add them to my Reject List - Period -

Post by Deb,

2167444009 Solicitation call

Post by Atabeaver,

216-744-4009 Call this # and tell the mean [removed:lang] that you have to deal with to put you on the do not call list -- ext

Post by bfam,

2167444009 The business calling you can not see these posts on this board - This board is for individuals to post who is calling from the number listed above -

Post by Claudette Perkins,

216-744-4009 I have been receiving unwanted calls from this # - Extremely annoying considering I do not have a credit card -

Post by Guest,

2167444009 Spam

Post by P. J. Armour,

216-744-4009 Please stop the phone calls from -- - I am on the do not call list, but it is not helping -

Post by Whitney,

2167444009 Called my cell phone during work hours and did not leave a message -

Post by Darreld,

216-744-4009 I got this message at : today -  I would like to call Craig to leave him a msg if he would like to lower his credit card rate but all I get is his full mail box -  I have receive this call at home and on my cell phones -  All are on the DNC list -

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