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Post by Layna,

2169871249 They called and it was a recording that began "Hello Seniors" - - I'm -Scam will be reported -

Post by Guest,

216-987-1249 I kept saying hello, hello No one was there, then they said mam & hung up

Post by _,

2169871249 SCAM - I answered and an Indian guy said he's calling from the technical department at Windows - I hung up on him -

Post by Guest,

216-987-1249 scam call DO NOT ANSWER

Post by Guest,

2169871249 I was in my car and my prepaid phone rang - I answered the phone and music was playing - Then a man with an Indian accent, he was mumbling about my computer and how there is a problem, I told him I was in the car and I have no computer so click -

Post by Guest,

216-987-1249 Said he can walk me step by step in fixing my computer - He said he was from Windows - Try calling the number back - It says the number r code your calling is incorrect -

Post by Guest,

2169871249 This is a scammer - told me they were from "Windows" and had noticed suspicious activity on my computer and needed my personal information in order to "monitor" for viruses -

Post by Guest,

216-987-1249 calls listens and hangs up

Post by Guest,

2169871249 Windows IT dept - - -NOT

Post by Oklahoma,

216-987-1249 This is such an old scam - I spoke with Microsoft about similar calls (also from India) several years ago - The caller tells you to go to a file in your computer that shows errors (these are normal per Microsoft) - The caller then directs you to a website that removes viruses (a legit site by the way) - They tell you to follow the instructions for removing the viruses and after you do, they try to extort a fee for the service, and if you don't pay, they block your password from your computer so you can't log in, and Microsoft can't help - I almost fell for it, but the website they directed me too had a warning in bold red about how their site was being misused by these guys - I told the guy that called several years ago I saw a warning on the site about what he was doing and I would have to speak with Microsoft and get back to him - I told the recent caller that I can't believe they are still running this scam, and hung up -

Post by Guest,

2169871249 Called to tell me that my Microsoft Windows computer was infected and was contacting them

Post by Guest,

216-987-1249 Yep, me too - Said he was from windows, Indian accent, said they'd been getting error messages from my computer - I told him I had not had any problems he hung up -

Post by robert Joseph,

2169871249 This user has been calling trying to scam emploees at our hospital

Post by Guest,

216-987-1249 An Asian lady tried to talk to me saying some things about my genuine windows computer was infected and that she represented the internet provider - we didn't get much past that due to her accent was so bad i couldn't understand her despite repeated attempts - Plus the call was from Cleveland where i Know my provider is not located - But she avoided the question of HOW she knew it was infected, Very suspicious call -

Post by Louisville, KY,

2169871249 Caller with Indian accent said he was calling from Microsoft and that they were receiving virus reports from my computer -  I asked him how he got my number -  He stated that my computer was connected to them through Google -  He said I needed to follow his steps yo fix the problem -  I told him no thanks and I would have someone else look at it and hung up -These people make me sick

Post by tttttttttttttt,

216-987-1249 The caller said he detected virus activity on our computer - He called about a week ago and I told him I did not own a computer which I don't - It is owned by a relative - This time I tripped him up by asking him to identify the computer and demanding to know who he was, who he represented and the purpose of the call - He vaguely said he was from a technical support company - I told him I would give the number to the owener and have that person call them back - :) :P

Post by Guest,

2169871249 called house many times can't understand caller speaking its a scam

Post by ocozigirl,

216-987-1249 Call came in, I ignored the call- and the caller did not leave a message -

Post by Bilbo,

2169871249 Caller ID showed CUYAHOGA COM CO - We don't answer unknown numbers - they can leave a message if they're legit - Call went to voice mail but no message was left -

Post by Scott,

216-987-1249 Caller asked to boot up my 'windows' computer - - -called twice -

Post by SAT,

2169871249 Called at : p -m -

Post by Sunshine,

216-987-1249 I can't believe they contacted me again  He claimed they were calling from windows -  I told him I am reporting him to the police  He said go ahead I would be willing to talk to the police -  Can't believe the length they are willing to go to scam you

Post by Guest,

2169871249 This is a scam

Post by Guest,

216-987-1249 Some type of scam saying they have received numerous signals from my computer indicating a server error?wtf and they need to repair it -

Post by sunshine,

2169871249 I received a call from a guy with an india accent - He said I need to check my computer - He was receiving reports that I have virus activity -  This is a SCAM -  Do not fall for what they tell you -There is no way anyone can see if you have any virus activity on your computer -Do not fall for this scam

Post by Guest,

216-987-1249 They called and said they have alot weird things coming from my computor I said really? How odd ? I dont have a computor - - - - -they hung up STRANGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Post by Matt,

2169871249 Guy with an Indian accent said my windows authentication number was invalid - Clever scam -

Post by Guest,

216-987-1249 Same exact thing - Totally a scammer

Post by CV from chicago,

2169871249 Guy with Indian accent wanted me to turn on my computer to check for errors or something - he said he was from Windows tech dept - i told him it sounded like and scam and told him i was going to hang up - He wasn't very happy SCAM ALERT

Post by Sue92,

216-987-1249 Called both me and my fathers numbers - We both missed it and tried calling back but the number said it was unavailable -

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